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Helps you to connect with and commune with dolphins, the angels of the sea, for healing, messages from the Divine, and other support only dolphins can offer.

"Thank you for your great essences! They are the best! I especially love Inner Peace and Dancing Dolphin. All I have to do is hold a bottle of Inner Peace and I feel so good, so calm, and relax

Assists in answering the question: "How can I bring more joy into my life?" "How may I open my heart?" Aids in achieving a deep connection with dolphins. Assists with living fully in the present moment. Brings in joy, love, and playfulness. Actually creates a field within you of being in the present moment, of being in joy, of being love. It helps you totally accept who you are. It can actually accelerate your reaching higher levels. (This is an upgrade and enhancement to the previous Dolphin Connection essence.)

Made with Dancing Dolphin Flower, Awakening, Heart's Passion, Inner Peace, Soul's Purpose as well as the alchemical frequencies Takara channels into it.

Spice blend aromatherapy.

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