Dancing Dolphin Healing Oils & Mists by Dancing Dolphin

Support for Spiritual Channels

Include products for people who channel energy or information.

I often say:

“The channel is only as clear as the channel is clear.”

What that means is the quality of the energy and information coming through depends a great deal on the level of consciousness and how clear or pure the vessel.

Being clear, whole, and healed is extremely important for anyone taking it upon themselves to help others – particularly with energy and information they are receiving from outside “normal” reality. When the channel has not done enough personal transformational work, then the information is tainted with their own beliefs, fears, judgments, and expectations.

Besides not being pure vessels, channels also face the problem of energetic resistance. Channeling can be hard on the nervous system as the energy is of a higher vibration than their own body. If the channel doesn’t take extremely good care of themselves, drink lots of pure water, eating a very “clean” diet free of chemicals and preservatives, and supplementing often with trace minerals, it begins to wear down the body. The result is rapid aging and nerve system disorders.

The energy healing products in this category are recommended for those who channel.

I also suggest they work with the sacred healing oils in the Transformation category and do a great deal of deep work in order to channel well and be a pure vessel.