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Helps you tap into your creative nature - great for writer's block, or in finding new inspiration for any creative endeavor.

Assists in answering the question: "How can I refresh my life with new ideas and tap into my own creativity?" Brings out the creativity that you naturally possess. Assists in tapping into the creative force within yourself and the Universe. Assists in healing issues of the first three chakras (root, sacral, and solar plexus). Can be used in aligning the first 3 chakras (main body energy centers), and weaving them together so they work in harmony. Most people who experience a lack of creative flow have blockages in one or more of the first three chakras. Once the first 3 chakras have been realigned, then true creative flow can occur. Helps to bring in new ways of living and being.

Example: Within relationships, people often get into a mundane rhythm with the other person. They have not bridged the mundane - physical everyday living - with the spiritual or creative forces. They lose spark within the relationship. So this essence greatly assists to create or renew a spark within the relationship. Once the first three chakras are aligned. Then it connects into the heart and therefore all the remaining chakras.

Practitioner Advice - "Using this essence prior to intimacy will raise the vibration and bring it into a sacred experience."

As you continue to evolve - It connects into the Solar Heart. Now you are creating from the Solar Heart and what you step into is a more powerful energy of creation. You step into Co-Creation with God. Once you've tapped into this co-creative energy, your pranic tube (energy channel that runs from the top of your energy field, through your body along the spine and to the bottom of your energy field) is filled with light. Helps you access the co-creative force with God.

As you evolve to an even higher vibration - You are completely in the Co-Creative Energy. Everything is in sync and this essence helps to deepen that. You are completely in light. You are totally creating in Light force.

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