Following the Breadcrumbs Sent by the Universe

(c) Debbie Takara Shelor If you’ve been reading the newsletter for awhile, you know I often talk about the subtle signals the Universe is continuously sending your way. Those signals are what prompt you to take the actions necessary to fulfill your mission and achieve your dreams. If you ask the Universe for what you want, and you don’t take the actions you are “inspired” to take, then its almost a guarantee that your dreams will not manifest. Enhancing your ability to pick up or “tune in” to the signals is, therefore, of paramount importance. I do several things that enhance my ability to receive the information, know exactly what to do, and when. 1) Daily Meditation. Do you meditate every single day? Is your spiritual practice, your commitment to personal and spiritual growth, at the top of your list of priorities? If its not, it needs to be. It is so easy to let life pull you in a million directions and to get off track. You skip a day here and a day there. You go on vacation or on a business trip and forget entirely. Next thing you know, its been a few weeks or even months since you connected with the Source of All. Instead of beating yourself up, simply start again. Realize that you are human – and that’s O.K. We all are. The shame and blame game serves no-one – particularly you. Judgment of yourself and others is a huge hindrance to finding the “resonance” necessary to be in flow with the Universe. Anger, judgment, hatred, blame, shame, guilt, victimhood – these are all excuses for not becoming the truth of who you are – you Magnificent Self. Stick to your spiritual practice and not only will you be able to understand the messages from the Universe, but you will also be in a significantly better position to help others. 2) Care of Self Rest, exercise, eat right, drink plenty of water, have some time to yourself, enjoy a hobby. The more stress in your life, the more vital these actions become. When you are out of balance, frustrated, exhausted, or confused, it is impossible to make good decisions or “read” properly the signals the Universe sends. You can’t help another until you have helped yourself. You cannot truly love another until you have truly loved (accepted, appreciated, acknowledged) yourself. You cannot forgive another until you have forgiven yourself. 3) Heal the Emotional Pain from Your Past The more emotionally wounded you are, the more distortions there are in what you receive. The Universe is saying one thing. But your tainted beliefs, fears, and judgments hear something else. 4) Raise Your Vibration When you work with energy through tools or assistance such as crystals, light, hands-on healing, Dancing Dolphin Energy Products, you are lifted up into a higher octave – above the trouble, struggle, and chaos that is so prevalent in the third-dimensional experience. These things help you align with the Divine. 5) Pendulum Dowsing As Walt Wood, former President of the American Society of Dowser’s, says: “A pendulum is a focusing device for mother’s intuition. By dowsing on a routine basis, you are sending out a mantra to the Universe that says, “I want your guidance. Thy will not mine. I need help here. I have faith that I am Divinely guided.” To learn more about dowsing, I have a fabulous online dowsing course with mutiple bonuses including a phone app. The more you tune in, receive clear guidance, and act in faith, even when the actions aren’t logical, the more you will experience awe-inspiring moments, synchronicity, and miracles both large and small as a natural state of affairs. If you enjoyed this article, visit this link to read more about Spiritual Practice.   Return to the Magnificent U Home Page  


  1. Takara,Thank You so much for sharing this article,it reaffirmed my daily commitement to fool, and should help many to be on track..Love & Light, Mary Roberts

  2. Thanks for sharing Mary. Always wonderful to reaffirm a commitment.

    Takara Bestselling author of Peering Through the Veil: The Step by Step Guide to Meditation and Inner Peace
  3. we share the same sensibility. so lovely to connect. great article.

    Angel Quintana Holistic Business Coach  
  4. Thanks Angel. I’ve enjoyed reading your work as well. Thanks for sharing.

    Takara Bestselling author of Peering Through the Veil: The Step by Step Guide to Meditation and Inner Peace
  5. I love it, and its exactly what I needed to read today as I haven’t been giving myself the time I needed today Thank you

  6. We all fall into that trap on occasion. Never too late to stop, breathe, and take care of ourself. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

    Takara Bestselling author of Peering Through the Veil: The Step by Step Guide to Meditation and Inner Peace
  7. Morning Meditation such a wonderful way to start the day. I need to get back to doing that! Thanks for the reminder.

  8. You are very welcome Tracy. I’ve been starting the day that way for so long, I can’t image doing anything else. Starting the day peaceful, uplifted, and clear makes the whole day go better. Thanks for stopping by.

    Takara Bestselling author of Peering Through the Veil: The Step by Step Guide to Meditation and Inner Peace  
  9. I was doing good for a while in meditating every day, but I got away from it, just like you said! Now it’s been a while. I think about it and say, “Maybe tomorrow. I don’t have time right now.” I have also experimented with pendulums a bit. Interesting stuff!

    — Lisa MacDonald Transcribble Virtual Assistance  
  10. I encourage you to “start again.” Its so easy to get caught up in the day to day little disasters and distractions. However, when you meditate routinely, your mind is much more organized and clear making prioritizing your day so much easier. Thanks for stopping by.

    Takara Bestselling author of Peering Through the Veil: The Step by Step Guide to Meditation and Inner Peace  
  11. Great Tips. I try to meditate daily. Now I just have to implement your other tips.

    S. Williams
  12. Such a beautiful article, Takara. Since the New Year, I’ve promised to be good to myself each and every day….do something special…I call it my “me time.” Now I have a few more ideas. Thank you.

  13. This post really resonated for me, especially this line “You can’t help another until you have helped yourself”…absolutely…self care is so critical. Beautiful, beautiful post.

  14. Thanks for sharing – good reminder that being out of balance distorts the messages from the universe!

  15. Great tips…number 3 was especially notable to me as that has been a struggle at times in my life! Thank you!

  16. Used to meditate (almost) daily but I’ve started to slack with the holidays and all.

    Good advice perhaps to start doing it again as a resolution for 2013. Thanks for the article, Debbie!

Its the Light Within Your Heart that Creates the Oneness

(c) David J. Adams PENDRAGON MEDITATION CIRCLE 25th June 2012 GERMAIN – THROUGH DAVID J ADAMS IT IS THE LIGHT WITHIN YOUR HEART THAT CREATES THE ONENESS The Circle opens with the sounds of the Tibetan bowls and chimes. Feel the vibration of the bowls resonating deep within every atom of your Being. Feel the sound vibrations activating the deep Light and Love within your Hearts, allowing them to fill every aspect of your Being with Divine Light and unconditional Love. Feel yourself vibrating with a higher frequency of unconditional Love. Greetings Dear Hearts, I am the Germain – The I am that I am. When you came into this world this time around, you probably spent a considerable time at what you perceived as “home”, surrounded by Love – unconditional Love of family, and then in time you moved away from “home” and set out on your journey of discovery, and you found that the world outside your “home” was not entirely filled with unconditional Love, and you learned many lessons, and you changed, and you adapted, and you experienced, and you grew, and it may be that from time to time you went back “home” to visit, perhaps even to stay for awhile. Because you had changed in your perspectives and your perceptions, and indeed in your very energy signatures, “home” was no longer the same – you felt it differently, you saw it differently, and “home” itself had moved along on a new journey. Perhaps your old room had received another coat of paint, perhaps new furniture had been placed where the old and familiar used to be, and you felt somewhat disorientated, and for a brief while you probably felt maybe that this is not “home” anymore. If you stopped looking at the differences, looking at the changes that had taken place in “home”, or in you, and allowed yourself once more to simply BE in the essence of unconditional Love, then you knew you were indeed “home” once more. The same is happening now Dear Ones to your journey “home”. Beloved Unicorn welcomed you “home” to the Dimensional Frequency of Oneness, and when you came to this Planet at the beginning of time, that was your “home” – the Dimensional Frequency of Oneness, and you grew within the unconditional Love of that “home”, and then you left your “home” and began your journey of discovery creating the duality, and you found that all was not unconditional anymore, and you journeyed further and further from “home”. At times you did not even remember what “home” looked like or felt like; you became embroiled in the daily sojourn into darkness and duality, and now that you have uplifted your Spirit once more to the vibrational frequency that allows you to go “home”, many of you are finding this disorientating. You know you are “home”, but you are seeing “home” through different perspectives, different perceptions. Your own energy signature is different, and of course nothing stands still in the Universe, so the vibrational frequencies of “home” have also changed in the times that you have been away. It is understandable Dear Hearts that for some time you may not feel entirely comfortable with being “home”. So I come to you tonight to ask you not to focus on the differences that you perceive, but to focus once more on the purity of the unconditional Love that is your “home”. Your friends the Unicorns, the Angels, the Ascended Masters, all your Spiritual friends who exist in this Dimension are all part of “home”, and if you embrace the oneness of all that is, you will gradually let go of your perceptions of difference, and you will find yourself filled once more with the unconditional Love, the Oneness and the Unity of all that is. Do not be discouraged, Dear Ones, if you feel a little uncertain at this time. You HAVE come home “home”, and you will once more feel the Oneness, and feel the Love. The differences you perceive will fall away and become a part of what you used to be, for you have now decided that your journey of discovery has come to an end, for what you have discovered is the Light within your heart, and it is the Light within your heart that creates the Oneness. I repeat to you today what Unicorn said before – “WELCOME HOME”. I embrace you with deepest love – “WELCOME HOME”. David J Adams “Every atom of your Being is a library of wisdom”   Return to the Magnificent U Home Page  

There’s Only Plan A . . . Creation

(c) Michael Brill

In a previous column, I wrote about having the courage to allow it to happen, to trust it will happen, and then experience it happening. This month, I want to write about the original Plan A . . . Creation. The reason most of us fail to believe there’s only Plan A, is we haven’t quite resolved our “cosmic and 3D abandonment issues.” (, articles … abandonment issues). We have difficulty remembering that we are part of the original creation energy. We have occasional lightening bolts of remembrances that illuminate our higher Self for a few brief seconds and then dissolve into the illusion of separateness. What I would like to write about is how we can all learn to raise our consciousness by developing the courage to participate in creation by doing what we love, not to be loved or to maintain control (both connected with abandonment issues). We all consciously chose who we were going to be, what we were going to do, and how we intended to do it. We’ve encoded this information in many ways (numerology, astrology, palmistry, etc.) knowing that, as we began the process of individuation, we would forget who we are and why we were traveling to this strange place. These choices were selected while in direct “conversations” with the GOD energies. I see GOD as a Gathering Of Deities. These “deities” are represented by what we call numbers. There are 9 numbers (1 – 9) each with a unique and harmonious frequency. The tenth number is “0” and contains all the energies of the other 9. We can reduce every thing in our universe to a number. That number will reflect the energy being emitted. In unlimited combinations, these numbers generate the patterns and matter of creation. Imagine standing in a room that is always dark except when the sun shines through a slit high on the wall. Standing in the darkness, you can’t see a thing. NOthing seems to exist. Yet, when the late afternoon light enters through the slit, its beam illuminates thousands of dust particles. This is how creation begins; pure beams of energy (the numbers) blending with each other to initiate the life, death, and transformation of all matter. In time, the individual particles of dust will be attracted to other particles of dust and ultimately form a dust-ball. At first glance, the dust-ball appears to be a uniform grey. However, looked at through a magnifying glass, you’ll see that the dust-ball is composed of many colored particles. The numbers do the same; they combine to form creations. The numeric string for the word creation equals 40. Four is a number for building solid foundations; the 0 represents direct spiritual assistance. The combination implies that with direct spiritual assistance (0) creation (4) begins. This was the original Plan A . . . be a creator. Each time we interact with something else, we are presented with an opportunity to be a co-creator. Encoded in the letters of our name and birthday are our emotional and psychological characteristics, our choices for this lifetime, our reaction patterns, and our soulutions. Our personal numbers are pebbles of potential dropped into a sea of creation that create ripples of expanding consciousness. Are we going to “hang 10” and allow the wave to carry us towards our destiny or are we going to bail out because we think we can’t do it or don’t deserve success? That’s the difference between allowing Plan A (faith based) to manifest or prematurely switching to Plan B (fear based) because of a perceived lack of support. Plan A is about creation. When we work in harmony with Spirit; when we learn to surrender our will to the Divine Plan, when we release our agenda’s and embrace our preferences, when we become who we were meant to be, our Plan A’s will be fulfilled. Our lives will become cornucopias from which our Plan A’s will tumble out. For years I was frustrated that none of my plans were coming to fruition. I always had to go to Plan B. I spent 10 years doing what I thought Spirit wanted me to do when in actuality I had a hidden agenda. It was so hidden, even I couldn’t see it. I wanted to be validated for my knowledge, expertise, and loving nature. If I was validated, I would be welcomed into everyone’s circle. I would not be abandoned or betrayed. Then one day it hit me: I was doing to be loved; I was trying to control the events in my life. I was living in illusion, not divine guidance. I asked Spirit for guidance and was told to let go of my FEARs (Failures, Excuses, Avoidance, Repetition of old patterns) and embrace FAITH (Fervor for my mission, Acceptance of my divine self, use my Intuition, Trust in divine rightness, see the Humor in life.) I consciously committed to this change in 2003. It was rough at first, trusting that GOD knew more than me, and that everything that occurred in my life was for my highest good and spiritual growth. But I finally reconciled my ego’s (Easing God Out) abandonment anxieties with my higher Self’s determination to fulfill its mission. I’ve learned to balance my ego’s emotional and physical needs with my higher Self’s desire to strengthen its connection with divine will. How? …By ordering what I desire from life like I would order from a restaurant’s menu. I state my preferences with no emotional attachment and expect them to arrive – and they do! This is why I see life as a continuous fulfillment of our Plan A where we co-create with Spirit and allow ourselves to be guided by what feels right in our heart.   Michael is the author of Numerology for Healing and Decoding Behavior Patterns with Numerology both by Inner Traditions/Bear & CO. He has also written a textbook Know Your Numbers, Know Your Self: Discovering the Solutions to Your Life’s Challenges that describes his system of Cosmic Numerology. Michael is available for consultations and presentations; he can be reached via email at or on his cell phone 561.866.5479.   Return to the Magnificent U Home Page  

Do You Dare Live Your Dreams?

You have to grow into your dreams. You can’t achieve your hopes, desires, and goals unless you are willing to take risks, be uncomfortable, learn new things, and follow your inner voice. Otherwise, you’ll just keep getting the same things you’ve already got. No one achieves their dreams without moving into what a great little book called the Frogship Perspective terms Zones Unknown. If you know what you want, then go after it with unwavering tenacity. When one door refuses to open or suddenly closes, try something else and keep your eyes open for the door that is wide open beckoning your entry. Opportunities are right in front of you all the time. You just have to grow personally and spiritually enough to “register” that they are there. Then you have to muster up the courage to take the plunge or scale the mountain like the woman in the image. Here’s to your courage! Have a deLightful day, Takara P.S. The Frogship Perspective is a gem of a book by Dean Black. Its full of sage advice with stories that bring the teaching home. I highly recommmend it.   Return to the Magnificent U Home Page

Welcome Home to Your Oneness by The Merlin through David J. Adams

(c) David J. Adams PENDRAGON MEDITATION CIRCLE 28th May 2012 THE MERLIN THROUGH DAVID J ADAMS “WELCOME HOME TO YOUR ONENESS” Without opening your eyes, I ask you to embrace the light flickering on the table in front of you, sensing deep within yourself the myriad of colours the lights project, bathing yourself in Light, feeling that Light deep within your Heart, uplifting every aspect of your Being, feeling the denseness melting away, as the Light of Higher Dimensional frequencies radiate through you, reaching deep inside and finding the magnet of the Light at the centre of your Being. For you are a magnet for all Light, a storage unit for all Light, a receiver and a transmitter of all Light, and as you embrace and radiate that Light, the denseness, the heaviness of your Being is melted away, and you feel yourself becoming ONE with your Higher Self, embracing your ‘Soul knowing’, embracing the highest frequencies of Divine Love. The more Light you attract into yourself, the more Light you radiate forth. The more Light you radiate forth, the more you change your environment. As you change your environment by enlightening your environment, you begin to create the New Earth of Divine Light and Divine Love. Greetings Dear Hearts, I am The Merlin. I am delighted and excited to be sharing with you at this time the monumental change that is taking place upon the Earth Planet. I refer to you as ‘Dear Hearts’ because now we speak only to your Heart, for your Heart understands what your mind cannot comprehend. Allow all words, all images, all visions to move through your Hearts. When we speak to you of change, we do not speak of a single event. We speak of a gradual process of evolvement, a movement into the higher forms of Light and the deepest most radiant forms of Love. Because it is an evolvement, Dear Hearts, it is not an instant change. There will be times during this, and future years, when you will be moving in and out of new realities and old realities. Change is subtle but powerful, and we have sought in recent messages, to address some of those changes – changes in perspective and perception, changes in attitude, all of which grow and begin to create the changes that will become perceptible to most upon the Earth Planet. One of the major changes, Dear Hearts, is the movement from your mind into your Heart as your guidance system for the remainder of your time in your physical vessel, and you will find that many things occur in your lives that do not make sense to you, and your mind will continue to say “why?, or what does this mean?” and I ask you, Dear Hearts, to bring that down into your Heart. It is not necessary for your mind to understand. Everything that is brought to you at this time in your lives is part of your journey of Ascension, and once you know this and accept this, you lose the need to understand and give meaning to what is occurring. Treat them, Dear Hearts, as miracles within your lives. Do not try to judge them on the basis of what has been in the past, for these are all a part of your coming together into oneness, for that is another aspect of the change – the movement from Duality into Oneness, the movement from Separateness into Unity. You are bringing together your multi dimensional selves into oneness. You are beginning to embrace your soul families once again, and although your mind may not understand how this will operate, accept it, allow yourself to flow joyfully with what will be occurring in your lives. Do not hold onto fear. Do not hold onto pain – embrace the Light within your Hearts, and see all that occurs within your life as a part of the joyfulness of your existence. Many of you will know through your mythology that the Merlin is an arbiter of change, a practitioner of magic, but the magic is within each and every one of you, Dear Hearts. It begins with the Enlightenment within your Heart, and it manifests in changes in your path – changes you may not have foreseen, but changes I invite you to embrace with great Love, with great Joy, for there is no going back to the old ways. Look always forward through your Heart. We have given you this message many times in this linear year. Look at your life through your Hearts. Do that now. Embrace the Light within your Heart, Radiate that Light, that you may co-create the path ahead of you. I can assure you, Dear Hearts, the journey will be worthwhile, for the time of separateness is past, and we of other Dimensions reach out to embrace you, and we say “WELCOME HOME TO YOUR ONENESS”. David J Adams “Every atom of your Being is a library of wisdom”   Return to the Magnificent U Home Page  

Essence of Oneness ~ an Amazing New Frequency from Dancing Dolphin Essences

Oneness – a state of enlightenment, harmony, peace, and bliss. 

Achieve a state of oneness with the Essence of Oneness by Dancing Dolphin Essences.
Being in a State of Oneness

It is that which you seek ~ the promised land, heaven on earth, Nirvana ~ when you are in harmony with all things, receiving pure (untainted) information and inspiration from God (your guidance system, your Higher Self), the actions you take lead directly to the attainment of your desires. You bring harmony, realignment, and bliss to others with your Presence. You are your Higher Self, walking on planet earth doing your daily life, uplifting humanity and the earth through the vibration of who you have become. When you are in a state of Oneness, you are the Avatar, Enlightened One, or Christed Self. You have attained your Buddahood.

To be in Oneness within self means that your body, mind (conscious, subconscious, and superconscious), emotions, & soul are in perfect alignment, peace, and harmony with one another. You need nothing outside yourself to feel whole, loved, or joy filled. All body, mind, and soul systems, all desires, all actions function as one without conflict. To be one with all things ~ people, circumstances, your environment, the earth, the universe ~ means you can: 
  • feel what it is to be the tree, 
  • see through the eyes of the jaguar, 
  • soar above the earth as the eagle, 
  • feel the soothing calmness of being a placid lake, or 
  • experience the raging power of the hurricane,
  • merge with the earth and the Universe as if you are that
  • feel the Presence and guidance of God as close as your breath.   
I recently created the Essence of Oneness.Find out more about it here:   Return to the Magnificent U Home Page

A Magical Journey to Yogaville, Initiation, New Energies and More

Sometimes I feel so blessed tears well up in my eyes. The last few months  have been so full of wonder that I’ve been moved to tears on more than one occasion. The story I’m about to share includes a fairly profound transformational experience. May the energy of this event touch and empower you as well. Since returning from Fiji about a year and a half ago, my life seems to be flying past at lightning speed. Days and weeks melt into one another. As I was finishing up the writing of Peering Through the Veil, I was also writing the first half of 2 of the books in the New Dance series. The first is about Awakening. The second is what I term The Platinum Principle. I know that the energy and information around this principle is one of my primary purposes for being here. Who I am and what I do requires that I continuously grow in consciousness and awareness and move ever higher in vibration, becoming more and more the voice, energy, and embodiment of the Divine Feminine. In order to do that, I often am taken through wild experiences and energetic shifts. People I don’t even know sometimes send me crystals and gems. When I was living on the yacht in Fiji, a woman I’d never heard of from Israel contacted me by email. She began sending me the most amazing dragon jade beads and other rare stones as soon as I got back to the states. I’ve created energetic elixirs with each of them. Later in the newsletter, you’ll read about what wonderful product several of them ended up in. For years I’ve been jolted awake in the middle of the night with inspiration to create something or write something down. I’ll be in the middle of working on the computer or having a conversation, and I’ll get an intuitive “hit” to google something or go somewhere. I pay attention to every one of these little “whims” that others might not even notice. Each time I follow the inspiration, and each time I invariably come across an important bit of information or I meet someone with another piece to the puzzle. Its as if every experience I’ve ever had, every bit of information I’ve learned is a thread. As I follow these intuitive promptings, the threads are being pulled together creating a beautiful tapestry. Each thing fits beautifully with everything else. Things from the past and the present that seem completely unrelated, turn out to be equally important in whatever I’m being guided to create or understand. Its a truly magical process and I’ve learned to simply trust. There is no way that I could ever figure out what’s about to happen, so I’ve stopped bothering to try. I just follow the little whims and watch in awe as things unfold. Several weeks ago I received an email from my dear Sister of the Heart, Andi Goldman. It was such an honor to have her write the forward for Peering Through the Veil. My relationship with Andi is very much like my relationship with Millie Stefani and a few others in my inner circle. It can best be described as love at first sight. Not a romantic or amorous type of love. But the kind between sisters. Yet not the kind from blood relatives, but a sisterhood that stretches back over eons. When you encounter one another there is such a love and a recognition of “knowing” the other that your heart literally sings. When Andi and I get together, we sometimes get so giddy in one another’s presence that we just seem to smile all over and giggle like school girls. It is deLightful to be in her presence. Anyway, with our schedules we rarely get to see one another or even have the opportunity to talk on the phone. So it was wonderful to hear from her by email. In the message she invited me to Yogaville for a weekend workshop that she and Jonathan were giving on Chakra Frequencies and The Divine Name. I had such a wonderful time 2 years ago when they were there before. At first I didn’t think it was something that I could fit into my schedule. But as it got closer to the date, I suddenly felt absolutely sure that it was something I really needed to do. I realized it was on Wesak weekend. I couldn’t imagine being in a better place for the energies of Wesak than with my dear friends Jonathan and Andi at Yogaville. Yogaville is an ashram in the rolling hills of Virginia that was established by Sri Swami Satchadananda. I’m not sure how many acres it covers, but there is a lovely main courtyard with buildings all around that include housing from private rooms to those that are shared, a bookstore, a library, administrative offices, numerous meeting and yoga rooms, and a large facility for shared meals and evening presentations. A bit away from this complex is the famous Lotus Light Shine which is an architectural marvel that looks literally like a Lotus. I arrived on Friday and checked into my room. I ended up in a room with 2 bunk beds and a shared bath across the hall. Two other ladies shared the room with me. They were both attending a different workshop so I rarely saw them throughout the weekend. The workshop was beautiful, engaging, and uplifting. I love moving energy with my voice and Jonathan and Andi are so wonderful at teaching people how to do that. The energies build all weekend until everyone is totally buzzing with energy by the time its over on Sunday. When I attended the workshop 2 years ago, I quickly developed a friendship with a woman from North Carolina who was also taking Andi and Jonathan’s workshop. We spent the entire weekend talking during breaks and walking together to meals and to all the workshop sessions. This time, even though I was in a shared room, and I talked to several people during the meals, I didn’t feel I was really connecting deeply with anyone. It felt kind of odd not really having anyone to share with while I was there. Whenever I am with Jonathan and Andi when they are teaching a workshop, I try to stay very conscientious of their time and attention. I know what its like to keep a workshop going session after session. It takes a lot of energy and focus, so I try not to monopolizing their time. We talk briefly before and after sessions, but typically that’s it. So I was pretty much on my own. By Sunday morning I was beginning to wonder why I had needed to come. The class was wonderful and seeing Jonathan and Andi is always such a blessing. But neither accounted for the intensity of my knowing about my need to be there. I saw Jonathan as I was getting breakfast. I was about to sit down to eat when Jonathan came over and whispered in my ear. He asked me what I was doing at 3 p.m. He and Andi were doing a special ceremony at the Ashram and were only allowed to invite 2 guests to attend. They wanted me to be there. I whispered back that of course I would be wherever they needed me to be at 3 p.m. I’d already checked out of my room and had no plans once the workshop ended around noon. As he walked away, tears welled up in my eyes as I finally understood why I’d been compelled to be there that weekend. At the close of the workshop, Andi introduced me and personally handed samples of the Divine Name Essence out to each of those in attendance. I shared a little about the Dancing Dolphin products and the collaboration Jonathan and I have with the Essence of Sound product line. Several of the people who took the workshop asked me questions about the products during lunch. And I finally felt like I made a new friend that lives pretty close to where I live. One woman suddenly asked me if I ever made gem essences. I told her that I’d made over 70 crystal and gem essences and I was always making something new. She said she had this amazing chimera – a naturally occurring crystal made of  ruby, spectrolite, and hemitite – and would love for me to make an essence out of it. I started asking her questions trying to determine how to get the crystal in order to make the essence. It turns out that she had it there at the Ashram. So we went to her room and she handed me the 3 lb. sphere. Here this woman was giving me this outrageous stone to take home with me and I didn’t even know her name. Obviously we exchanged contact information and I wrapped it safely inside a very fluffy beach towel I happened to have in my trunk. I later did a google search and discovered that chimera was only recently found in a remote location in Tibet and is only available in limited quantities. Her sphere is truly a fabulous stone. The day I got it was Wesak. After the ceremony with Jonathan and Andi I took it home and placed it in sacred water to begin the essence creation process. Andi, Jonathan, another friend of theirs and I were met by three of the residents of Yogaville for the ceremony. We entered a special candle-lit room at the Ashram and for the next 2 1/2 hours we sat facing one another toning, singing, humming, sometimes in silence and occasionally giggling. The geometry and acoustics of the room combined with the energies of those present and was enhanced by the energy of Wesak. What was produced was a truly extraordinary, life altering experience. It feels like I’ve jumped a couple of octaves from that experience alone. Whatever happened that day, on all the levels that it happened on, I may never truly understand. I do know that the “tuning” and upgrade I received was necessary in order for me to create the Essence of Oneness you can read about in another post from this month’s newsletter. Wesak and the solar eclipse in May, the lunar eclipse today, the venus transit this week, and summer solstice coming up are all blasting with new energies. Ride the waves and use the energy to go further than you ever have before! Have a deLightful day, Takara   Return to the Magnificent U Home Page  

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All the things I’ve been working on lately . . . Unless you only recently joined my mailing list, you probably haven’t heard from me in awhile. When I’m writing books, I find it hard to find the time to write articles. Since I’m working on several books simultaneously, I’ve completely lost track of time. Peering Through the Veil, my eBook on meditation, is being completely rewritten. Since it won an award, I decided to take another look. It has been 10 years since the original was written and much has changed. I’ve more than doubled the amount of information it contains about many forms of meditation. I’ve also added numerous personal stories and experiences. And I’ve included several additional chapters not previously covered on topics such as pilgrimage, brain wave states, binaural beats, group meditations, isochronic tones, earth based spirituality, and much more. This book will be in print very soon. The recordings are almost finished as well. The book will come with a guided meditation MP3. I will also be offering an upgrade to the book which includes the new Meditation Essence and several guided meditations. As soon as that is finished, I will be completing the book and on line training program, Dowsing for Divine Direction, on dowsing with a pendulum. So many of you have asked for this training, I’m sure you will be as excited as I am when it is finally available. The New Dance series is coming along nicely. The first two books are each about 3/4 complete. I am so excited and proud of this new work. I can’t wait to share it with you. In addition to writing, I’ve been a mad scientist in the laboratory creating over 30 new gem essences. They are so new, I don’t yet have them available on the website. Now that I’ve added the energy of the violet flame, the essence of lightening, and all these new gem essences to the energies I can use for making blends, I’m now able to create several blends I’ve been wanting to create for a very long time. I’m finishing the formulas for the new Dolphin line. These are essences designed specifically to address some very heavy issues like betrayal, trauma, sexual abuse, and much more.
Being an Empath

Being an Empath – Are You Sure It’s Actually Your Problem?

I teach a lot of people a lot of things:

  • how to heal issues from the past
  • how to forgive
  • how to deal with being an empath
  • how to reclaim your passion and purpose
  • how to experience greater levels of inner peace and joy
  • how to rise in consciousness and awareness
  • how to access higher wisdom
  • how to clear disharmonious negative energies from yourself, as well as your home, work, and other environments
The list could go on of course. But that last one I mentioned about dealing with something negative in yourself or your environment . . . how do you know it is actually your “stuff” that you are dealing with? Often, in fact, it is not! I’m sure you are probably wondering what I am talking about. Sometimes you unexpectedly experience negative emotions like anger, sadness, or fear. Other times, you might wake up with this uneasy feeling that you can’t quite put your finger on. Dowsers, empaths, and highly intuitive people often start looking for the cause of those feelings. They will ask questions like, “Is something ‘bad’ about to happen?” Or, “Am I upset about what Nancy said to me yesterday?” It’s one thing to encounter a person or situation and have an immediate reaction. You know exactly what was done or said that upset you. And you can decide to forgive or have a conversation with the person to clear the air. But when you have an unexpected negative emotion or feeling, it becomes very taxing sometimes to figure out why and then to rid yourself of it. Often, the problem is that it simply isn’t your “stuff.” You’re simply being an empath picked up on the feelings, often outwardly unexpressed, that someone else is “running.” Sometimes it is as if you have run into a negative vortex (like a little energy tornado) and now you are stuck there. These “icky” feelings might last a few hours, a few days, a few weeks . . . may we have a drum roll please . . . EVEN A FEW YEARS! No, I’m not making this up and I’m not kidding. It’s bad enough that you have energetic ties (cords) to people that can negatively affect you that will remain in place until they are removed properly. But now you have to be concerned about picking up other people’s negative energy and emotions.

I’ll never forget the time I was terrified …

of being audited by the IRS. O.K., first of all, I had nothing logical to fear. I always file my taxes accurately and on time. So, there was no obvious ‘reason’ the fear was so pronounced. But day after day for several weeks, I would wake up with this gripping fear that I’d done something wrong on my taxes. I tried all kinds of things to rid myself of the feeling. I don’t ever seem to be terrified about things. Having meditated for so many years, I live in a calm centered place almost all the time. Obsessive worry is a completely foreign concept to my reality. So these feelings and thoughts were almost unbearable. When I repeatedly dowsed about being audited, I always got “no.” But I just couldn’t seem to rid myself of the thoughts and feelings. Then one day a woman from the homeschool co-op that I was part of shared that she and her husband had been going through this horrific audit by the IRS. They had been dealing with it for weeks on end. And she had been basically a basket case all that time. You have got to be kidding me! I had been going through absolute agony and it wasn’t even my stuff. And even worse than that, I already knew better. I had already been down this road several times and had some truly fast and effective methods for handling it. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t remembered to ask the all important question. (Read on to find out what that is . . .) Being in a feminine body means that I am naturally receptive. On top of that, my astrological sign is Pisces. Since Pisces is a water sign, it means that I am, therefore, naturally more sensitive to energy and emotion than many other people. Having raised my consciousness and awareness significantly over the past couple of decades, my sensitivity has been amplified even more. All of that is great for working with healing energies and picking up on the subtle. But it is not so great for dealing with intense negative emotions. So . . . Being an empath, until I figured out what was happening, I had become an emotional garbage collector. Other people had a lot of emotional junk. And I kept picking it up and carrying it for them. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t recognized that sooner about the IRS issue.

Maybe you find yourself obsessing about:

  • needing more money
  • declining health
  • making a mistake
  • upsetting someone
  • or something else
What if you have been worried about those things for a long time and it isn’t even your stuff? And, if you are worried about those things, your natural flow of “good stuff” in those areas can’t happen? Yikes! You can’t have good health if you are obsessing about poor health. You can’t have money flooding in your direction if you worried about not having enough. So you see, it is critical that you not run fear about such things if you want to be healthy, happy, successful, charismatic, lovable, full of joy . . . you get the idea.

So what should you do when a negative emotion pops up?

The first question you should ask is: “Is this mine?” If the answer is “Yes,” then you need to do some healing. If the answer is “No,” then you need to clear out the energy. In my online course on pendulum dowsing, I give you a great method for handling it immediately and effectively. In the meantime, visit the link and start doing the Daily Harmony meditation every day. It is not quite as thorough as some of my more advanced techniques, but it will still cause significant improvements if you’ve picked up someone else’s stuff. And, best of all, it’s FREE. Many people do it every day … even with their kids. The Daily Harmony Meditation by Takara   Return from the post, Being an Empath: Are You Sure It’s Actually Your Problem, to the Magnificent U Personal Empowerment Home Page

My Dilemma as a Spiritual Teacher by Debbie Takara Shelor

The Dilemma of a Spiritual Teacher It took years to get over the following dilemma: Do I preach to the choir and those ready to go to the next level or do I act as a spiritual teacher for the newbies on the path? Do I call myself Takara, a name I received in meditation that has so much depth of meaning, or do I use my given name of Debbie? Do I offer programs that create powerful and permanent shifts or do I offer motivation and entertainment while subtly shifting paradigms along the way? Do I speak the Truth, potentially frightening or angering those who are rigid in their beliefs, but who’s soul desires for them to awaken and therefore has sent them my way? Do I share my true insights and experiences that seem like science fiction to the “average” Joe, or do I keep those to myself sharing only those things anyone anywhere could hear and accept? (Just for the record ~ I thought I was going to marry a Joe. He was definitely not “average,” as I’m sure none of them are.) Speaking the Truth means risking rejection, judgment, or hatred from strangers and even some friends. It also means potentially scaring away people who might gain a great deal by sticking around. I have fought this inner battle on and off for many years. And I’ve waffled back and forth between giving you watered down spirituality and the Truth as it is given to me. I used to teach many workshops: first in the corporate world where I won awards for my presentation skills, and later on in New Age bookstores, private homes, spiritual conferences, and churches. When I lived in California, my classes were very well attended. Some were literally standing room only. And regardless of the topic I chose, some people came just to learn whatever it was that I was teaching because I was the one teaching it. But then something very interesting happened. I had a pretty big crowd attend my Manifesting Your Beloved class at the Church for Religious Science in Encinitas, California. What a great congregation and what a beautiful space. They had a live rock band at the Sunday morning service. Some well-known musicians performed with this band when they weren’t away on tour. The minister was head of the entire Church of Religious Science community ~ definitely in the U.S., but possibly worldwide. It was a wonderful community. And I greatly enjoyed the classes I offered and the people who attended them. One of the participants at my seminar, who had also attended a few of my other classes, came up afterward to thank me for a wonderful and insightful class. She went as far as to call me the “seminar queen.” I’m human. It felt good to be acknowledged and appreciated for my work. Because the Manifesting Your Beloved class had been so successful, I booked the sanctuary for a whole day to present an intensive in energy healing and personal transformation. Then Raven and I got married. We flew to visit my parents in Virginia and then his parents in Shediac Cape, New Brunswick, Canada. We had wedding receptions in both locations. We had a wonderful time visiting with family and friends. I left this little vacation jaunt early to fly back and teach the workshop I’d scheduled at the church. Only 3 people showed up. I got through the day as best I could and then broke down completely. I felt like a complete failure. No-one wanted to know about what I was truly here to teach. I called my new husband crying to tell him the news. We soon moved to Canada and deLightfully became parents. I began teaching workshops out of a little New Age Bookstore outside Toronto. Each time I taught a class I might have 3, 5, at most 8 people in attendance. It was a bit discouraging. One day I asked Deb, the shop owner, who her most popular instructor was. She told me the woman’s name. I asked about that woman’s next scheduled class. It was on “The Women of Camelot.” Well, that was right up my alley. I have vivid memories of that time and I’ve read many books on the subject. I know the Lady of the Lake very very well. I LOVE Camelot and Avalon. I love Renaissance Festivals and all of that. I told her to sign me right up. I wanted to see what kind of class the people there wanted to experience. I was amazed to say the least. I found myself in a room with about 30 women. Standing before us was a lady with an overhead projector and the names of 5 or 6 women on a transparency with a tiny paragraph about each one. She read, verbatim, the names and the information. SIDENOTE ~ every professional presenter knows that one of the cardinal rules is to never read to your students. You paraphrase while making eye contact with your audience. ~ END OF SIDENOTE The information wasn’t anything new. It wasn’t even interesting. I could have stood up right then and there and talked for at least 5 hours on the women of Camelot. But as soon as she finished reading the names of the women and the paragraphs about each one on the transparency, the projector was turned off and that was the end of the discussion about the women of Camelot. She had us form a large circle with our chairs. And she then did a one-woman play. I was a bit confused about how that was supposed to help me understand more about the Women of Camelot. We put all the chairs away and broke into groups to make fairy wands for the rest of the evening. Fairy wands. What does that have to do with Camelot? Well . . . nothing actually. I couldn’t believe it. There was no depth. There was no insight. There was no learning whatsoever. And then I got it. These people didn’t want their lives to change. They didn’t want an aha moment so profound that it would permanently transform their lives. They didn’t want to experience a meditation or process or energetic transfer that would change who they are at the cellular level. They didn’t want to have to look at their issues and face the fact that they aren’t perfect and needed to heal a few things. They wanted to be entertained. The girls just wanted a night out with their friends and to laugh. And that is exactly what they got. After that, I stopped teaching except on rare occasion. There was no point. The people weren’t ready for what I was bringing forth. I continued healing and creating lasting, permanent, and profound changes in my own life. And I continued to receive insights, energetic upgrades and experiencing amazing mystical moments. But I usually only shared them with the closest of soul sisters and those individuals who were brave enough to follow their inner guidance, take responsibility for their own life and issues, and enlist my counsel. There have always been people that have enjoyed my personal flavor of energy healing and spiritual growth, that could really feel the energy and benefit of the products I create just by visiting one of my websites, that were ready to go deeper and higher in their level of consciousness. Many of them found me on-line. Others packed the room when I offered a seminar in conjunction with a spiritual or health expo. Some flew in, others drove, from all over the country to the remote place where I lived in northern New Mexico to work with me one on one and experience my energy and products first hand. It’s such a blessing when someone calls and says Spirit told me I have to see you, or I need to do a private phone session with you, or I need to have you make a custom blend for me. And even after all these years and the numerous calls and emails, I’ve received from people seeking my assistance, it still manages to surprise me whenever the person reaching out for my help is someone famous that I’ve heard or read about. For the last couple of years, the newsletter has been aimed primarily at those who were just waking up, or simple reminders about fundamentals and basic truths for navigating the spiritual path. My more profound insights have been saved for the books I’ve been writing. A lot of my personal focus has been on dealing with normal 3rd-dimensional stuff. I got divorced, took back the name Debbie along with my maiden name, moved to the east coast, and set about beginning again. A great deal of my time has been devoted to homeschooling my son and ensuring that he is participating in enough activities to create a circle of friends in our new location. I was cleaning up a bunch of old issues along the way. Sometimes when things are really awful, the best course of action is simply to leave. So, as soon as I finished college, I left. And I stayed gone for over 20 years. But the need to recollect some missing parts of myself, and to heal the wounds I tried to leave behind, required that I return and face my own deeply buried demons. You could say I had a few dragons to slay. And slay I did. I helped put together a team and co-chaired the committee for my 30th high school reunion. Now if there is anyway on earth to dredge up old sludge, that one will do it. I also revisited some old feelings of rejection by dated several guys from my past, my prom dates from my junior and senior years in high school, even one guy I’d fallen in love with in the 8th grade. I went as far as to call myself Debbie again and introducing myself that way. I hadn’t said, “Hi, my name is Debbie” in over 10 years. But I allowed myself to feel what that felt like, to immerse myself fully in my old stomping grounds, making new friends, and reconnecting with old. Luckily this little revisit to the past was fairly short lived. It served its purpose. I experienced some necessary healing and what some would term soul retrieval. Using the technologies I teach in Freeway to Freedom and a few completely new ones you will be able to experience in the new workshops I’ll soon be offering, I have become much more whole. I’ve also taken another giant leap in my personal evolution ~ in knowing who I am, what I’m here for, and in my level of consciousness. WORDS OF WISDOM: You are never finished healing, growing, and evolving. Even Ascended Masters continue to raise their consciousness as they evolve in realms beyond earthly life. The Dilemma is Solved I have outgrown the girl I used to be. I still look the same, weigh about the same, and have the same zest for life and infectious laugh, but that seems to be where the resemblance ends. I’ve grown and evolved so radically over the past 30 years, that it is simply impossible to live in the past for very long. My interests and mission lie elsewhere. People everywhere seem to be waking up and seeking answers. Not just new ideas and ways to handle day to day problems, but really deep meaningful questions are being asked. I’m being “inspired” to get out there again and teach all the new information and technologies I have been receiving over the past several years. As well as share the powerful healing frequencies of Dancing Dolphin Energy Products with the world. One of my new friends was recently sharing about some workshops she’s been attending. As I listened to the topics, I was thinking “Wow, are they still teach that stuff? I was teaching classes like that 15 years ago. Is there still nothing new out there?” The truth is, there is not a lot of new in the new age. People wake up and they start reading and taking classes. They take a Reiki course or study some other form of energy healing and they think they are a healer or that they understand energy. Eye yeh yeh. Reiki is kindergarten in the energy healing world. It’s a great beginning. But that is all that it is. Most people drawn to energy healing are drawn to it because they need it themselves. As one of my first teachers, Stuart Wilde, used to say, “God forbid the healers!” I have to agree with him. Instead of working on others, people who just learned how to do energy healing need to be placing their hands on their own body and working on themselves as much as possible. Or they “wake up” and go to some psychic or channel and get a reading. And they believe whatever the person said and make it a truth in their life ~ even if it was incorrect information. Because the mind is that powerful. And when you go to a psychic, you give your power away to them believing they have wisdom because they can get information you don’t seem to have access to. The Channel is only as clear as the channel is clear (a very true saying I developed) ~ meaning a large percent of psychics and channels are tainting the information they read and receive with their own fears, judgments, and limiting beliefs. Most of them project their stuff onto you. Then, years later, you discover that you are dealing with some block or pattern that was caused by you believing something false that some psychic or healer once told you. This stuff can easily be cleared with the right tools. But it can pester you for years if you don’t know what to do with it. The other problem with readings is that a person at a certain level of consciousness can’t really see the issues facing someone at a higher level of consciousness. There is an invisible line in the sand across which a person reading psychic energy simply can’t see. (I talk all about this in the second book of the series I’m working on) I’m not here to bash people in certain professions. Many of my dearest friends are psychics, channels, and energy healers. I love them and have great respect for their work. It takes a great deal of personal deep work and healing to be able to profoundly assist others though. So . . . clean up your own crap before you try to help someone else with theirs. Jesus said something like don’t try to remove the splinter from your brother’s eye until you remove the plank from your own. I personally worked with the healing technologies I received in Freeway to Freedom for several years before I started sharing them with others. And using those processes, I healed and gained so much. You can too! I’m done with being Debbie. And I’m done with watering down the truth so it’s more palatable for whoever might be reading. So, you can call me Debbie, or you can call me Takara. I’m happy to answer to either one. But I’ll be introducing myself as Takara from now on. Are you ready for your life to change? I’m here to help you. I figured out how to fix the dilemma and bridge my own gap. Most of what I write about can help anyone at any level of the spiritual journey. Some of it, naturally, is for significantly more advanced students. However, my newest book series will take someone by the hand and walk them through the very beginnings of spirituality all the way to mastery. I can’t wait until it’s finished and you can reap the benefits! Have a deLightful day, Bestselling author Debbie Takara Shelor signature           Return from the My Dilemma as a Spiritual Teacher by Debbie Takara Shelor Page to the Magnificent U Home Page