Here’s to Your Magnificence is scheduled to be in your inbox in the morning. It contains so much great information, I can’t wait to share!

The March Issue includes:

  • Updates about the Golden Dolphin Water Activation for Planetary Healing and the Global Marine Meditation
  • Leo Knighton Tallarico talking about Pisces and the Upcoming Spring Equinox,
  • AnnaMariah sharing her wisdom about luscious aquamarine,
  • David J. Adams describing Sanada’s view on love,
  • Misty Gregg helping us keep our body healthy and functioning properly,
  • Michael Brill teaching us how to achieve and maintain harmony,
  • Millie Stefani showing us a new relationship with the earth,
  • Me providing insights about not wasting time on things that don’t really matter,
  • The powerful new ingredient in Dancing Dolphin Essences, and
  • Much more!.

If you are not yet a subscriber::

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