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Everyone in the world is looking for 4 primary things:

  • health
  • wealth
  • love &
  • happiness.

Everything else they want is simply a variation of one of those four things.

"Very soon after starting to take the Manifestation Essence, I won a brand new truck. I now take it ever day." - David Walker, Monte Vista, CO
There are multitudes of programs to attract each one. There are the ageless teachings of Abraham, the movie and book known as The Secret, and even something called Cosmic Ordering. What most of them will tell you is that you must come into vibrational harmony or alignment with your desires. Yet I have never found even one that really helps you to do that in a lasting long-term way. They try for sure. But like most things, the results are short-lived.

So, I created a kit to solve that problem. Because, I am dedicated to creating lasting and permanent change for myself and others.

When I met my former husband, Raven, I had experienced great clarity about what I wanted in relationship. One of the "pieces" I used to solve the "attracting a mate" puzzle was to wear a particular essential oil blend on my heart every single day until he showed up. The purpose for the oil was 2-fold: to help me overcome my own issues of self-love and to be in vibrational harmony with the Beloved I desired.

The Love Dancing Dolphin Healing Oil in the Law of Attraction Resonance Kit is so much more powerful than what I was working with way back when.

In order to have the Law of Attraction working in your favor, you need to be in resonance with your desires. The Law of Attraction Resonance Kit helps you align with and harmonize with the 4 things people want most: health, wealth, love, and happiness. Get the Law of Attraction Resonance Kit (retail $71.80) for $60.00 (save $11.80). Comes with instructions.

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