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"Takara's essences are outstanding! We've used them in large groups of people and they really seem to assist in the frequency shifting experience, adding even more vitality and loving energy to the consciously encoded sounds we either listen to or create." Jonathan Goldman, Internationally Renowned Pioneer in Sound Healing

The "Holy Harmony" essence is an extraordinary vibrational tool which works by itself to invoke the Christ energy and bathe one in a field of Light & Love. For a more profound process, It can be used while listening to the actual "Holy Harmony" recording in order to enhance and deepen the experience created by the sacred sounds.

"(Holy Harmony oil) ... used it twice for digestion. Really calmed down the bloated feeling and enjoyed the lightness of the blend." - Yojana
About the music: The perfect marriage of vibrations. In Holy Harmony, Jonathan Goldman combines the sacred sounds of tuning forks of the complete healing codes of the Bible with the choral chant of YHSVH, an ancient name of the Christ. We infused those vibrations into the Dancing Dolphin Essence mixture and out came this powerful elixir.

"(Holy Harmony) ... my emotional, spiritual, and physical experience was fully heightened by this angelic oil. Thank you for sharing!" - Renate Markle

This essence is one of Jonathan's favorites! It's one of Takara's favorites as well. She often recommends it for clients.

"I woke up early and did the Chakra Clearing with the Holy Harmony. Thank you so much ...!!! I feel so much lighter." - Misty Gregg, The Sage Soapbox

"If you read the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, it says that anointing someone with oil is higher than water for baptism. I am clairsentient. I feel the beauty and sacredness of your mission. I certainly did have life changing experience during the Holy Harmony experience. Seriously life changing Bless you." - Frances Michael

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