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Personal Phone Consultations and Energy Healing with Takara

Takara acts as your Soul's advisor - much like Merlin - who offered support and spiritual counseling and guidance to Arthur and the Lords and Ladies at Camelot. Her intuitive insight is as razor sharp as Excalibur. She reveals the TRUTH about the issues you face, the bigger picture, and ways to change, with crystal clarity. She acts as a Chalice - a holy grail of Divine frequencies - pouring forth to you the energy your higher self, guides, angels, and God wish to bless upon you in the moment.

You are a Divine Being living a human experience. The only thing stopping you from living, walking, and being your true Self are the fears, beliefs, and judgments that you hold. They are the only things preventing you from experiencing everything in life that you desire.

From a Course in Miracles:

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. It is not necessary to seek for what is true, but it is necessary to seek for what is false."

"Takara has amazing insight and ability to get to the root of core issues, both negative and positive, in an incredibly efficient and clear way. This has allowed me to focus on the beautiful dream that truly is my reality, leaving the silly, ancient, and even ugly childhood "non-reality" behind. A wonderful, but failing, friendship and business relationship has healed before my very eyes because of Takara's phenomenal counsel." - Michael Sterns, Author/Publisher, Tampa, FL .

Takara has many gifts that are very beneficial in facilitating healing in others. She doesn't DO the healing. She holds space and sets up an energetic grid with very powerful tools and technologies not really found anywhere else on this planet. She channels particular energies and vibrations. She holds the intention for perfect healing for the individual and that whatever happens be in the highest and best interest of the person.

She is sometimes guided to use particular crystals, or say particular words, to add to the process. You yourself, God, your Higher Self (the Divine part of you), your guides, and a whole team of dolphin-angels and other beings of Light are the ones that actually create the healing that occurs. Takara simply facilitates the process. What happens for each individual is what their Soul determines is needed now. So what gets released, transformed, or healed may be something you weren't even aware of that needs energetic assistance.

"Takara’s method of getting to the root of the problem energetically is unsurpassed! After one session with her I experienced a releasing and clarity that enabled me to continue the process on my own. I would recommend her services to anyone." - Samone Michaels, Author Director, CURE Organization.

Success is much more than personal acquisition. It means achieving your desires in all areas including health, relationships, finances, career, family, personal growth, spirituality, and joy.

It's not only your right to achieve everything you want - it's your duty.

Living anything less than your full potential is pointless. Why not begin today achieving ALL your dreams, living your passion, making the difference you came here to make?

Private consultations with Takara help to facilitate change on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

She begins by assisting you to achieve "wholeness." Only from that place of being empowered and in balance can you discover what your "true" heartfelt desires and goals are. Once the goals are understood, she can help facilitate your step-by-step achievement of each one.

"I had a healing session with Takara . . . I could viscerally feel the energy pulsing up and down my meridians . . . The synergistic energy was electrically surging through my body. I felt so energized. I have three fused discs in my spinal column and deal with chronic fatigue. It's the most energy I've felt in 3 years." - Suzy Couvee, Encinitas, CA

Benefits of Having Takara on Your Side:

Personal growth and the achievement of success is a continuous journey.

Using the tools and technologies created by Takara including reading and doing the exercises in her books, using Dancing Dolphin Energy Healing Oils and Mists and having private energy sessions with her makes the journey MUCH FASTER and MUCH EASIER than trying to do it on your own.

During the course of your personal journey, you will learn:

  • a great deal about yourself,
  • communication with your Higher Self and guides,
  • how to understand and relate to others better,
  • healing on all levels,
  • ways to enhance your intuition,
  • how to attain success,
  • how to break through blocks, and
  • many healing and empowerment tools available exclusively through her.

" . . . it has changed my life forever. I am eternally grateful." - James Jeffrey, Huntington Beach, CA

Takara recommends that you upgrade this session with this 3-pack of Dancing Dolphin Healing Oils.

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