Solar Eclipse by Dancing Dolphin

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Aids in "eclipsing" the past and moving into the future. Helps to bridge the old self with the new self. Helps in going from darkness into light. If you feels stuck in an old pattern, it helps you move into the new way of doing something. Helps you to live more fully in the present. This essence acts like a catalyst for positive change. Works with the energies of the sun, masculine energies and taking action. Working with solar energy and solar logos. Tapping into sun energy for action and purpose guided by the Divine. Step from what you know into the unknown with confidence. Being O.K. with being in the void and creating from the void. Helps you to settle into not knowing "how" and being O.K. with that. Therefore, it is a powerful assistant for manifesting. Moving forward in faith. You believe. You know. It is so.

As you continue to evolve - Assists you in accessing multi levels of yourself.

As you evolve to an even higher vibration - Helps you access the specific dimension that is best for you to be accessing.

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