Magnificent U Foundation ~ A Mystery School

A Deep Dive Into Healing, Personal Empowerment, Wholeness, & Life Mastery

 Magnificent U Foundation

Transforming Your Life From the Inside Out!

A Year-Long Transformational Intensive with Bestselling Author D. Takara Shelor!

Step Into Your True Magnificence

Align with the Divine &

Get Into Perpetual Flow with the Universe …

that’s where all the magic happens!


Wisdom Teaching ~ Energetic Support ~ Integrative Exercises ~ Community

Andi Goldman, Jonathan Goldman, with Takara

“….an intriguing and insightful journey of self-exploration into light and consciousness. A must … for all those seeking inner peace and unlocking the door to their inner wisdom.” – Andi and Jonathan Goldman, Award-winning authors of Tantra of Sound: Frequencies of Healing

A tiny sample of what you will discover, learn, and experience in your Magnificent U Journey to Self Mastery:

  • How to be calm, clear, confident, and connected most of the time,
  • Find and live your passion, your truth, your mission and purpose for being here. Regardless of the road you are on, this is the destination you desire.
  • Discover and heal the issues that block success and fulfillment in your relationships, your career, your finances, and your health. When you are trying to get somewhere, its counterproductive to run out of gas, ignore a knock in your engine, or run the tires until they’re bald.
  • Take a magic eraser to the fear, trauma, drama, and other disharmonies in your life. When you head down a road, you never know if you will have to take a detour, deal with road construction, have to slow down for an accident, or handle some other unexpected situation – all of which cause you to take more time than you desire to reach your destination. Your fears, beliefs, and painful memories from the past are the roadblocks you run up against in your desire to achieve.
  • Develop a significantly deeper and more profound connection to the Divine. Just like your GPS helps you navigate to the location you desire, your DNS (Divine Navigation System) helps your navigate through life like nothing else can.
  • Shift into a higher frequency where struggle and strife become things of the past. There are many roads you can take to reach a destination. There is usually only one “right” road that will get you there fast with the least amount of stress. Operating at a higher frequency is that “right” road.
  • Consciously create the reality around you that you desire. Pick your destination and start driving. After you’ve used the magic eraser and have your DNS installed and fully functional, reaching your goals becomes easy.
  • Magnetize opportunity, love, wealth, and awe-inspiring moments. Sometimes on a road trip you stop at a roadside cafe and someone there tells you about an event or attraction nearby. You visit the event and have a wonderful time. It wasn’t something you “figured out” beforehand. It was something the Universe handed you and you chose to act on it.
  • Learn to make every moment sacred, savoring life, and living it to it’s fullest. Sometimes its nice to just stop along the side of the road and watch the sun set, or feel gratitude for the amazing beauty before you. Or look around at the people sharing the journey with you and feel how immensely blessed you are to have them there.
  • Experience significantly more joy, self confidence, and inner knowing!
  • The tools, techniques, and systems that will help you make the most important changes you need to make to be healthier, happier, and more at peace,
  • The steps necessary to achieve personal magnificence,
  • The extraordinary power of 4 and many many teachings about that, most offered exclusively through me,
  • The 4 relationships you are here to master and how to master them,
  • The Platinum Principle and how using it as your guide for decision making takes all the guesswork out of life,
  • Octaves of Consciousness and how to break out of the one you are stuck in,
  • Energy – the good, the bad, and the very very ugly (LOL),
  • The Power of the Pod (Platinum level) – a manifestation technology I received through Divine Revelation that I’ve only shared with 9 other people. One became a famous author and travels the globe, even appeared on the Travel Channel, and swears my group and this technology is the reason her business took off,
  • Techniques to fine-tune your intuition so you know where to be, what to say, and what to do that will help you achieve your dreams (instead of sabotage them),
  • The Pearls of Wisdom, philosophy, and beliefs I’ve gained by growing personally, received through Direct revelation, and been given from friends, mentors, business and spiritual gurus over the the course of a lifetime.
  • and more!


A Powerful Advantage in Business and in Life

The principles I share are the result of marrying real-world knowledge, effective strategies, and systems with spiritual insight, powerful energy-healing technologies, the ninja-like tactics of decision making based on The Platinum Principle, taking actions using the rule of “Doing the One Right Thing,” and operating in the world knowing where to be, what to do, and what to say because of your highly-refined and fine-tuned intuition.

I’ve taken the best of both worlds (physical and metaphysical) and alchemically, synergistically combined the two for lasting laser-targeted results for personal and business transformation and success.


When you apply and practice my systems and the wisdom I share, you have the opportunity to gain greater:

  • Insight

  • Empowerment

  • Confidence

  • Clarity

  • Sense of Purpose

  • Wellbeing

  • Effectiveness in the World, and

  • The ability to achieve what you desire.

And when you have those things, life just works better!

The Magnificent U Foundation Course contains wisdom teachings along with extremely powerful, yet easy to use, effective tools and techniques to free yourself from the limitations of your past and create the future that you desire. You will not find these exercises, tools, or teachings anywhere else. And they have been arranged so that you get the most benefit from each one.

It has taken me 20 diligent years of meditation, deep personal and spiritual work, and many mentors, to master and bring forth these teachings and transformational tools in a format that is useful for both novice and seasoned seeker or teacher. I have developed a totally unique, highly effective, Divinely inspired series of teachings and technologies.

And to help you out even more, I literally lift you up vibrationally while you are doing the program.

“How do you thank someone who comes into your life and because of her influence your life is changed forever? Takara has graced my life with her many talents and skills. Especially through her healing arts, I have made quantum leaps forward in my life. At one crisis point she was able to facilitate my integration of a significant shift in only 10 minutes! Her knowledge, and keen ability to share it, have enriched my life forever! Perhaps due to her engineering and teaching background, she has an amazing ability to take extremely complex concepts and information and boil it down to bottom line usefulness with clarity. She makes things implicitly simple and understandable to a lay person. Her extensive studies in metaphysical and philosophical areas allow her to create freeways for those of us who don’t have time to sift it all out. The clarity she creates with her accelerated techniques allows you to quickly come on-line with the information, to transition, and to push past limitations.”

Teresa WrightCarlsbad, CA

Consider Yourself and Your Life …

Magnificent U Your Life

Most courses look at one specific area of life. It might be geared towards health, like the example below. Or it could focus on your career, relationships, finances, happiness, or something else. The idea is that by learning some new system related to a specific area, your life will improve in that area.

The problem with that idea is that if you still have limiting beliefs and fears about success, don’t feel empowered or confident about who you are, feel unworthy for some reason or another, no new system can possibly fix that. What might work temporarily is practically guaranteed to fail in the long run.

Magnificent U is Completely Different!

We focus on YOU!

Magnificent U helps you transform at the fundamental core level, remembering who you are, and stepping into your true and unique magnificence. You receive wisdom and support that helps you find your authentic confidence, clarity, poise, and passion. When you change, stepping into your true magnificence, your entire life begins to change.

It doesn’t just affect one aspect of your life … it affects all of them.

When you shift, your life shifts

Magnificent U Foundation helps you achieve your true Magnificent Self, where you are:

CALM – centered, balanced, and at peace regardless of outer circumstance.

CLEAR – squeaky clean pristine in body, mind, and emotions. This allows you to receive crystal clear direction from inner wisdom and perceive it properly without being tainted by the fears, limiting beliefs, judgments, and expectations that you hold. You view people and circumstances as they really are, not as you perceive them to be through those same limiting filters that negatively affect every aspect of your life.

CONFIDENT – empowered, knowing exactly who you are and feeling good about it, trusting your instincts and your skills, and

CONNECTED – aligned and communicating with Higher Wisdom, being Divinely guided as you operate in the world.

It is from that Magnificent State of Being that life just seems to flow and magically unfold. Your intuition is so finely-tuned that you know where to be, what to say, and what to do practically all the time.

With each successive exercise, life begins to unfold more and more into the life you desire – what you want to experience.

Many people have had dramatic results simply using the first healing exercise. In fact, I get emails all the time about what a huge difference the first exercise/process alone has made.

When you join The Magnificent U Online Foundation Course you‘ll learn concepts you’ve probably never contemplated previously. You will have vibrational support unlike anything else available. And you will have the tools you need to address the issues that are blocking your success in the various areas of your life.

“I love it so very much – a godsend! . . . I feel subtle and not so subtle changes happening already and all I am doing is reading. Also, I wanted to tell you that before I received … it, I could already feel something in motion. The energy and power is so incredibly awesome. Thank you for your writing and for doing what you do. Thank you, thank you so very much!!”

Brenda ClarkDurango, CO

Magnificent U Foundation Course with D. Takara Shelor


The Year-Long Online Training and support includes:

This in-depth online immersion series into your personal magnificence includes:

  • Magnificent U Foundation Manual
  • Magnificent U Journal – to keep you on track and progressing as you heal and rise in consciousness and awareness
  • Magnificent U Gauge – so you can track your progress and see for yourself the improvements you are making
  • Logical synergistic sequence with each step building on the ones before so you can get the most out of the time you are devoting to your personal growth, transformation, and success
  • Audios using powerful Dancing Dolphin Brainwave Technology to lead you through the exercises and guided meditations
  • Dancing Dolphin Sacred Healing Oils & Mists, energy grids, and other tools to powerfully assist the transformation and integration process
  • Daily journal & meditation exercises
  • Weekly teachings, healing exercises, and Pearls of Wisdom for body, mind, spirit wholeness and integration in PDF, audio, and video formats
  • Monthly – energetic activations as well as new meditations, exercises, and wisdom as we dive deeper and deeper into uncovering, developing, and expressing the Magnificent You! (Platinum Level Only)
  • Discounts for my products, programs, and live training.

No one I’ve worked with, including long-term private clients, have ever received all of this wisdom, worked with all of these tools, or had this level of opportunity for transformation through my work.

It Comes With a 30-Day 100% Full Money Back Guarantee.

 Satisfaction Gurantee

We are convinced that this is some of the most powerful and effective technology available anywhere and we are backing that up with a 30-day full money back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, simply send us an email, delete your ebook, and we’ll refund your money. You even get to keep all the bonus gifts.

Are you ready to take positive action so your life can change for the better?

Are you prepared to experience greater happiness, fulfillment, and the other things you’ve longed for – but failed to manifest?

“It is definitely a useful and valuable tool to greater freedom for all who choose to apply the releasing and infusing exercises … the workbook pages … are an extremely helpful guide.”

Jerry HirschfieldPh.D. Spiritual Psychotherapist, Author of My Ego, My Higher Power, And I and Forever One, Letters from God – You Are Perfect Love

Two Levels of Support Available:

  • Gold (digital training and energy tool support)
  • Platinum (digital training and energy tool support, PLUS live coaching calls and customized consulting and energy support – only available when a new coaching class is starting. You can upgrade your Gold level membership at any time.)

Gold Level

Digital & Energetic Support Only ($777)

Gold Level – Digital Training & Energetic Support ($777)

  • Daily exercises (begins with about 5 to 10 minutes a day and builds up slowly over time to 20 to 30 minutes daily with yoga, meditation & journal activities included in that time frame – a great way to incorporate all those in your daily routine.)

  • Weekly lessons (1 new lesson each week containing PDF workbooks, audio, and/or video training)

  • Dancing Dolphin Energy Grid

  • You Can Be Magnificent Journal

  • Guided meditation audios

  • Video training

  • Private Facebook group

  • Printable reminders

  • Dancing Dolphin Sacred Healing Oils & Mists

  • Tools to create the Magnificent Light Grid

  • 10% discount at the Dancing Dolphin Store (percentage varies by level)

One time purchase of $777 or 3 payments of $277 each

One time purchase $777, use this link: 

3 payments of $277 each, use this link: 

Platinum Level

Digital & Energetic Support PLUS Group Coaching & Custom Energetic Support ($1499)

Platinum Level – Digital & Energetic Support PLUS Group Coaching & Custom Energetic Support ($1499) (The Platinum Level is only available able certain times – join the Gold Level and upgrade when the next coaching series is available)

  • Everything at the Gold Level PLUS
  • 1 Seed of Divine Restoration Energy Healing Session
  • 1 Dancing Dolphin Custom Blend
  • Monthly live coaching calls (teaching, Q&A, guided meditations & activations)
  • The Power of the Pod Technology for manifesting included at the conclusion of the course
  • 15% discount at the Dancing Dolphin Store (percentage varies by level)

What Are You Waiting For?

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