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Magnificent Manifestation Mastermind Program with Takara.

Includes over 10 hours of training on conscious manifestation as well as 4 live mastermind calls with Takara. All at a fabulously affordable price! 

"The Manifestation Creative Invocation to the I Am Presence was definitely the most powerful group call, meditation, activation, and clearing we've done to date. So powerful in fact, that I'm changing the name to the Magnificent Manifestation Mastermind. In addition to the powerful energy and information that came through during the 2-hour call, I recorded a 2-hour and 20-minute video walking you through the things you need to know to consciously manifest your reality. At the end of the call, I was 'inspired" (guided) to offer to continue meeting online periodically with those who attended to teach the manifestation technology I received while living in Santa Fe. This technology is not part of the call or the video. It is only shared as part of the Mastermind calls. I used to lead a group of powerful wise women and each quarter we met at the Spirit of Nature Retreat (on my properly in NM) and I guided them through this powerful technology for manifesting. I 'received' the technology through Divine Revelation (it came to me directly while in deep trance meditation). I've only shared the technology with a few others. Now, I'm being guided to share it again with a new mastermind. ~ Takara
In addition to the Dancing Dolphin Alchemical Synergy oil on Manifesting and the Enhanced Webinar call, this program also includes Takara's manifestation workshop video. In this 2 hour and 26-minute video, she teaches you steps you can take to consciously create your reality. Plus, she shares all the things standing in your way. 

In the course, you will:
  • Learn a great tool to prioritize the actions to take to manifest the things you desire
  • Hear some extraordinary stories of how Takara has successfully manifested the things she desires and the steps she took to achieve them
  • Find out how to follow the breadcrumbs the Universe sends your way to achieve your dreams
  • Discover the best way to let the Universe know what it is that you desire
  • Learn ways to Turbo boost your manifesting using your sixth sense abilities
  • The best way to word your desires so they are most likely to show up in your reality
  • Harmonize, activate, and balance your chakras (energy centers) for better manifesting
  • Experience a powerful meditation designed to uncover and dissolve what is standing in your way of manifesting the things you desire
  • Learn why groups can be so important for manifesting

Takara is extraordinarily gifted at manifesting the things she desires, from manifesting a husband to living on a yacht in Fiji, business deals that only took 5 minutes to a divorce that took less than an hour and a half. The list just goes on.

One of Takara's customers began using the Manifestation essence (the one you receive as part of this program) and literally won a truck within a few days of starting to work with it. We certainly can't guarantee results like that, but we are confident the oil helps you get focused on manifesting - both in bringing to light the things standing in your way and helping you to get into alignment with your desires.

Includes the oil, the manifestation video, the preparation video, the call / recorded message, and 4 mastermind calls. Continuing to be part of the mastermind after the initial 4 calls will be available for a nominal fee. 

The Magnificent U Manifestation Mastermind is a year-long program that comes with 2 multi-hour video courses, audio recordings from previous Manifesting Mastermind calls with tools and techniques for manifesting as well as powerful life mastery teachings and Creative Invocations to the I Am Presence sessions with Takara. It also includes a subliminal audio to assist you in layering in new more empowered beliefs into the subconscious mind. In addition to the oils and recorded audios and videos, it includes 4 live calls at Equinoxes and Solstices, as well as a private Facebook group for support by Takara and others who participate in the training. (Get the Finally Free Creative Invocation free when you join the Mastermind program).  

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