Dancing Dolphin Healing Oils & Mists by Dancing Dolphin

Group Leaders/Facilitators

Using Dancing Dolphin Products with a Group You are Leading or Facilitating

“Takara’s essences are amazing! We’ve used them in large groups of people and they really seem to assist in the frequency shifting experience, adding even more vitality and loving energy to the consciously encoded sounds we either listen to or create.” – Jonathan Goldman, Internationally renowned pioneer in Sound Healing

Dancing Dolphin is the perfect addition to any group, ceremony, meditation circle, or workshop. There are so many wonderful choices to assist in raising the vibration, getting into a more receptive state, calming, centering, grounding, protecting, anchoring in the energy, and so much more.

Here are a few ideas. Join the mailing list to get additional suggestions for enhancing your group facilitation with these powerful products.

Getting Started:

As you gather in a circle, go around the room introducing yourselves or do the other preliminary opening activities for your gathering, you or someone you appoint can go around the circle dropping 1 to 2 drops of oil in each participant’s hand that they can then rub on the back of their necks and optionally on their wrists like perfume, on the crown chakra, and/or temples.

Instead of letting the participants do it themselves, you can have a helper, or even yourself; anoint each participant with the oil. You can place some on the 3rd eye, the back of the neck, the temples, the high heart, etc. Or, as I always say, “Use them as desired or inspired.”

An even more dramatic way to begin (or at another point in your gathering or ceremony) would be to have the participants pair up. Put a quarter size amount of regular massage oil or lotion in the hand in the hand of one of the pair and add 2 to 3 drops of a Dancing Dolphin oil. They can mix it up with their fingers and rub their partner’s feet.

There are several good choices for beginning a circle, workshop, or ceremony. Here are a few I suggest:

Essence of Camelot – one of my personal favorites for starting a group. It uplifts everyone and begins a harmony among the participants. It helps things to flow. It makes everything work in a more magical synchronistic way. It assists participants in having faith and trust in each other and in you. The Blue Calcinega crystal used in this blend greatly assists in understanding the Great Mystery.

Focus or Mental Clarity – either of these products would be good ones to start with if the topic matter is complicated. If you are teaching something like statistics, math, or another topic with lots of steps and details, either of these would assist your participants in “getting” it.

Divine Mother – if your workshop or group is connecting with the earth or the Divine Feminine in some way, then this essence will literally envelop them in that energy.

Liquid Light – radically increases the frequency of the gathering, raising everyone in consciousness and awareness.


Often in shamanic, earth-based and other group gatherings, it is customary to begin by smudging or clearing each participant. Magnificent Clearing Mist was created specifically with this purpose in mind as it clears things multi-dimensionally. When events are held indoors, it is often undesirable to “burn” anything like sage. This mist allows you to spray above the head and around the energy field of each participant. It is extremely effective and works beautifully for clearing people, crystals, and spaces. Just have them remove their glasses and close their eyes before misting.

There are also a few of the oil-based products that also offer powerful clearing energy. Clearing are Release are two such products. Violet Flame is another powerful clearing energy that works at a much higher frequency. It is most appropriate for those who are well established on a path of raising consciousness. For those who really need some intensity to break up dense patterns and stuck energy, there is Priestess Fire. That formula contains the essence of Lightening among other things. At the top end of the spectrum is the Platinum Principle energy which I personally work with and channel in to this realm. It is only available to individuals who work with extremely high frequency. It would be very uncomfortable for those not properly prepared.


When opening up a person’s mind and energy field to other realms of information and existence, doing shamanic or other healing work, channeling information and energy, or creating group meditational experiences, protecting yourself and each participant from potentially harmful, disharmonious energies is a critical step in the process. I suggest using 2 of the oil products ~ one for the lower chakras (energy centers) and the other for the higher chakras (energy centers). Diamond Protection is placed on the lower 3 chakras to protect the body, mind, and emotions from disharmony. I suggest that oil be rubbed on the tailbone for the root chakra. Oil is placed on the remainder of the chakras on the front of the body. Crown of Glory is placed on the top 4 chakras (heart through crown). This essence not only places a powerful protection around the higher chakras, particularly the crown, to ensure a clear and pristine connection to Higher Wisdom, but it also assists in making and enhancing that connection.

If you don’t have the time, or placing oil on all the chakras seems inappropriate, then I suggest just a couple of drops of Crown of Glory right on top of the head or Magnificent Protection Mist sprayed around the group and each person.

During the Ceremony, Workshop, or Group Gathering

What you do during the middle of your gathering will depend a great deal on the focus and purpose for the group. I have many products from the Personal Transformation, Divine Connection, Meditation, and even Realm lines that will assist you and your participants based on the intent of the ceremony, process, experience, or teaching you have planned. And, if the purpose you have in mind does not have a Dancing Dolphin product already designed to support it, I am more than happy to create one for you just like I did for this workshop for Daniel Jacob:

“Takara’s new custom blend, called “Being the Light,” was a wonderful binding force for our recent event around that topic. It mixed old world magic with new world wonder and imagination. She is a genuine alchemist, healer, and guide for those who are now infusing themselves with the power of INTENTION–focused and expressed in these vibrant, easy-to-use mixtures. We are excited to have her skills along for our journeys!” – Daniel Jacob, http://www.reconnections.net, http://www.thestarchildren.com

Some good choices for personal healing related activities:

Release ~ a great preparation to let go of issues,

Break Through ~ blasts through issues that are stuck,

Dolphin Formula #28 ~ facing and overcoming deeply held or irrational fears,

Finally Free ~ total euphoria of moving beyond the pain and hardship of the past,

Forgiveness ~ one of the most important and empowering activities in the spiritual journey,

Inner Child ~ assists in healing pain and trauma from childhood and past lives,

Reclaiming Power ~ particularly important for women or anyone who has been manipulated or disempowered and for anyone seeking to find their personal spiritual power,

Gratitude ~ works hand in hand with Forgiveness. Gratitude makes all things possible,

Reconnection ~ restoring and strengthening the Divine connection,

Surrender ~ letting Divine Will guide you, helps tone down the ego,

Health ~ assists the physical body in healing,

Divine Love ~ accepting and feeling the love of Creator,

Essence of Faerie – accessing and connecting more deeply with the elemental kingdoms for healing and manifestation

Essence of Mer – to get to much deeper levels of self, very deep and mysterious

For Shamanic Journeys, Guided Meditations, Sweat Lodge Experiences, etc.

Quiet Place Within ~ helps to achieve a much deeper state of mind, perfect for meditating

Shaman’s Dream ~ made with the energy signature of the Datura flower, considered by Native Americans to be a sacred plant, assists in making the journey more vivid and powerful

For Working with Chakras

The Chakra Kit, a collaboration with Jonathan Goldman, contains 7 amazing essences, one for each of the 7 main energy centers. Work with them one at a time or together. Each essence contains a powerful gem, color, sound, and other frequencies designed to activate, open, balance, and harmonize the particular chakra. This is one of the most effective products on the market for working with these energy centers.

The Essence of Sound with Jonathan Goldman

I’ve known Jonathan, and his lovely wife Andi, for many years. I am honored to offer his amazing healing sound music in essence form. Each of these essences offers a powerful healing of very high consciousness. A few of the choices include: Holy Harmony, The Divine Name, The Lost Chord, as well as many more. These frequencies are even more effective when used with the accompanying CD playing during a meditation or toning exercise. Jonathan’s students get to experience the essence of Holy Harmony at his Healing Sounds Intensive training each year.

When Doing Earth and Water Healing

Because I personally work with earth and water healing, and because so many groups also do this work, I created the Earth Healing Kit. It contains a ½ oz. bottle for Earth Healing and a 1/2 oz. bottle for water healing. If this is part of your group activity, then just drop 3 to 4 drops of the appropriate energy on the ground or in the water at the appropriate time during the meditation or ceremony.

To Complete the Ceremony, Workshop, or Gathering

Depending on the type of meditation and/or activity involved in your group events, participants may feel ungrounded or spacey, a little too “expanded” to fit back into their body. Grounding is the perfect essence to assist. It contains many grounding frequencies including hematite, black kyanite, and apache tear. Rub some on the ankles or the bottom of the feet. Eating some type of food is also very grounding.

If the group experience involved bringing in new information, energies, or aspects of self, Anchor will help them bring it fully into the body and help to integrate it into their daily life.

If the event involved physical stress or exertion, such as a sweat lodge ceremony, Thrive made from prickly pear cactus greatly assists in restoring the body’s vitality.

A great way to finish is by misting each participant with Completion Mist. It was originally created as a way to seal up the energy field and complete an energy healing session. It is perfect for finalizing any type of group activity that involves healing processes or energies.

As with most forms of energy healing, it is highly recommended that participants drink plenty of fresh water after working with these frequencies as this is very powerful energy work.

These are just a few ideas for ways to use Dancing Dolphin Energy Products to enhance your group gathering.

Feel free to use the contact form or call my office 540-639-1633 to discuss ways to use them for your specific needs. I LOVE working with group leaders, coaches, speakers, etc. to help enhance their sessions and workshops.

The product sizes available are: 1/3 oz. oil roll-on, 1/2 oz. oil in a dropper bottle, 1 oz. oil in a dropper bottle, and 2 oz. mist. If you work with groups, it is recommended that you purchase dropper bottles and work with mists. You don’t want to use a roll-on on one person and then use the same one on another. Dropper bottles allow you to keep the oil frequencies pristine person to person.

Wholesale accounts are available. Contact me (Takara) for details.