Align with the Divine

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  "When you can tap into your own magnificence, align with the Divine, and stay in perpetual flow with the Universe, miraculous things happen." ~ Debbie Takara Shelor   Return to the Magnificent U Home Page.

Growth Isn't Always Easy by Takara

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  Extraordinary things have been happening lately as I work with clients and friends in private consulting sessions. Radical breakthroughs, instant shifts, suddenly the ability to hear one's guides having never been able to hear them before,…

How to Know if the Relationship You Are In is the Real Deal

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When something, or someone, shows up that looks like what you want, how do you decide if it truly is what you want or if it is another opportunity to gain clarity and fine tune your desires. A very dear friend of mine is much like a younger…

One Divine Moment is All It Takes by Takara

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Just one moment. That's all it takes. To change absolutely everything. It literally happens in the blinking of an eye. Just one ... Divine encounter, past life memory, dream, or experience is all it takes to completely blast through…

Winter Solstice - a Mystical Magical Time of Year for Celebration

Long before St. Nick and a star over a birth in Bethlehem, people from all across the globe were celebrating Winter Solstice (the longest night / amount of darkness) with the giving of presents, cutting and bringing in of trees and other greenery,…