Dancing Dolphin Divine Energetic Infusion with Takara

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Dancing Dolphin Divine Energetic Infusion Long Distance Energy Healing with Takara - a very sweet, loving energy that envelops you completely. For anyone who feels drawn to, or connected with, dolphins and wants to bask in their radiance. Also great for anyone who feels unloved, alone, or like they could use more Divine love in their life. It's like being hugged by someone who loves and cares about you without conditions.

Imagine yourself surrounded by the loving healing energy of dolphins. Feel their embrace. As they swim around you in their sensual playful way, they beam to you loving healing energies. You are raised up into an entirely different realm - a place of peace, tranquility, love and healing. And while you are being held in that transformational Field of Light, the Divine Presence can communicate directly with your soul. A beautiful, sweet, gentle, yet profound experience.

As the Chalice of Divine Frequencies, Takara has the ability to make this Divine Dolphin Energetic Infusion available to you through a long distance energy healing session. You simply lie down in a quiet spot at the agreed upon time. Close your eyes and enjoy basking in this Divine Dolphin Healing Radiance for approximately 30 minutes. 

This is NOT a phone consultation. 

Takara recommends that you upgrade this session with this 3-pack of Dancing Dolphin Healing Oils.

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