BioElectric Shield Sterling Silver with Silver Tabs Polished Finish EMF Protection

A Custom BioElectric Shield can be designed specifically for you. The price is for the model chosen with additional fees for the custom design and the crystals and gems required to strengthen and balance your unique energy field.

Send Takara an email ([email protected]) if you are interested in a custom shield.

This type of Shield:

Many people with special physical challenges, very sensitive energy, or demanding work environments find a custom-designed Shield makes an outstanding change for the better in their life.

Some people want a custom shield because it is uniquely designed to maximize your energy protection and peak performance. A photo of you will determine if is best accomplished with one of the classic styles, or if you need a custom matrix.

This shield contains the original matrix, PLUS additional gems based on your energy needs.

One of a Kind – Warning – this shield can take up to 4 months to finish for you given the very busy schedule of the consultant. If you are interested, please go through the inquiry process to get on the waiting list.

The Company Recommends this Shield for Someone with:

  • A special physical challenge – including Cancer (current or past), Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalsia, Headaches, HIV+
  • Extreme energy sensitivity
  • Depression, Anxiety and other emotional/mental concerns
  • You want your Shield customized to maximize its effectiveness