Dancing Dolphin Daily Harmony Kit

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The Dancing Daily Harmony Kit contains the four energy healing, aromatherapy anointing oil roll-ons used in the Daily Harmony Exercise by Takara to help you maintain a clear centered state of being at all times. The roll-ons are Violet Flame, Harmonize, Surrender, & Holy Harmony. Contains the meditation and the roll-ons suggested. Use the roll-ons with the meditation and any time you need extra support. The kit is $60.00 ($71.88 if sold separately).

"I work with the Daily Harmony Meditation and oils, having incorporated them into my daily practice so that even my son joins in and expects the feeling of clarity and cohesiveness that it brings. Once I went away for a week and when I came back he said, 'boy you really need to do the daily harmony, mom!'" - Istara Freedom

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