Time to Get Your Joy Back with the Magnificent U FREE Starter Kit!

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https://www.magnificentu.com/gift/ "When you look in the mirror, staring back at you should be joy. If what you see in the mirror is something less than joy, such as stress, pain, frustration, anger, sadness, jealousy, fear, etc., then…

Be Extraordinary

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Everyone has something that they are extraordinary at. Whether its breathtakingly difficult like the skills on this video or as simple as having immense patience when others do you ... you too can be magnificent and lead an extraordinary life! //…

Forgiveness and the Power to Heal

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Forgiveness is a powerful journey.  However, it is completely a journey about self. Whatever harm another might have caused, the only person we can heal and make whole again is self.  So it is our view of the situation, our anger,…

A Powerful Message from 3 Powerful Girls

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This is an extraordinary video by 3 girls on the Queen Latifah show. I watch a lot of videos and many of them speak to me. But its been a LONG time since I've seen anything so moving. The words they speak are true, and most of the things…

Bearing Your Soul for the Whole World to See

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Singing for some is literally bearing the soul. Its obvious that this is one of those cases. To hear him sing means seeing all of who he is. Its extremely vulnerable and if you've been pushed around, made fun of, or watched others go through…

You Can Be Magnificent

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You are on a hero’s journey. Your life is your quest. The events that make up your daily life experience are the hurdles and obstacles you have to climb, conquer, and find a way to overcome to reach your desired destination. No hero starts…

Ignoring the Past Doesn't Make It Go Away

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Because of the nature of who I am and the business I'm in, people often tell me things about their past that they never dare share with anyone else. I've heard so many horror stories from clients and friends, sometimes random strangers,…

Why We Absolutely Love the Pretty Woman Movie

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Many people I know ... including some you would find quite surprising ... LOVE the movie Pretty Woman. Why is that? There are many answers to that question, so I will share  a few of my thoughts about it here. As someone on…

Energy Vampires and the Stench of Pretend Spiritual Guru's

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Latest Revision: 12/19/15 Just because someone is considered a spiritual guru, shaman, or medicine man (woman), does not make them automatically someone to be trusted or sought out for healing and advice. Energy vampires and pretend…

It's Time to Shine, Be Magnificent, Connect With Your True Essence Self

  The deeper your connection with nature, the deeper your connection with self! You were born to be magnificent! Allowing your light to shine, even in your darkest times, will draw more light to you.