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Clear, balance, enhance, align, harmonize, and activate your chakras (energy centers) with this extraordinary kit developed by energy healing expert, Debbie "Takara" Shelor, in collaboration with sound healing pioneer, Jonathan Goldman

In the electrical system in your home, if the light switch is turned off, the light doesn't work. The same is true of the electrical system within your body. The energy lines and the connection points must be fully functioning and in balance or the whole system goes haywire.

For thousands of years powerful healers from around the world have worked with the energy centers of the body to make sure they are clear, balanced, and operating properly. The very popular and effective healing modality called Acupuncture works with this energy system.

Whether you talk to a shaman from South America or an Ayurvedic physician from India, they will each discuss the importance of the 7 main energy centers of the body. The Ayurvedic term for these centers is chakras and we in the west have adopted that name.

"Takara's Essences of Sound are outstanding. We've used them in large groups of people and they really seem to assist in the frequency shifting experience, adding even more vitality and loving energy to the consciously encoded sounds we either listen to or create." Jonathan Goldman, Internationally renowned pioneer in Sound Healing

The proper functioning of your chakra system is as important to your health and well-being as what you eat or drink.

Clearing, balancing, aligning, and assisting the chakras to operate properly allows your body, mind, emotions, and life to operate in a much better and harmonious way.

Using the chakra kit with children has shown an improvement in their academic performance with schoolwork and a nicer disposition.

Adults who use the kit report:

  • improvements in their physical health and wellbeing,
  • better decision making,
  • enhanced creativity,
  • more vivid dreams,
  • and numerous other benefits.

The Chakra Set created by Takara in collaboration with Sound Healing Pioneer, Jonathan Goldman, is truly extraordinary. The kit allows you to balance, activate, and harmonize each of your chakras like never before.

Each essence is infused with its own unique crystals/gems, sound, color, sacred geometries and other wonderful empowering frequencies. Each essence is designed to balance and clear the blockages in a particular chakra. They each contain their own unique aromatherapy. And, like all Dancing Dolphin Essences, they are upgraded and enhanced using Takara's proprietary process.

First (base chakra) - Issues of grounding, security, survival, kidneys, bladder, physical vitality, lower back pain, sciatica, lower limbs. Associated with suprarenal glands and kundalini. Contains the aroma of Frankincense and is infused with red, Jonathan Goldman's base chakra chant, and apache tear gem essence.

Second (sacral chakra) - Issues of sexuality, finance, emotion, reproductive organs, lower intestines, lower vertebra, circulation of lymph, astral travel, desire, pleasure, creativity. Associated with gonads and prana. Contains the aroma of Sandalwood and is infused with orange, Jonathan Goldman's second chakra chant, and carnelian gem essence.

Third (solar plexus chakra) - Issues of personal power, stomach, liver, gall bladder, power, wisdom, mind, will, intelligence. Associated with adrenals. Contains the aroma of Lavender and is infused with yellow, Jonathan Goldman's third chakra chant, and Citrine gem essence.

Fourth (heart chakra) - Issues of love, heart, circulatory system, compassion. Associated with thymus. Contains the aroma of Lemongrass and Lime and is infused with green, Jonathan Goldman's 4th chakra chant, and Malachite gem essence.

Fifth (throat chakra) - Issues of communication, self-expression, lungs, respiration, clairaudience. Associated with thyroid. Contains the aroma of Rose Geranium and is infused with blue, Jonathan Goldman's fifth chakra chant, and Sodalite gem essence.

Sixth (brow or third eye chakra) - Issues of intuition, inner vision, clairvoyance, autonomic nervous system, hypothalamus. Associated with pituitary gland and higher spiritual forces. Contains the aroma of Cedarwood, Rosemary, Thyme, Rose, Melissa & Spikenard and is infused with indigo, Jonathan Goldman's sixth chakra chant, and Lapis Lazuli gem essence.

Seventh (crown chakra) - Issues of spiritual connection, consciousness, sensitivity, clairsentience, upper brain. Associated with pineal gland. Contains the aroma of Rose Otto and is infused with violet, Jonathan Goldman's seventh chakra chant, and Amethyst gem essence.

Fabulous beyond words. Use them individually for specific issues related to a particular chakra or together as a powerful energy healing session at home.
 The more you use it, the more profound the result.

All essences and kits come with instructions and suggested methods of application.

Use them individually for specific issues related to a particular chakra or together as a powerful energy healing session at home. Comes with instructions. 7 Essence of Healing Sound Chakra Roll-ons for $79.95 ($125.65 if sold separately. Jonathan's Chakra Chants CD sold separately)

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