Dancing Dolphin Clearing and Protection Kit

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These days, with the level of distortion and chaos on the rise, clearing and protection are more important than ever.

How many times have you had some weird feeling, felt uneasy, agitated, or nervous for no apparent reason? Often, its not even your stuff that you are feeling. You've simply picked up someone else's energy and you are running it yourself.

Lately my friends and I have been noticing that a person's "true colors" seem to be showing these days. Every thing that people have been ignoring or hiding, from themselves and others, seems to coming out into the open. It's there to be healed. It's surfacing so it can be noticed. But some of it isn't very pretty.

Keeping yourself clear and protected from other people's negative energy and emotional outbursts is more important than ever. This kit really gets the job done.

The Dancing Dolphin Clearing and Protection Aromatherapy, Flower Essence, Gem Essence Kit contains the roll-on essences of: Violet Flame, Diamond Protection, and Crown of Glory. It also comes with Pristine Clearing Mist in the 2 oz. size. Use every day.

Get the Dancing Dolphin Clearing & Protection Kit (retail $71.76) for $60.00 (save $11.76). Comes with instructions.

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