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Assists with making a strong, clear connection with higher wisdom for channeling, healing, or prayer.

Takara works with many psychics, channels, and other bringing in frequencies from other realms. And the common complaint is that they are all being "fried" from the inside out. Unless they have done a ton of work on themselves, raised their vibration, purified themselves body, mind, and soul, there is a great deal of "resistence" in their nervous system between their energy and the energy they are channeling. This causes stress and pre-mature aging.

Takara developed a method to "cool down" and heal this problem. And she made this essence to help those who couldn't work with her directly for assistance.

Use the Dancing Dolphin Essence Clear Channel before you channel energy. It soothes the entire nervous system with the platinum ray. If you are a channel and have any overload symptoms, this is the essence for you. Many people that do planetary healing or channel other energies sometimes get the jitters. Often the legs feel so jittery they can't sleep. Use some before bed. This essence just calms that right down. It also helps repair any damage you've already done to your nerves from working with high frequency before your body was truly prepared to handle it.

Contains the platinum ray so the body can better handle higher frequencies. Contains Intuition, Feminine Arts, Herkimer Diamond as well as the alchemical frequencies Takara channels into it.

Frankincense aromatherapy.

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