Because Texting and Driving is Stupid, Get a Voice App for Your Smartphone to Use on the Road

Texting + Driving = Stupid Every now and then the safety-conscious engineer in me looks at a situation and just thinks, “something about this needs to change.” Texting and driving is one of those situations …   TextingWhileDrivingSm   My son recently got his learner’s permit and has started learning to drive. It was cause to reflect on how things have changed so drastically since I was learning to drive some 30+ years ago. There are a lot more cars on the road for one thing. There are more traffic lights, more roads have been built, and a great deal more traffic on all the roads we travel. And then there is texting drivers. I was behind a car the other day where the driver was texting. It was a very busy road, full of cars and stop lights, and she kept weaving from being off near the shoulder to crossing the middle line into the lane of oncoming traffic. I pulled up beside her at a stoplight and got to see first hand that it was indeed texting causing all the problem with her driving ability. That driver is a disaster waiting to happen. She is just one example of a prolific problem facing all drivers on the roadways now – other drivers who are spending more time looking at their phones, than they are on the road or in their mirrors. It used to be that there were only a few times a day that you had to be extra cautious because something unexpected might happen. If you live in or near rural areas, then you know that you have to watch out for deer and other wildlife trying to cross the road right around twilight. Late at night, especially on weekends, it has always been a good idea to be on extra high alert for anyone that appears to be drinking and driving. The rest of the time, you could proceed by being alert, slowing down around corners, being watchful as you pop over a hill or go around a blind corner that you may need to brake if something unusual is happening on the road up ahead. But now with drivers on the road who are texting, you have to be hyper-vigilant every moment of every day because so many others are not paying attention. I believe that no-one should ever text and drive. Either pull over to text or don’t text at all. There is another alternative, however, and that is to use a smartphone app that lets you speak to text. For iPhone, the app is called Siri. For Android, there are many choices. I use Skyvi. Anyone with a smartphone knows you can add apps. Learning to use this one is very important. With that in mind, I’ve included these videos on how to use Siri and Skyvi. Lives depend on safe, focused drivers who are paying attention. Do your part when you are on the road and PLEASE teach your kids how important this is as well!  

BioElectric Shield Electromagnetic Protection Questions

  BioElectric Shield for Electromagnetic Protection “Marcie and I both love our Shields. I wear my BioElectric Shield on all flights and I’ve noticed a significant shift in my energy, particularly after long periods of time on airplanes.” – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Internationally renowned author of best-selling books including The Power of Intention “I absolutely love it. If I’m in a car or use a cell phone I make sure I have it on. Previously as I was using the cell phone, my hands would get a very uncomfortable tingling sensation. When I put on the Shield, I’m protected and I no longer have this feeling. It’s proof of its effectiveness. I believe in them absolutely.” – Marcie Dyer, Co-Author with Wayne Dyer, A Promise is a Promise   Recently I received an email from someone interested in purchasing a BioElectric Shield. They had some questions and concerns. The shield strengthens and protects a person’s energy field from electromagnetic frequencies and other people’s negativity. This is my response to the questions:
  • “I understand your concerns. I’m glad I didn’t have those in the beginning. I saw one in a magazine and instantly, just from the photo, I KNEW I needed one. Then I read about what it does. But my inner knowing happened before I even knew its purpose.
  • Yes, they work for everyone. Medical testing has proven that. Even an independent test by Alternative Medicine Magazine. The magazine started out quite skeptical and the reporters were very surprised that the shield did, in fact, make a significant difference.
  • I’ve never owned a heart shield – it’s just not my style. However, lots of people purchase them and they are quite happy with them. I trust the company when they say that the heart is as effective as the original round design.
  • There is a 9-week return policy so you have plenty of time to determine if the shield is right for you. I’m happy to report, however, that in all the years I’ve been offering shields, only 2 or 3 have been returned. I started offering them in 1996. Of the two or three returned, at least one of those was an upgrade … meaning that the person decided on a different shield. So it wasn’t actually a return.”
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Dolphins Dolphin Everywhere!

Sometimes you just need to see a wonderful group of dolphins jumping. They brighten your mood and always make you smile. Visit this site and enjoy the dolphins jumping in the video on the right. Have a deLightful day, Bestselling author Debbie Takara Shelor signature  

Now in New Caledonia – Paris of the South Pacific

Up to 30 blog posts at Check it out. I’m currently in New Caledonia. Been having quite the adventure so far. Bestselling author Debbie Takara Shelor signature

South Sea Adventure Blog Updates

Just made blog entry number 25 on Adventures At Sea with Debbie Shelor. Read all about my adventures in Fiji, Vanuatu, and more.

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Sailing Through Homeschooling

Here’s a great article about traveling and homeschool: Brian, the owner/captain of the yacht I’m on at the moment, is friends with the family on the sailing vessel Totem mentioned in this article. We haven’t caught up with them yet in the South Pacific, but we have encountered a couple of other families homeschooling and sailing. What a fabulous experience for all involved. Enjoy!   Bestselling author Debbie Takara Shelor signature

Adventures at Sea Blog with Debbie Shelor – Visit my south pacific adventures website. We’ve now been here for 2 weeks. I am exhilaratingly happy. It’s been at least 30 years since I had a tan this wonderful. We’ve made many new friends. Jess has faced and conquered many new experiences. Visit the blog link above. I’ve posted 12 entries so far – complete with photos. I’m having trouble accessing Facebook. So if you visit the blog, please leave a comment there. Dolphin swims from the South Pacific,
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Why Tropical Beaches?

Why Does Debbie Takara Shelor Have So Many Beaches on Her Websites I’m sure if you’ve visited any of my websites or social media profiles, you’ve noticed a great deal of imagery dealing with water and tropical beach scenes. There is a reason. And it’s not just that I love the ocean or tropical beaches. I do love those. I love dolphins too! But that’s a story for another time. There are numerous reasons for choosing tropical beach scenes to represent me and my business. It has to do with stress relief! I can’t think of anything more relaxing than:
  • beautiful turquoise seas,
  • white sandy beaches,
  • palm trees,
  • you and your friends kicking back sipping mai tai’s or some other exotic drink.
Life is good. There is no stress. Having me on board your personal yacht (business), making sure things are being taken care of properly, lets you relax and enjoy running the rest of your business as only you can. It’s like enjoying your relaxing time at the beach. You can be confident that your online presence is being handled. Without me, the best case scenario has you spending countless hours and dollars lost in a little raft (your website) in the middle of the ocean (the internet) with no shore in sight. Worst case you are being eaten alive by sharks. That would be your competition that has a clue about internet marketing. You can hang out at the beach letting me assist you in handling all the details of running a successful on-line business. Or you can go it alone. The choice is yours! Have a fabulous day, Bestselling author Debbie Takara Shelor signature         Return to the Magnificent U Home Page