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Ever feel stressed, anxious, or simply out of sorts?

We all do at one time or another: when we are stuck in traffic, dealing with kids or work deadlines, when we are having a disagreement with someone, or when we are worried about anything. Stress leads to dis-ease and is often the underlying cause of poor decisions.

Inner Peace to the rescue. Just roll some on the back of your neck or on pulse points like cologne and almost instantaneously you'll be shifted into a place of centeredness and calm. Its almost surreal how quickly and effectively it works.  

"They (Dancing Dolphin Essences) assist you in holding the frequency you desire. For example, in using Inner Peace during a time of stress dealing with death, moving, and relationship changes, Inner Peace has assisted me in experiencing and holding an Inner Peace within myself and therefore outside myself - no matter what is occurring around me. And other people feel the vibrations that I hold and much more love, peace, compassion, joy and harmony is happening among us all. The essences are truly a blessing and of the Divine vibration of love." - Amanda Butler, Detroit, MI

It is very calming and centering. Take it regularly to maintain balance. Brings in calmness, tranquility, knowing that everything is in right order, that you are on track. Aids when there is a death of a person or of some part of yourself or way of life and you wish to be reborn. Anyone who is energetically shifting quickly, it helps them keep their feet on the ground. Helps maintain balance and connectedness.

Assists in balancing mood swings and can help for those who are depressed.

"Thank you for your great essences! They are the best! I especially love Inner Peace and Dolphin Connection. All I have to do is hold a bottle of Inner Peace and I feel so good, so calm, and relaxed! ... Thank You!" - Anthony Giaimo, California

Takara's Note - "Its the one essence I recommend people have with them all the time. In addition to daily meditation, I use Inner Peace to stay in balance. When my son was younger and much more highly sensitive energetically, I found that when he got out of balance and upset about something, Inner Peace helped him regain balance very quickly. Some days he needed it a couple of times. Other days he didn't need it at all."

Practitioner Advice - "Indigo and Crystal children might find it beneficial to take Inner Peace during the day and Dreaming right before bed."

For the spiritually minded - It helps your bodies align with the higher dimensions. Helps Star Beings who are now in human bodies accept that they are here on a mission with a purpose. It helps the Indigo and Crystal Children with the idea that its O.K. to be here. They can be at peace that they are here. They still may not fit in, but it helps them be O.K. with that. It calms them down enough that they can center and focus their energy instead of having it so scattered.

"My husky mix used to cry out in his sleep and whimper nightly. I started adding just a few drops of Inner Peace and after a few weeks he was sleeping peacefully. It even calmed down my beagle beast."- Lillian Pettinato, R.N., Registered Acupuncturist 

Made with alpine smelowskia. Enhanced with the finest organic Bulgarian Lavender (lavendula angustifolia) essential oil. (Mountain Essence)

Like all Dancing Dolphin Sacred Healing Oils and Mists, the energetics of the flower, gem, and other essences are upgraded, enhanced, and brought to a whole new vibrational octave with dolphin healing energy, sacred sound, and the synergistic alchemical technology that is the "Dancing Dolphin difference."

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