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Thrive assists with physical, mental, and emotional challenges.

"Wow, what a wonder-worker you are! My order was delivered to my door today by my rained-upon (and about to be rain-soaked) postman. What a delight -- I love it all!! ...The basket is beautiful and the roll-ons both smell wonderful. I'm starting with Thrive first. When I get to Bliss, I figure it'll be a real blast. Everything was packed really well. I hope your holidays are delightful--just like your products. Richest Blessings" - Marlene Barnes

When you are experiencing physical or emotional hardship. It could be a challenge with a particular person or situation, with your health, your career, your finances, your relationships, or something else. If you feel like you are striving or barely surviving, this one is for you. Helps you and your body adjust to any adverse circumstance.

Perfect for your visit to the high desert when you need an altitude adjustment.

""I am writing to tell you how grateful my mother and I are for the support that Thrive gave us at high altitudes, from Santa Fe and on up over 8,000 feet in the Sangre de Christo mountains in Colorado. My mother had a dream of going to visit Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. She had gone through bypass surgery two years ago at the age of 88. I wanted to help her fulfill her dream, but was concerned about how she would do with the altitude. She did fabulously with the help of Thrive. We were able to walk and explore and be active with no adjustment time. She did just as well as she does at sea level, which is where she lives. When we were in Colorado, the people where we were staying were amazed at her endurance and activity level. They have seen many, many people much younger than my mother not do nearly as well. I could also feel the benefits of using Thrive, especially when I was at the top of Pike's Peak and able to walk around to take in the views. Thanks for a great essence."- Carol Renwick, Teacher

This essence reminds Takara of the scene in Caddy Shack when the little critter comes out of the hole after the entire golf course has been blown to bits and starts dancing to "I'm all right." You will feel that way too.

Spice blend aromatherapy.

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