How Urgent Is It Really?

One of the biggest time sucks out there is how stuffed your email inbox can become. Too many emails to deal with leaves you with little time to focus on and manage the really important things that need to get done to earn more money and/or make a bigger difference.

A fast way to clear out some of the clutter is to search your inbox for the word “urgent” without the quotation marks. If something is marked urgent, it is typically a sales pitch where the product, program, or discount will soon end. It’s an often used tactic to get people to buy now. And it works like gangbusters.

When you type in “urgent” into your email search box, it will bring up every email that contains that word either in the title or in the text.

You can then check all with the click of one button. At least that is how it works in gmail. Don’t be so quick to hit delete though. You need to scroll down the list reviewing who sent the message and what the message is about. You can manually uncheck anything that you need to keep. Once you have gone through the list, then you can click delete.

If you accidentally deleted something that you should not have, you will be able to find it in your trash folder. So all is not lost should you get a little over zealous.

There are lots of words I use to clear out the clutter in my inbox. Urgent is just one of many. When you find yourself deleting everything that you get from a certain individual or mailing list, it’s probably time to unsubscribe from the list.

The best way to delete everything from a particular individual is to search for the email address they use to send messages.

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  1. Meryl Hershey Beck
    Meryl Hershey Beck says:

    Emails can definitely become overwhelming if not checked in a timely manner. Great tip on clearly out many wanted emails. Setting specific times of day to check emails and keep them clean also works. Keep you on track and not spending too much time there so you can focus on your work.

  2. Pat Moon
    Pat Moon says:

    Great tips for sorting & eliminating so much email. It is an area I get behind in doing so any tip that saves time is a huge help. When I get way behind.. anything over 200 emails, I have 100 load per page, I go to those old emails, load a page, click on all, then skim through and uncheck any I want to read or take action on. All the rest, I hit delete. Usually I end up deleting anywhere from 50 to 90 at one time that way. Thanks for your additional tips on unsubscribing and then deleting that persons emails all at once. That is a great tip!

  3. Alexandra McAllister
    Alexandra McAllister says:

    Cleaning up those useless emails take so much time. Thanks for the tips. What I also do, once a month or so, is asked to be taken off the mailing list or unsubscribe to all the emails that are “garbage.” It takes time but I am getting less and less each day.

  4. Gilly
    Gilly says:

    I was just looking at how many emails I have and the thought of having to spend time deleting! This is an awesome tip, I’ll be doing this now! Thank you!


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