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Upgrade any of Takara's sessions with a 3-pack of Dancing Dolphin Energy Healing Oils to help prepare for, integrate, and complete the energy session. These products will take things to a whole new level. And the result of the session will be significantly deeper and more vast.

Release helps you prepare for the session. Working with your physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual bodies, it helps those deeply rooted, hidden, and pesky issues lose their grip and be prepared to move out permanently.

Finally Free is a powerful blend that includes Mountain Laurel and much more. Do you feel trapped by your past? Unable to move forward? Stuck? Finally Free is about freeing yourself from limitations of all kinds - to achieve your dreams, to move forward as never before. It helps you unbind your wings and fly. This is a very powerful essence. Helps in letting go of, and resolving, issues from the past - including current and past lives. Assists in healing karmic issues and repatterning.

After Care is a powerful combination of specific flowers, gems, and other energies designed to help you get the most out of your session. It helps the processes and energies started during the session go deeper, get anchored, and integrated more fully.

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