Sterling Silver with 14K Gold Tab satin (brushed) finish shield.

Some of the benefits of the sterling silver with gold tabs shield:

  • Offers Premium (Level 3) energy protection at 94 – 96%
  • Ideal for people with any of the following: use a computer 6 to 10 hours a day, carry a cell phone with them for 4 or more hours a day, have WiFi at work or live in an area with WiFi or WiMax, have high stress at work or home, feel fatigue, headaches, get colds and flu often, feel drained using computers, cell phones, or from airplane travel.
  • Strongly protects the brain and body from EMF radiation coming from all electronic devices including cell phones, computers, fluorescent lights, wireless networks, and more.
  • Deflects unhealthy, noxious, and negative energy including negative emotional energy from situations or people.
  • Powerfully balances your energy system (including your chakras).
  • Sharpens your focus, concentration, and other mental skills.
  • Boosts the immune system by reducing the energetic stress your body is constantly being bombarded with.
  • Lowers your stress by deflecting the unhealthy energies that often leave you feeling depleted by physically and emotionally.

BioElectric Shields are medically proven to work with your own energy field to strengthen it and deflect negativity from electromagnetics and other people’s negative energy.

The sterling silver with gold tabs shield is a Level 3 shield which offers significant protection against disharmonious energies. It offers more protection than brass or all sterling and less protection than all gold.

All BioElectric Shields are backed by a 90-Day Full Money Back Guarantee.

For people who live outside North America, you must purchase the International Matrix upgrade and pay international shipping.

Read more about BioElectric Shields for EMF protection here.

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