How They Are Made

The Birth of Dancing Dolphin Essences, Healing Oils and Mists

I left the corporate world as an engineer and front line supervisor in the pharmaceutical industry in 1996 to move to an island, start a non-profit for dancingds and whales and change my name. Working with Dancing Dolphin energy healing products all started in 1998 when I was divinely inspired to attend a flower essence workshop with Star Riparetti of Star Flower Essences in Santa Barbara, California. I was 6 months pregnant at the time. The Andean Orchid essences are outstanding and the workshop introduced us to those precious products as well as to flower essences in general - how they are made, how each is unique, how to use them with clients, how to make a custom blend, etc.

Something truly extraordinary happened the day we were to make our own. Star took us to a biodynamic farm and we were split into 2 groups. Our group was to make a flower essence from Nasturtium. We sat with the flowers, communing and meditating with them, and then one student was to hold the bowl of water while others in the group got to each clip a bloom and let it drop into the water to become the flower essence infusion.

David Jonas, a truly gifted flower essence practitioner, was in our group. He has studied flower essences all over the world. He had been to Australia to work with Ian White and the Australian Bush Essences. And he had recently been to Alaska to work with the Alaskan Essences. Since he had already had an opportunity to make flower essences in other workshops, Star asked if he would be the one to hold the bowl.

When we gathered around the Nasturtium, I clearly saw one of the flowers literally glowing with white light. I knew without a doubt that I was to cut that bloom. Several others in the group got to cut a bloom before it was my turn. I couldn't believe that no-one cut that bloom when it was so obvious it was the one to cut. Yet, no one did. When it was finally my turn, I cut the glowing bloom and it gently dropped into the bowl being held in David's hands.

David pulled me aside. He was quite excited saying that as soon as my bloom hit the water a rush of energy went through the bowl into his hands. He said the "essence was made" the second my bloom hit the bowl. He had never experienced anything like it. Typically blooms are left in the bowl for 2 to 4 hours in the sun to infuse the energy into the bowl. Instant creation was something new that this seasoned professional was quite excited about.

David and I have since become quite good friends. He is an extraordinarily gifted flower essence practitioner and the only person I will let into my "lab" to play with the mother essences and create new blends. He developed the blends for Crown of Glory and Divine Partnership.

Even though I had that amazing experience creating an essence, it still didn't "get" that the reason I was guided to go to the workshop was to become a flower essence creator. I thought the reason I went was to offer the Andean Orchids to my customers and clients.

The Universe had other plans.

I shared earlier that I was 6 months pregnant. I was living on top of Palomar Mt. in Southern California at the time. Every day of my pregnancy I walked through fields of wildflowers a mile to the only store on the mountain and then back. I loved the little patches of yellow and magenta, the lovely tall white flowers, the tiny purple and pink ones. They had become beloved friends.

As soon as I returned from the workshop an odd thing began to happen.

Every morning I would suddenly wake up at precisely 4 a.m. with the image of one of those wildflowers in my mind. By 6 a.m. I was out cutting blooms from that particular flower and making essences. It was a glorious experience and I loved it so much.

Then something else happened. I started getting images and divine inspirations about ways to "enhance" the flower essences with the dolphin healing energy I channel, adding sacred sound, and anchoring it with crystal grids in a particular configuration.

After I had made all the essences in the Sacred Mountain series from Palomar Mt., we moved to Whitby, Ontario, just outside Toronto and I was guided to make flower essences from the flowers growing wild on the north side of Lake Ontario. They became the Great Lakes series.

I knew what I was doing was vastly different and higher frequency than most flower essences, but I wasn't comfortable saying "these are better because I'm channeling dancingd energy into them and I'm adding sacred sound." The sound part in particular made me uneasy. I know a lot about energy healing. I know a ton about dancingd healing energy. However, I felt like a fish out of water when it came to sound healing. I decided to go on a search for sound healers and sound healing. I was inspired to visit Jonathan Goldman's website and instantly resonated with the words I found there.

Jonathan and I began corresponding by email and eventually we talked by phone. I shared about the essences and what my divine inspiration had been about upgrading them with sound. Jonathan took a few moments to connect with Archangel Chamael (Metatron) whom he channels. He came back with, "Yes your method definitely works. And so would this ..." Not only had Archangel Chamael "blessed" my method, he had channeled an additional way to infuse sound into essences. Jonathan agreed to be my sound healing expert that I could quote about the validity of the sound healing I used in my products.

A couple of years later we had the opportunity to meet in person. He and his amazing wife, Andi, are now very dear friends. He create a whole product line infused with his music. We call it the Essence of Sound and it includes an extraordinary chakra kit. My sweet soul sister and his beautiful bride, Andi, wrote the forward to my bestselling book Peering Through the Veil: The Step by Step Guide to Meditation and Inner Peace.

I've been on a conscious spiritual journey since I was 33. I've been creating Dancing Dolphin Energy Healing products since 1998. Every time I grow, evolve, expand in wisdom, rise higher in vibration, attain another level of mastery or initiation, the products rise with me.

A Few Highlights from my Personal Spiritual Evolution

My first mystical encounter happened when I was 14. I won't go into all the details here as they can be read in my bestselling book Peering Through the Veil. The gist of it is that a dove of light descended down into the room and the entire space was engulfed with The Divine Feminine, Shekinah, Holy Spirit energy. I, and everyone else present, was rendered speechless and motionless for quite some time. It was truly profound and it completely changed my life. I began speaking in tongues (The Language of Light). I could now "see with new eyes" and "hear with new ears." I began to know things. I suddenly had an understanding and knowledge of the Divine.

I led a pretty normal 3D life for awhile. I became an industrial engineer and enjoyed traveling the globe. That was until I had a spontaneous spiritual awakening at 33.

I first learned to meditate around 1993. Almost immediately, dolphins began appearing in my meditations and offering their extraordinary healing energy. I quickly learned to call that energy in at will and to use it for myself and others.

My metaphysical mentor was Stuart Wilde ~ may he rest in peace. As soon as I consciously "woke up," I was guided to read all of his books, listen to his numerous audio tapes, attend first a lecture he gave in Princeton and later participate in his 8-day Warrior in the Mist training in Sipapu, New Mexico in 1995. Near the end of the training, we went through an initiation process and I was gifted an extraordinary energetic gift.

While at Stuart Wilde's Warriors training I met a woman from the San Juan Islands. We decided to co-found a non-profit for dolphins and whales together. I left corporate life and the east coast, and moved to San Juan island.

Since that time, I have periodically experience spontaneous initiations and energetic upgrades, as well as cleared and healed a vast amount of emotional issues, negative DNA programming, and past life trauma. Below I list only a few of those events.

A great many things happened in 1998. I took the name Takara which is a name I was given in meditation. I received the words to the Golden Water Dolphin Meditation for Planetary Healing that I lead globally every spring and fall equinox. I was inspired to create Dancing Dolphin Essences. I gave birth to my son Jess.

Another series of events happened in 2003. I was guided to attend the Wesak festival in Mt. Shasta where I performed a private ceremony near the mountain and was visited by the energetic presence of Mary Magdalene. I was gifted quite a lot of Divine Feminine energy during that "encounter."

The following day I met Don McInnes, a dear man from New Zealand, who channeled energy from the Pleiadians to me for 2 hours. He had traveled all the way to America to do so just for me. Later that summer, I swam with dolphins for the first time in Bimini, the Bahamas Out Islands and had quite the dolphin encounter when I did. I also experienced a powerful initiation in the water there on a secluded beach that I was guided to go to alone. It took 10 years for the energies I experienced in Shasta and Bimini to be fully integrated into my daily experience.

Initiations and evolutionary processes continue to occur fairly often.

Anchoring the Energy

All the grids used to make Dancing Dolphin Essences often get upgraded to anchor and hold the new frequencies. As I evolve, they have to.

In addition to me personally holding and praying over every single bottle literally pulling down light into each of them, I place each bottle in an extremely elaborate multi-layered series of grids that contains hundreds of crystals, gems, symbols, 3-dimensional sacred geometric energy devices and more.

For years I've collected stones from all over the world. Some are from places I've lived while other ones were gathered by friends from foreign lands. Even total strangers send me packages of stones and shells from powerful spots across the globe.

I have lava rocks from Abique, New Mexico, where Georgia O'Keeffe created much of her world renowned art, and from Santorini, Greece. I have sparkly stones flecked with mica from Sipapu, New Mexico and Palomar Mt., California.

The special energy at Sipapu is where Stuart Wilde wrote his Taos Quintet and specifically the energy he spent a whole book describing in The Quickening. It is also where I "brought in" (channeled, received, was inspired with) the technologies in Freeway to Freedom. It is a very magical energy and sparkly rocks always assist in connecting with faeries.

Palomar Mt. California is a very sacred mountain and more UFO sightings happened there than in any other place on earth up until the early 80's.

My home on the mountain literally was sitting on a vortex. We watched a compass spin around and around when held over my chair at the kitchen table. That home is where my son, Jess, was conceived and the first series of Dancing Dolphin Essences were created from the wildflowers growing nearby. It is also where I was inspired with the original upgrade process to infuse sound into the bottles.

I had enough rocks matching in size and vibration from each of the locations to make a medicine wheel out of each kind containing at least 8 stones. So now, in my multi-layered grid system there are wheels within wheels. And the addition of the lava rocks has added an entirely new "layer" to the alchemy of Dancing Dolphin Energy Healing Process.

Every Dancing Dolphin healing oil and mist also contains a frequency of Diamonds - not as strong as the diamond energy in the Diamond kit, but diamond frequencies nonetheless.

The alchemy continues to evolve as I do . . .

Individual Frequencies

In the creation of Dancing Dolphin Energy Healing Oils and Mists, I work with individual frequencies that I have been inspired to personally create.

Below are the numbers of individual energy healing frequencies that I have made to use in creating the regular product line and individualized Custom Blends:

Flowers - 38 - from sacred mountains in California, the great lake area of Ontario, the high desert in New Mexico, and other specific flowers I was guided to grow organically

Gems - 89 - from common to extremely rare

Numbers - 15 - numbers 1 through 10 and 11, 22, 33, and 44

Sounds - 22 - including Jonathan Goldman's music, the Solfeggio tones, the regular musical scale

Locations - 28 - every content, numerous sacred sites, and other power spots

Elements - 5 - earth, air, fire, water, and lightening

Realms - 9 - angels, camelot, dolphins, dragons, elementals, faeries, winged horses, mer, and whale

Chakras - 7

Goddesses - 24

When making regular or custom blends, I am not only divinely guided to include 3 to 10 of the above energies in each bottle, but I also channel in the dancingd healing frequencies I carry along with any additional frequencies the formula or individual needs. The initiations and "upgrades" I have experienced over the past 20 years allow me to be finely tuned enough to channel laser targeted energies precisely for each purpose or person.

It is my great honor to be an amplifier and Chalice of Divine Frequencies.

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