How to Use Them and More!

Exploring Dancing Dolphin Sacred Energy Healing Products
for Personal Transformation

Dancing Dolphin offers Energy Healing in a Bottle. The alchemical, synergistic frequencies they contain are very much like working with an energy healing practitioner day after day, week after week, year after year.

Powerful transformation is made possible as the energies:

  • raise your personal vibration,
  • facilitate your access to higher wisdom and insight,
  • assist you in surfacing the deeply buried causes of issues and frustrations,
  • transform and transmute the disharmonies and imbalances in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

The more you use them, the more profound the level of transformation you can experience.

"As a facilitator of high vibrational energetic workshops, I often encourage the usage of the Dancing Dolphin Essences. The vibrational shifts are eased and enhanced. I highly recommend these essences." - Shikiah

"We recently began carrying Dancing Dolphin Essences (at the Chrysalis) and I can tell you as a Holistic Health Practitioner Facilitator, Takara's Essences are a beautiful combination of sacred ingredients and her own form of energy work to promote healing and growth. I have seen the essences help cleanse and center the mind and purify the spirit and aura. As an energy worker, I find these tools to be essential to help clients feel empowered in their own healing process. In fact, I believe in her line of products so much that I use them myself! Even just sometimes smelling the essences or holding them can be enough to open the mind and body to healing and when rolled on, they can have an even longer lasting effect. We all have that sacred journey that we must go on in life and I am proud to say that I am definitely taking her essences along with me!" - Rev. Andrea Teague, SPD, Life Spiritual Life Coach, Massage Bodywork Practitioner

Dancing Dolphin contains the dolphin and Divine Feminine healing energies that open a portal/gateway for you, raising you up in consciousness and awareness, so you can more easily find and address the things standing in your way of achieving what you desire physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Working with the energy contained in these adorable little bottles "calls" to the angels of the sea (the dolphins), the Great Mother energy, and your team of unseen assistance. Having that support in your life 24/7 is like someone taking your hand and guiding you, assisting you when you falter, clapping when you succeed, and soothing the pain when you do not.

When you are in the Dancing Dolphin vibration:

  • insights come faster,
  • staying calm and at peace is easier, and
  • feeling joy starts becoming the norm.

"The first essences I have ever used that had a noticeable effect! Great! Thank you." -Bart Zimmerman

The Dancing Dolphin vibration allows you to feel loved and nurtured, accepted, appreciated, and acknowledged for who you are as only the Divine Mother can do.

Extremely high in vibration, these energy healing aromatherapy oils support you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

"They (Dancing Dolphin Essences) assist you in holding the frequency you desire. For example, in using Inner Peace during a time of stress dealing with death, moving, and relationship changes, Inner Peace has assisted me in experiencing and holding an Inner Peace within myself and therefore outside myself - no matter what is occurring around me. And other people feel the vibrations that I hold and much more love, peace, compassion, joy and harmony is happening among us all. The essences are truly a blessing and of the Divine vibration of love." - Amanda Butler, Detroit, MI

These are some of Takara's Guidelines for using Dancing Dolphin products

How to Use Energy Healing Products, Flower Essences, Gem Essences, & Aromatherapy Roll-Ons the Dancing Dolphin Way 

Essences are energy:

You simply need to get that energy somewhere in your energy field and the vibration permeates everywhere including your physical, emotional, mental, and other subtle bodies.

Traditionally flower and gem essences are taken 4 to 7 drops under the tongue. We offer many of our energy products as a traditional essence style elixir. Many of our customers feel they are vibrationally superior to other flower and gem essences on the market. With the upgraded enhancement process that we use, they aren't really simple flower or gem essences anymore anyway.

Dancing Dolphin Essences are not intended for internal use. There is no need for it since the vibration is as effective topically as it is internally.

We actually encourage you to try the new Roll-ons. They are more convenient, smell heavenly, and seem to last forever. 

You can apply them anywhere and in numerous ways. Experiment. Have fun. There is no "right way" or "wrong way." All Dancing Dolphin orders come with the following instructions.


On Your Neck

Place one or two drops in the palm of your hand and rub it onto the back of your neck. With the roll-on simply roll it onto the back of your neck. This gets the vibration right next to your spinal column - which links to your entire body, your brain, and through the chakra system (energy system) connects to your entire energy field. Most of us hold tension in the neck and shoulders (particularly women). So having a wonderful vibration in that location is always of benefit.

On Your Chakras (energy centers):

Place one or two drops in the palm of your hand. Pick some up using your index and middle fingers on the opposite hand, and rub it onto one or more of your chakras. With the roll-on, simply roll it onto the chakra area as described below. All chakras need to be functioning well and in balance and harmony with one another. Follow your intuition or use this as a guide:



What It Affects


pubic bone (front) or tail bone (back) 
Be careful not to irritate sensitive areas

Issues of grounding, security, survival, kidneys, bladder, physical vitality, lower back pain, sciatica, lower limbs. Associated with suprarenal glands and kundalini.

2 inches below the belly button

Issues of sexuality, finance, emotion, reproductive organs, lower intestines, the lower vertebra, circulation of lymph, astral travel, desire, pleasure, creativity. Associated with gonads and prana.
(Solar Plexus)

The hollow just below where the ribs come together under the chest

Issues of personal power, stomach, liver, gall bladder, power, wisdom, mind, will, intelligence. Associated with adrenals.

Center of the chest between the breasts

Issues of love, heart, circulatory system, compassion. Associated with thymus.



The throat right at the Adam's Apple

Issues of communication, self-expression, lungs, respiration, clairaudience. Associated with thyroid.
(Third Eye)

On the center of the forehead, 1 inch above the eyes

Issues of intuition, inner vision, clairvoyance, autonomic nervous system, hypothalamus. Associated with the pituitary gland and higher spiritual forces.

On the top of the head


Issues of spiritual cnnection, consciousness, sensitivity, clairsentience, upper brain. Associated with the pineal gland.
High Heart

Half way between the heart chakra and the throat chakra

Helps to align personal will with Divine will. Bridges the heart and mind, the past and the future, the physical experience with the spiritual experience.

Center of the palm of each hand

Connects with the energy flow from Source for hands-on healing. All body workers and healers should work with these chakras.

Center of the foot - rub it all over the bottom of feet to activate every reflexology point.
Allows Universal energy to flow through you to Mother Earth. Reflexology links every organ and function of the body to a point on the foot. So when in doubt, rub your feet - just make sure they are clean..

On Your Pulse Points:

Place one drop on your wrist or other pulse points and gently rub it in as you would perfume. Of course, we recommend that you only scent yourself with therapeutic grade essential oils. Our roll-on energy products are perfect in that regard. Simply roll them onto pulse points to get all the benefits of the energy.

In The Bath:

Place two to three drops in a warm bath and enjoy. They can be used alone or in combination with bath salts and/or essential oils. The roll-on products are in an oil base. In addition to the 1/3 oz. size, they can each be ordered in 1/2, 1 oz. and 2 oz. sizes perfect for practitioners working with multiple clients and individuals who want to use them in the bath or use larger quantities. 

In Your Massage Oil:

Traditional elixirs or oil products with dropper caps: After you place the massage oil in the palm of your hand, add one or two drops of essence and mix them together. Then apply. You can finish off with a drop or two in massage oil rubbed all over the souls of the feet. This also works with body lotion. 

If you wish to use the roll-ons in conjunction with a massage, use the roll-on first on clean dry skin. Then do the massage with the massage oil or lotion.


Essence Maintenance:

Keep bottles tightly closed and in a cool, dry place. Keep out of sunlight.

Always use the roll-on on clean, dry skin. Getting lotion, oil, hair care products, or dirt on the roll-on applicator can contaminate the aromatherapy in the bottle and cause it to deteriorate in effectiveness and aroma.

Gently shake the bottle prior to use.


Working with the Oils

Do not use more than one Dancing Dolphin healing oil in the same location at the same time. If you want to work with multiple products, then choose different locations for each one. Some of your choices are: behind the neck, on the chakras (energy centers), wrists or other pulse points like cologne, temples, thymus, bottoms of the feet, inside the ankles. On all the chakras is the most powerful and effective method of application. Behind the neck is the most effective single location.

Use a Custom Blend, or another transformational essence such as Break Through, Finally Free, or any others designed to assist you in working with a particular issue, twice a day on the back of the neck and all chakras (energy centers) for at least 6 weeks. Then as desired or inspired. (Even though Takara recommends using the essence for 6 weeks, many people experience immediate results, sometimes within minutes, sometimes overnight. Everyone is unique; therefore your experience with the energies will be uniquely yours.)

When working with transformational healing products, Takara highly recommends that you set aside time each day to journal, or write about, what you are experiencing physically, mentally, and emotionally as you work with them.

For some people, the first few days are often about cleansing ~ the body, the emotions, and old patterns. It can be tiring, so rest as required. Drink plenty of water.

As the days unfold,observe your:

  • dreams
  • emotions
  • reaction, or lack of reaction, under various circumstances
  • body sensations
  • energy level
  • outlook on life

You will most likely want to keep a journal or make notes. As the energy progresses, you may be reminded of people and situations that you are ready to let go of.

Everyone Can Benefit From These Dancing Dolphin Energy Products

Clearing and Protection:

As you go about your daily life you encounter people, situations, and energies that can throw you off balance, causing disharmony, stress, and lack of focus.

A very effective way to clear anything you’ve “picked up” and protect yourself from further bombardment is to use the Dancing Dolphin Clearing and Protection Kit. The Kit contains the roll-ons of Violet Flame, Diamond Protection, and Crown of Glory, as well as Pristine Clearing Mist in both 2 oz. and 4 ml size (for travel). Pristine Clearing Mist is an extremely effective way to quickly clear yourself and your space. Begin by misting it above your head. Violet Flame is a very powerful clearing and transforming energy. Use the roll-on on the back of the neck. The clearing steps are now complete. Diamond Protection provides a fabulous energetic shield for the physical, mental, and emotional bodies. It is applied to the first 3 chakras (base, sacral, and solar plexus). Crown of Glory greatly assists in helping you keep energetically aligned and the channels clear. This allows for clearer thinking and better attunement with higher wisdom and intuition. It provides protection from the distortions caused by psychic energy. It is applied to the higher 4 chakras (heart, throat, third eye, and crown). Use the kit every day.

If you want daily protection and to work with other Dancing Dolphin Essences each day, then modify the above directions as follows: Clear with Pristine Clearing Mist above the head. Use Violet Flame on the back of the neck. Place Diamond Protection on the inside of the ankles and Crown of Glory on the temples and sides of your neck. Use any other Dancing Dolphin Essences you desire to work with on your chakras.

The Chakra Kit is an extremely powerful and effective program for activating, clearing, aligning, balancing, and harmonizing your entire being ~ body, mind, spirit ~ particularly the chakras. It is like hitting the “reset” button on your computer. It changes everything! It alchemically combines many powerful energy healing forms into one truly amazing synergistic formula for each chakra. A few of the energy forms include crystals/gems, sound healing, color vibrations, hands on healing, dolphin frequencies and much more, as well as the appropriate essential oils to benefit each chakra. Apply the appropriate essence to its corresponding chakra as described in the “How to Use . . .” sheet. Do this once or twice a day for at least 6 weeks. Continue to use it once a week to maintain the chakras in pristine working order.

Note about Sensitivity:

Some highly energetically sensitive people can be so energized by the energies of Dancing Dolphin products that they have a hard time sleeping. If you experience this, only use them in the morning.

Dancing Dolphin Sacred Healing Oils come in a 1/3 ounce roll-on applicator bottle, a 1/2 oz. dropped bottle, or 1 oz. dropper bottle. Each essence is a synergistic blend of the all organic oils of fractionated coconut, jojoba, and red raspberry seed with the finest quality essential oils (aromatherapy) synergistically enhanced with Dancing Dolphin Flower and Gem Essences and the other exquisite finely tuned Energies of Light brought in through Debbie "Takara" Shelor.

The most effective location for oil application is the back of the neck. Significant support is achieved by also placing the oil on all chakras (primary energy centers). Every order comes with instructions.

The various sizes available are 1/3 oz. oil roll-on, 1/2 oz. oil in a dropped bottle, 1 oz. oil in a dropper bottle, 2 oz. mist.

Visit this link for suggestions of ways to use Dancing Dolphin Essences with a group you are leading/facilitating.

Get your Dancing Dolphin products at the Dancing Dolphin Store


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