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This kit was designed specifically to enhance the energies and teachings of The Reconnections through Daniel Jacob.

Purity of Essence - made from the Dogwood tree blooming in the spring. Getting to the purity, the truth, of who you are in your most pristine, innocent nature, before you were tainted by sadness, trauma, and the pains of your past.

Finally Free – A powerful blend that includes Mountain Laurel and much more. Do you feel trapped by your past? Unable to move forward? Stuck? Finally Free is about freeing yourself from limitations of all kinds - to achieve your dreams, to move forward as never before. It helps you unbind your wings and fly. This is a very powerful essence. Helps in letting go of, and resolving, issues from the past - including current and past lives. Assists in healing karmic issues and repatterning. Contains Core Issues, Freedom, Tantra of Sound, Essence of Faerie, Point of Origin as well as the alchemical frequencies Takara channels into it. Frankincense aromatherapy.

Reconnection - Reconnects you with the Divine. Reweaves the threads of your earthly existence with the tapestry of the Divine Universe. Contains Essence of Mer, the Divine Name, Transcendence as well as the alchemical frequencies Takara channels into it. Rose aromatherapy.

Divine Love - According to one of Takara's very "in tune" friends, Millie Stefani, "love is in there." She says this essence actually has consciousness. It is actually pulsing. She called it Victory - victory over fear and limitations. Takara calls it Divine Love. Love heals everything. It is the greatest power in the Universe. And Takara has put some of it in a bottle for you. When you put some on - energy centers (chakras) and the back of your neck, you will experience the most peaceful wonderful feeling. Takara highly recommends that you put it on the bottoms of your feet in the arch and on all chakras after a shower. Contains Quiet Place Within, Carnelian, 5th Chakra, Essence of Camelot, Chakra #4, Blue Sapphire as well as the alchemical frequencies Takara channels into it. Spice blend aromatherapy.

The Dancing Dolphin Reconnections Aromatherapy, Flower Essence, Gem Essence Kit contains the roll-on essences of: Purity of Essence, Finally Free, Reconnection, and Divine Love. Use one at a time once a day on all chakras for 3 weeks. Begin with Purity of Essence. Use if for 3 weeks. Then use Finally Free for 3 weeks. Then Reconnection and finally Divine Love. After that, as desired or inspired.

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