Crown of Glory by Dancing Dolphin

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A fabulous healing oil for protection and enhancement of your Divine connection. Diamond / Sapphire protection for the upper chakras.

The ultimate protection and enhancement for higher chakras. Also enhances the connection with the Divine. Like turning on a giant spotlight from heaven on the crown chakra and then guarding it with brilliant diamonds and blue sapphires. This is an extremely powerful energetic.

Crown of Glory is placed on the top 4 chakras (heart through crown). This essence not only places a powerful protection around the higher chakras, particularly the crown, to ensure a clear and pristine connection to Higher Wisdom, but it also assists in making and enhancing that connection.

Contains #22, Amethyst, Diamonds, #3, #33, Essence of Camelot, Intuition, Blue Sapphire as well as the alchemical frequencies Takara channels into it.

Spice blend aromatherapy.

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