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A client recently sent me a series of questions. These are my response: 
Question: How does the Seed of Divine Restoration compare to an Akashic Record Reading
Hello Dear One: DeLightful to hear from you. “Readings” and “healing” are definitely not the same. The Seed of Divine Restoration offers profound energies for a complete life transformation. I consider most “readings” mindless entertainment and some are even potentially harmful. However, if you are facing a serious issue that you have tried everything in the world to fix with no result, sometimes in a private session with a gifted healer, a past life regression is called for. In that case, understanding the memory (or metaphor) of the experience can often shed light on the current issue and allow it be healed more easily. Readings address none of this. A reading is typically done by a person with some psychic skill reading into the psychic realm as it relates to you. The reading is often tainted by the beliefs, fears, judgments, and expectations of the “reader.” A reader’s level of consciousness and awareness greatly influences what they can and cannot read about another. And, if they are having an “off” day – meaning they are upset or out of balance in some way – it will definitely affect their ability to “read.” The same is true of healer’s abilities as well. Those who can get out of the way completely, and let higher wisdom come through, are truly a gift to humanity. Don’t get me wrong . . . there are definitely individuals who are truly gifted, clear, and at a high level of consciousness and awareness. A reading with a person like that can have profound beneficial influence on your life. Sadly, not everyone is “reading” from that place. Also, any “reading” that relates to what is happening with you right now is subject to change if even one new decision is made or new event happens in your life. So as soon as the reading is finished, its already quickly becoming obsolete. I mentioned that they can be dangerous. The human mind is a very powerful thing. If a reader tells you that something “negative” is going to happen, even if that isn’t the truth, your worry about the thing can indeed cause it to happen. Because a reader is able to get information that you can not, it is human nature to believe them and give their words more value – even if what they said was not the truth. Even if you consciously discard the words thinking they don’t sound right or “feel” right, your subconscious mind has already heard them. It is for that reason that I avoid readings – and always have. On very rare occasion, if I am specifically Divinely guided to do so, I will have a reading done. I have had maybe 3 to 5 my entire life. And truthfully, I barely remember them at the moment. Typically its one word or one concept that I needed to hear and that’s it. You specifically asked about akashic readings. The akashic records are about earth’s past. If you are feeling “inspired” to have one done, then definitely do so. You can read more about them here: That is not what the “Seed” is all about. The Seed of Divine Restoration is one of my spiritual gifts. It was revealed to me “directly” while on a vision quest high in the mountains of New Mexico. I did not learn it from someone else. Nor can I teach it to another. 
Question: I was wondering about vibrational energy. Specifically about everything having its own vibration.
We are all unique in the Universe. Just as our thumb print is unique, the very specific vibration we have is also unique. Different species have their own unique vibration (tone). Within each species, each individual has a unique vibration that falls within the range of that particular species overall tone.
Question: I believe that if someone truly wants to heal themselves that that can.
I believe in miracles and I have seen them happen. Its a tricky area however. What a person believes, or what they say they believe, is coming from their conscious mind – which science has now proven is less than 20% of the mind and therefore less than 20% of what matters. When we read something and think about it and then say, “Yes, I believe that,” we are doing that with our conscious mind. We have not taken into account the subconscious mind which has fears, beliefs, judgments, and expectations that our conscious mind is not even aware of. Some of those fears and  false beliefs are passed down from our ancestors through DNA. Some we pick up as small children as we experience this new world we find ourselves in. Others actually come from previous incarnations. So, saying “I believe this” is not actually true in most cases. We may have embraced it with our conscious mind, but the subconscious mind may believe something else entirely. That is where the real work is – addressing those hidden “truths” about who we are and what we truly believe – deep down in the shadows of our subconscious mind. That is much of what I help people address.
If we truly believed and understood who we are in relation to being human and in relation to our Divine heritage, then we would not be sick, we would not die, we would not experience poverty or disharmonious relationships or any of the nonsense we all experience here. Our only limitations are our beliefs. Sin is “wrong thinking” and that is what we are learning here in the classroom called earth. It is a rare individual that can believe on all levels that they can heal themselves. I have done it. But I was not “healing myself.” I had been Divinely inspired to visualize golden orbs of light and to place them on a particular part of my body. And I in no way felt “I” was healing myself. I felt I had the help of the entire Universe. Jesus made a statement about “Where 2 or more are gathered.” Most miracles seem to happen when a person has asked for help from another, they believe the person truly can help them, and the person they have asked trusts their Divine inspiration (intuitive hunches) when it comes to healing.  Most of the healing I have seen and heard about has happened in this way.
Question: Most people feel the need to look outside of themselves.
If you consider the consciousness of most people on this planet, few have reached 500 on the consciousness scale. We have determined that until a person reaches at least about 450 on the consciousness scale, they really do need outside assistance. I have not looked at why. But I would say it has to do with the subconscious mind that I mentioned previously. A person can only rise in consciousness if they have healed, or at least neutralized, some of those limiting beliefs and fears held subconsciously.
I have found personally that there are things I can address effectively by myself and there are things that I end up needing help from someone else in order to resolve.
Question: I am curious about everything having its own vibration that you have to align with. I assume that includes healthy livers, hearts, bones . . .   
What you are really trying to align with is your true Self – what I call the Magnificent Self. The YOU that knows on all levels that you are perfect, healthy, happy, prosperous, etc.
Question: Reiki is one way to heal with energy, but you have no idea how deficient the organ or person is.
Reiki is one system of energy for bringing in Divine Healing Light. It is a great introduction to energy work, but I feel it is lacking in many ways. I often refer to it as “energetic kindergarten.” There is so much more to learn about energy and healing than a person can possibly take in during a workshop for 1 or 2 weekends with a Reiki master.
What Reiki, Chi Kung, and other forms of hands-on healing are doing is bringing in enough healing energy that the person can better align with health. It is not about “adding more energy” to a particular organ as if energy were a supplement. It is about energetically raising up the body – and hopefully the mind – of the individual so that it can access the Truth about itself and let go of the false beliefs and negative energies that keep it stuck in sickness and disease.
Question: Do you have any knowledge of something current or in the works to measure vibration?      
There was a device created that measures energy. The designer is dead and the family refuses to give out the technology. I have been unable to ascertain what really happened.
One of my friends has an energy healing product line and she sends everything to europe for testing. I’ve sent her an email to see what the technology is and how to find out more about it. I’ll let you know if I find out anything more. 
Have a deLightful day,

Struggle, Strife, and the Stinkin’ Thinkin’ that Often Causes It

How much stinkin’ thinkin’ have you been up to lately? You know what I mean . . .
  • Complaining about the lemons the Universe seems to have sent to you recently,
  • Having an interaction with someone that didn’t go the way you were expecting and obsessing or gossiping about how “wrong” the other person is,
  • Getting all caught up in how you feel victimized by “the system” – whether that be government, your job, or something else,
  • Immediately jumping to conclusions about why someone said or did something that contains a negative opinion about the action or the person, or insists that it was evil forces or some diabolical scheme to keep you down,
  • Saying “I could never,” or “It will never happen,” or “that’s not how life works,” or some other statement that shuts down all the possibilities the Universe is sending your way,
  • Thinking, saying, or doing something that results in you feeling bad,
  • Getting angry or upset about what those people are saying about the politician, political party, religion, or other group you feel aligned with,
  • You get the idea.
Its not easy walking the high road. But it is required if you want to heal your pain, live in joy, have harmonious relationships, achieve your heart-felt desires, or experience enlightenment. Most people live in struggle. And then they complain about it . . .   endlessly! Focusing on what you don’t want only causes more of the same.  If you know anything about the Law of Attraction, you already know that. Instead of treating the next little disaster in your life like a horrible “bad” thing, why not look at it for what it is – a lesson.  Perhaps you are in the middle of a lesson about learning to flow with life, forgiveness, being kind to others, overcoming fear, staying calm despite your circumstances, letting go of people or situations that disempower you, cause you confusion, regret, or stress. There are a lot of lessons in the classroom called earth. Every moment of every day is there for you to see who you are and what you believe. Every person you encounter has been very strategically placed in your path for you to experience something. Each one is a gift – not a curse. Life happens. Hiccups in plans happen. Relationship issues happen. People have bad days, they misinterpret the meaning behind your words, they often see life from their own perspective and it is usually not the same perspective that you hold. You can blame something or someone for all the struggles in your life – or you can simply realize that life unfolds the way that it does – perfectly. You can perceive situations as being evil and dark. Or you can choose to accept what is and respond calmly to whatever shows up in your life. I believe that all things happen for a reason. And I also believe that I am Divinely guided in every moment. I trust that when one door closes, another one will open. And the other one is always better than I could have figured out on my own. I try to look at unexpected hiccups in plans as opportunities. And I try to learn from them. What could I do differently next time? What did I learn about myself, someone else, or how life or business works by experiencing this? The bigger your dreams, the more you have to change and walk the high road. I’m not talking about just embracing new concepts with your logical mind and trying to force new habits of behavior. I’m talking about fundamental permanent shifts physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You also have to shift octaves vibrationally. If you were already the person you need to become in order to attain your desires, then those desires would already be realized. There are a few caveats to what I just said – like Divine timing and how to know if a desire is in your highest and best interest, or whether it is simply your ego’s need for recognition, approval, or something else. We’ll save those for next time . . . Have a deLightful day, Takara P.S. One of the fastest ways to get to the root of your issues and raise your vibration is a daily practice of deep meditation. Peering Through the Veil offers insight into numerous forms of meditation and how to make each meditation deeper and more profound.     Return to the Magnificent U Home Page

Psychic Healing Meditation

David J Adams(c) David J. Adams PENDRAGON MEDITATION CIRCLE   10th September 2012 Greetings Dear Friends Our Spirit friends have been telling us that from time to time this year they will be lifting ‘Pearls of wisdom from the past’ to our awareness, that we may look at them again through our awakened eyes. On Monday evening the Pearl of Wisdom was a total meditation gifted to me and through me back in 1992 by Beloved Germain.  I offer this Meditation to you below for your discernment. Please feel free to work with it or share it as you desire. Blessings David PENDRAGON  MEDITATION  CIRCLE   10th September 2012 PSYCHIC HEALING MEDITATION –  through David J Adams Greetings Beloved Ones Change is always a time of much turbulence, a time when emotional clouds all too often conceal the true worth and value of the new, and as yet unseen, road ahead.  Some change is of your own volition, and some a reaction to moves that others make, each has its own blessings and its own problems.  The only constant is change itself, and no one can remain aloof from it unless they have determined to turn aside from their journey of growth. Allow yourselves the emotions of the moment, but do not grip them so tight that you prevent the flow of the life essence within them, for the emotions themselves have a vital role to play in the growth process, as they allow you to see yourself in new and different ways. It is important to realise, however, that changes currently in evidence are not solely of an individual nature, but changes to the fabric of the Earth reality itself.  This will become clear as the emotions are worked through.  Have faith in yourselves and the vision of Light that brings you together at this time, as both have a role to play in the tomorrows for each of you. Now, however, we have much to do together, for the many Dimensions cry out for the healing energies of LOVE and LIGHT, and what we create in one Dimension flows through to all the others.   Blessings be upon all Light bearers. I ask you to focus on the four crystals that lie before you, draw each in turn into your aura and into your physical being.  The CLEAR QUARTZ for clarity of vision,  the AMETHYST for balance of the energies, the ROSE QUARTZ for the empowerment of the Love essence and the CELESTITE for the unification of all the crystal vibrations.  Feel yourself begin to pulse and vibrate with the crystal energy.  Allow that feeling to grow and expand until the whole room is alive with the spark of your Loving Light.  Ask for that energy to flow to all parts of the world, to touch and empower all other Light workers within your human Dimension and within all other Dimensions.  Your Loving Light will become a part of each and every one of those Light workers, and through them become a part of their Planetary healing also.  So the circle grows.  So the Mantle of healing is strengthened and expanded ever wider. Now, bring your attention back into the centre of the room.  See in your mind’s eye the healing table that has been placed there.  Upon the table you see a person resting and relaxing, and you know that they are awaiting your healing touch.  Imagine that you are approaching them, joining your aura with theirs and preparing to share with them the most powerful healing that has ever flowed from you.  Open yourself to the infinite power of Cosmic energies, call upon your guides, call upon the healing energies of all your own multi Dimensional aspects, call upon the Loving, healing energies of Light Beings of all Dimensions. Each of you will find a modality appropriate to the healing you need to perform, for each of you will be working on a different person with different healing needs.  Focus on those needs. Embrace them and caress them with all the Love you can create.  Leave no part of the person untouched by your Love and Light, the physical, the emotional, the spiritual and most importantly, the Soul.  Feel the energy pulsing through your hands and through your Heart, let it flow unfettered into the person on the table. Bathe them with the Rainbows of Light that form the divinity within each one of you.  Love them unconditionally. Now begin your Healing. Now, disconnect your aura from that of the person on the table and return to your original position. The healing table and the energy body relaxing upon it fades from sight.  Have you enjoyed the healing you have just shared ?. Too often you give Love and healing to others and ignore your own need of that same Loving , healing energy.  Tonight, however, you have given yourself the benefit of that beautiful Loving healing energy, for the person on the table was YOU.  It is important from time to time that you give YOURSELF Love, give YOURSELF healing, give YOURSELF recognition of your true worth, and I ask you to make this a regular part of your healing regimen. The healing of the Planet begins within each one of you, nurture the seeds of your own Divinity, for you can only give that which is within yourself.  Let that be LOVE and LIGHT of infinite power.  Blessings be. I embrace you with the Rainbow of my Love. I am the GERMAIN, the I AM THAT I AM David J Adams “Every atom of your Being is a library of wisdom”   Return to the Magnificent U Home Page

Sacred Space

Millie Stefani(c) Millie Stefani Our homes are like an extension of ourselves.  Maintain them respect them and appreciate them and they will serve you well and provide shelter from the storms of life. Treat everything within your home with respect and gratitude for its usefulness and the beauty and harmony it provides, and you will have balance in your day to day environment. Be conscious of what you are doing and how you do it.  Haphazardness often times results in clutter and damage. As you develop mindfulness you can appreciate how this extends to all of your world and its many abundant creations. Choose wisely what you bring into your home, your space, your environment. Nurture it, maintain it and love it, and it will serve you gratefully, respectfully and lovingly.   Return to the Magnificent U Home Page

Fall Equinox and the Turning of the Wheel

Bestselling Author D Takara Shelor(c) Debbie Takara Shelor Fall Equinox is a special time of year when we celebrate the harvest of all our work through the active season of summer. The seeds planted in the spring – whether actual or metaphorical – are cared for and nurtured all summer long. Then in the fall, we have the opportunity to reap what we have sown. It is a time of thanksgiving, of sharing our bounty with friends and family. On the Equinox, we have equal amounts of day and night. It is a balance point. From then until Winter Solstice, we have shorter days and longer nights. David J. Adams and I celebrate each Equinox with the Golden Water Dolphin Meditation for Planetary Healing and the Global Marine Meditation. People all over the globe join us at 8 p.m. wherever they are. I am in the United States in the Northern Hemisphere and David is in Australia in the Southern Hemisphere. We are celebrating the north and south regions of the earth, the equality of day and night, the yin and yang of the masculine and feminine, the Spring Equinox in the south and the Fall Equinox in the north. Each of these things are about balance within the earth and within ourselves. We ask you to join us as we send healing love and light to the dolphins, whales, and waterways of the world. Have a deLightful day, Takara Bestselling author of Peering Through the Veil Return from Fall Equinox and the Turning of the Wheel to the Magnificent U personal and spiritual growth home page  

Step Into the Truth of Who You Are, Who You Have Been, & Who You Are to Be with Lapis

AnnaMariah Nau Bold Bodacious Jewelry(c) AnnaMariah Nau September brings with it a feeling of new beginnings. I think it’s ingrained in our American psyche that “Back to School” is in many ways the start of a new year. If your birthday is this month, it probably feels even more like a new year beginning. Start your new year off with a stone that will support you in connecting more fully with the fullness of who you are.   Lapis or Lapis Lazuli with its intense royal blue and flecks of gold brings to mind thoughts of richness, royalty, Cleopatra, and the night sky. Lapis feels deep and a little mysterious. This makes sense when you consider that it helps you connect to your own deepest wisdom in a way that you can fully access and bring the full strength of who you are into the world. Wearing lapis will help you step into the truth of who you are, who you have been, and who you are to be. You can access sacred knowledge with this “stone of total awareness” which helps you to expand your awareness and intellectual capacity, allowing for conscious attunement to the intuitive and psychic aspects of your nature. One of the most dramatic demonstrations of the power of lapis came a few months ago. “Sherry” is a woman who always seems very grounded, aware and in her power. I knew the lapis would resonate with her, but I wasn’t prepared for the dramatic effect it had when she put it on. Instantly there was a shift and I felt as if I were looking at an ancient high priestess who simply exuded wisdom and love. Her eyes were brighter, her spine was straighter, there was a regality about her that was undeniable. I had the strangest desire to bow, or at least pay homage to the wise woman before me. Lapis Necklace When she walked into the room of our weekend conference in her “Cleo” necklace, a couple of people actually gasped. For the rest of the weekend I heard comments about what a change it had made, about how focused and empowered she seemed. The great thing about a shift like this is that it isn’t changing who you are, or imposing something different on you, it is strengthening and deepening the “You” that can fully access and utilize higher forms of awareness and understanding. Open your third eye and your throat chakra with this stone and you’ll find that you not only have access to ancient wisdom, but you can communicate it with surety and elegance. Wear lapis and step into who you are meant to be and share the gift of “You” with the world. AnnaMariah is a gemstone empath, Reiki Master, and guardian of the stones who listens to the guidance of the stones to create transformational gemstone jewelry. Each stone is reactivated with the original energy of creation and is tasked to assist the wearer or recipient of its energy to awaken to full consciousness of who they are and what is theirs to do. In this way you step out of the darkness and into your full light of being. Bold Bodacious Jewelry 703-763-1655   Return to the Magnificent U Home Page

Feel This Oneness Within Your Heart Now – Embrace It – Become It

David J Adams(c) David J. Adams PENDRAGON MEDITATION CIRCLE    20th August 2012 NEPTUNE THROUGH DAVID J ADAMS FEEL THIS ONENESS WITHIN YOU HEART NOW – EMBRACE IT – BECOME IT. (The Circle opens with the sounds of the Tibetan bowls and the tincture bells) Feel the vibration of the Tibetan bowls unifying the chakras within your body.  Feel the sound flow through your Crown Chakra, down through each of your major Chakras, and down into the Heart Chakra of Mother Earth.  Feel yourself become one with all that is, connected in every facet of your Being with the Heart beat of the Earth. Feel yourself as the Divine Oneness, allow the Light from within your Heart to flow freely along this corridor of sound from the Heart of the Earth to the Great Central Sun, and feel yourself becoming one with the Great Central Sun and with the Heart of the Earth. Greetings Dear Hearts, I am Neptune, and I come to embrace you with the Consciousness of the Ocean, for time is near when once again we come together to be as ONE in LOVE and LIGHT, the Consciousness of the Oceans and the Consciousness of Humanity.  We come together in mutual Respect, in mutual Love for the purpose of ascending the Earth planet into its rightful place in the Cosmos. The flow of Divine energies from Sirius, the land of the whales and the dolphins, continues as the Lions Gate remains open, and much Love is being ‘sounded down’ into the Earth from Sirius. As the whale tribes of the Earth and the whale tribes of Sirius connect and embrace, and share their Love one for the other, and Humanity becomes a part of this exchange of Love, and the Oceans of the Earth vibrate with the frequency of that Love, we empower you, as you empower us with Divine Light and Divine Love, as we each approach the final stages of our journey together.  As we come together in Love on the occasion of the Marine Meditation, each will be Enlightened to their fullest potential, and each will rediscover the Inner Vision of their Hearts, and all barriers will be lifted, all veils will be lifted, and once again all Beings of Light will come together in Unity, in Harmony, and they will speak to each other through the sound of Love in their Hearts. Focus for a moment on the Oceans of the world, feel the embrace of Love and allow yourself to fully embrace the Consciousness of the Ocean, and your brothers and sisters of Light within the Ocean. Listen to the sounds of the whales and the dolphins, and feel the upliftment of joy within your Hearts as you celebrate together once more. As you walk your Labyrinth at the Marine Meditation, you will not only walk to the centre of yourselves, you will walk to the centre of the Oceans, and to the centre of the Earth, for you will Awaken totally to the Unity and Oneness that we share, and you will look upon your Earth, and upon the Cosmos with new vision – a vision unrestricted, a vision of clarity and understanding, and more and more Love will flow throughout the Earth.  Feel this Oneness within your Heart now – embrace it – become it. The time is near.  Release all that holds you in bondage to darkness and fear, and embrace totally your Light and your Love. David J Adams “Every atom of your Being is a library of wisdom”   Return to the Magnificent U Home Page


Bestselling author Debbie Takara Shelor(c) Debbie Takara Shelor I’m a homeschool mom and the more I study history, the more I realize the nation called The United States of America has been divided from the beginning. Our nation was founded by 3 separate groups. The first came for greed – they actually thought gold and precious gems were lying around on the ground. They almost starved to death the first winter.  The next group were religious fundamentalists that couldn’t practice openly in their homeland. Finally a group arrived bringing slaves. So, there you have it – the roots of the United States. I’m not sure how those 3 could ever come to an agreement about anything. And personally, I don’t resonate with any of them. Yet there are remnants of those motivations still running rampant throughout our society. The greedy are all too often willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their dreams regardless of the cost to others or the environment. The religious fundamentalists condemn anyone that disagree with their beliefs and many of them are willing to use violence in the name of God. There are still those who feel they are “above” or “better than” others based on their race, religion, gender, economic status, or something else. In all three cases, there is an us vs. them mentality. Instead of looking at how we are all similar, the focus is on how we are different. Instead of wondering how we can all help one another, there is a focus on how we can get what we want with complete disregard for others. The Founding Fathers locked the windows on the room they occupied in Philadelphia, not wanting others to be able to hear what they were saying inside. They spent 3 months fighting over the Declaration of Independence. When it was read aloud in town squares after being signed, there was practically rioting in the streets. Delaware wouldn’t even send a representative to the meeting in Philadelphia. The Civil War divided the nation in half and it’s never quite recovered. You see it every day in everything from politics to sports to business. There is competition and fighting everywhere – between companies, between special interest groups, between liberals and conservatives, democrats and republicans, this team and that team. With all of that going on, how can we achieve Oneness? It certainly isn’t easy. Recently I wrote something on Facebook about being tired of the political lies and politics in general. It spurred many comments from friends and fans. One person wrote a comment about the families that run the world and how they all work together to keep humanity disempowered, controlled, and struggling. I’ve been hearing and reading similar stories for many many years. I know WAY more than I want to about conspiracy theory. This group is doing something. That group is doing something else. There is yet another scheme to keep the people down and controlled. The more you focus on those things, the more evidence you will find to support those theories. You are more powerful than you can even imagine. Whether the conspiracies are real or contrived, focusing on them keeps people in fear, small, and powerless. I give it no thought or energy whatsoever. And I encourage you to do the same. My only job is to rise up and become my highest potential and then to teach and help others to do the same. We are living in a multi-verse, with multiple realities happening side by side and simultaneously. Just ask my 13-year old. He will tell you all about how string theory works. You can pick the stream (or band of consciousness) you choose to live in. It all has to do with where you put your attention. Some people will read that and think I’m living in lala land. Until you have experienced living at an extremely high vibration, it’s hard to “get” what I’m talking about. There are streams that are full of wonder, synchronicity, joy, helpful people, and unexpected assistance. There are streams full of struggle and strife with mean and manipulative people at every turn. The stream you live in and experience is dependent on your thoughts, your level of consciousness, your level of inner harmony and balance, the people you associate with, how many emotional wounds, fears, judgments, and limiting beliefs you have. Heal the wounds, forgive yourself and everyone else, raise your vibration, find balance, surround yourself with people who love, honor, and accept you just as you are, become whole, focus on love and the Divine, and you can literally pick your stream. I encourage anyone who reads this to pick the high road. Focus on your own I Am Presence or Higher Self and total merging with All that Is. For those of a Christian persuasion, think on Jesus and his words and deeds. Do your best to emulate them and begin to think as he thought. The same would go for Buddha or any of the Avatars of earth history. EnLightenment is not a mental process, something to be thought about, pondered, and discussed. It is something to be experienced. And once you have, you see with new eyes and hear with new ears. Everything is perceived from a different perspective. You no longer consider your needs above others, you become conscientious (conscious) about how everything you do affects those around you and even the world. The only way for the world to attain Oneness is by you doing it. You really don’t need to worry about what the other people are doing. It’s what you are doing that matters. Every time someone attains Oneness, it makes it easier for everyone else. Have a deLightful day, Takara  Return from Oneness to the Magnificent U home page.    Return to the Magnificent U Home Page

Each Time You Embrace Oneness, You Move Yourselves More Fully Into the New Earth Frequencies

David J Adams(c) David J. Adams PENDRAGON MEDITATION CIRCLE         23rdJuly 2012 QUAN YIN THROUGH DAVID J ADAMS Greetings Dear Hearts, I am Quan Yin.  I thank you for inviting me into the embrace of Pendragon this evening.  The energy is quite melodic and very loving, and it brings me great joy to be a part of you tonight. It is about energy that I come to speak this evening.  As Humanity moved along its pathway of duality, it began to attribute to energy the same perceptions and perspectives that they gave to physical matter, so energy took on the characteristics of your duality, and separated within itself in order for it to work with you, and through you. But as we have indicated to you previously, this is a time for Light to be thrown upon different perceptions and perspectives that you may feel that you would like to embrace, to enhance your journey of Ascension. Because we in the other Dimensions, have needed to work with you in your Dimension, we too have needed to embrace some of your duality perceptions, so you might think that we too have been guilty at times of apportioning different values to different forms of energy.  Indeed until quite recently we have spoken to you about the bringing together of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. These are measures of your duality, and it is in regard to these two energies that I come to you tonight, to ask you to let go of the Divine Feminine, to let go of the Divine Masculine when speaking, thinking, feeling or working with the energies of the Earth. Instead, address them simply as the Divine Oneness, for in truth the energies of the Earth are not divided, they are in Oneness and in Unity. As you struggle daily to move from your Dimension of duality, into the Dimension of Oneness, by embracing the Divine Oneness energies, you will find your journey both easier and more joyful, for each time you work with your perceptions of duality, you reinforce the separation of energies. You are not moving into the Dimension of Oneness completely over night, it will take time, but you can help ease yourself along the path by listening to yourselves, to the words you use, and ask yourself “are these the words of duality, or the words of Oneness?” Energy is not physical matter.  Yes you may look upon your world of physical matter and you will see masculine and feminine, and that will not change, but when you deal with energy you can change your perceptions and perspectives, and embrace the energy of the Earth as the energy of Oneness. The crystalline structure of the Earth, the ‘Rivers of Energy’ throughout the Earth have all moved into the Dimension of Oneness, to the Dimension of Unicorn.  It is Humanity that still vacillates, moves backwards then forwards, into and out of the Dimension of duality and the Dimension of Oneness.  Each time you embrace Oneness you move yourselves more fully into the new Earth frequencies. The ‘Rivers of Energy’ that flow through your Earth Planet have been separated by your perspectives and perceptions, into Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine and you call them the Michael and the Mary Lines.  These lines are not different in that way, they are two parts of the whole, they are simply ‘Rivers of Energy’, arteries for the Earth, and they all now flow in Oneness, in Unity. Where you have a confluence of two lines – as you have at Willow Springs, and as you have beneath the Glastonbury Tor –  do not perceive these as masculine and feminine, but simply two lines of Oneness coming together to create a Portal of Light, a Portal of Sound, a Gateway into the Dimension of Oneness. We cannot compel you to speak only of Oneness, but tonight I ask that when you find yourselves describing energies in these terms of masculine and feminine, take a deep breath and correct yourself, and refer to them only as Divine Oneness, and the more this happens, the more you let go of the duality of the old, and embrace the Oneness of the new. I thank you once more for inviting me into the embrace of Pendragon, and I bless each one of you with great Love and great Joy, for we are all in Oneness within our Hearts. Blessings be upon you. David J Adams “Every atom of your Being is a library of wisdom”   Return to the Magnificent U Home Page

There’s Only Plan A . . . Unity

Michael Brill(c) Michael Brill Everything initiated by Spirit is Plan A.  Everything initiated by us is Plan B.  Plan B takes form when we have doubts, anxieties, and fears that Spirit is not working with us but against us.  When our abandonment issues begin surfacing, we begin formulating a Plan B. (Refer to “Abandonment Issues Are The Catalysts for…“, at ARTICLES at In a previous column, I wrote about Harmony; this month I want to talk about Unity.  Numerologically, the letters of “Unity” reduce to an 8.  If you read previous articles in this series, you’ll know that Creation and Harmony both reduce to 4.  The synergy of Creation and Harmony, evolve to Unity, an 8.   8 is also the number for god. The god energy 8 generates the “stuff” of Creation (a 4).  For Creation to solidify there has to be Harmony (another 4).  Harmony brings “things” together.  Mathematically 4 (Creation) + 4 (Harmony) = 8, a return to the god energy and Unity. Unity bonds things together . . . atoms, molecules, ice cream cones, religions, gangs, relationships, corporations, countries . . . the Self and the god energy.  On its side, 8 is the infinity symbol.  Without Unity there can be no infinity; without infinity, there can be no Creation; without the potential of Creation, there is no harmony; without harmony, there can be no Unity. Unity progresses toward actualization as particles of energy unite into a harmonious oneness. Oneness is based on trust, i.e. combinations of energies harmonizing at the same frequency.  Unity is dependent upon trust.  There must be an affinity for/with the “other”.  The affinity would begin in the infinity (potential…everything is something between nothing.)  The “something’s’” search for similar something’s.  When a connection is made they begin to blend together. They become harmonious.  Over time this harmonious oneness of trust, comfort, and compatibility brings Unity.  The many become the one.  The two become one. The one becomes itself. If trust, comfort, and compatibility can not be established or maintained, there is no harmony and thus no Unity. (A manufacturing defect?)  Sometimes when things don’t work out, like a job or a relationship, we say there was “no chemistry.”  Without “chemistry” no bonding can take place.  This applies to glue not adhering to a surface, quitting something the same day you start it, or kissing someone for the first time and instantly knowing there’s no chemistry. When we meet someone we feel special about, if we can’t trust them or become comfortable with them within a reasonable time, there is no compatibility and no bond can be established.  There’s no bond because there is no affinity for/from the other. This same theory can be applied to all partnerships:  humans, carbon dioxide, green vegetation, and oxygen; photosynthesis and light; couples; ice cream and a hot sun; downpours and clogged drainage systems.  Some partnerships work and some don’t. Let me offer an example of how a something finds another something in the nothing:  Imagine the origin of a dust ball.  Visualize a room whose door, walls, floor, and ceiling are painted black. There are no windows in this room, only a small slit high on the wall lets in light.  You enter the room and close the door, it’s pitch black.  After a while, sunlight filters through the slit creating a beam of light in the darkness.  In this beam of light are tens of thousands of dust particles.  You may wonder where they came from or realize they were always there.  You turn and leave the room and close the door.  You return weeks later taking a flashlight into the room.  As you open the door and shine your light into the room, you see dust balls scattered around the room.  You pick one up and look at it.  At first glance it appears to be grey, but upon closer observation you notice small multi-colored threads woven into the dust ball.   This is an example of Unity.  These “threads” could have attached themselves to any dust ball, they all chose to unify and create this specific dust ball because there was an energetic affinity. We too are composed of many threads.  Our threads can be seen in our behavior patterns.  If we are anxious, stressed, impatient or otherwise in fear, our threads begin to unravel. We begin to feel disconnected from the Creation energy.  We have no bonds of trust. We have no sense of belonging to the “Whole.”  We don’t feel Unity, we feel abandoned. So, how do we get and keep a feeling of unity with the Universe?  The first thing is to make your Self your first priority.  You do this by symbolically marrying your Self.  You may want to say something like . . .  I AM my first priority.  I LOVE my Self.  My physical self and soul self will work as partners as long as I am in physical form.  As long as I am in physical form I will ground my Self to the planet so as to fulfill my life’s calling as a co-creator.  I will have the courage and the faith to do and say what I feel is right in my heart.   (Or something of your own choosing.) This exercise is to be performed during a new moon.  It is said that seeds planted at this time have a stronger constitution and produce a more abundant harvest.  It is also a time for new beginnings. *       *       *       *       *       *       * If we want to live in Unity with Spirit, we must first be in Harmony with ourselves. If we can be harmonious within ourselves, we will be unified as co-creators.  As co-creators we work in partnership with potential and intention. Have the courage to do what you love. Unity with Spirit is living a passionate life. Follow your dreams and fulfill you life’s calling.   Blessings to All Michael is the author of Numerology for Healing and Decoding Behavior Patterns with Numerology both by Inner Traditions/Bear & CO. He has also written a textbook Know Your Numbers, Know Your Self: Discovering the Solutions to Your Life’s Challenges that describes his system of Cosmic Numerology. Michael is available for consultations and presentations; he can be reached via email at or on his cell phone 561.866.5479.   Return to the Magnificent U Home Page