Classic Parts 4 Antique Ford Parts

Classic Parts 4 Cars is now for sale. This website was created a long time ago. My dad recently turned 90 and we are selling the website.

Classic Parts 4 Cars is a joint venture between Debbie Shelor and John Shelor.

John is a mechanical engineer with a passion for old Ford antique cars and the parts that make their engine’s run. Debbie, his daughter, is an Industrial Engineer with a passion for website design and marketing.

They put the two together and launched a website offering the numerous period parts for antique Ford engines that he’s been hoarding and collecting over the years.

John has engine replacement parts for everything from the earliest Ford V8 engines made in 1932 to a 6-cylinder made in 1973.

Some of the parts available include rod and main bearings, gaskets, piston rings, and more.

Soon they will be launching a blog sharing some of John’s vast knowledge about old Ford engines and how to make them run better.

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