Experience a Magnificent New You in the New Year

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Welcome to the new year! I encourage you to reflect on the past year. Take out some paper and a pen, your journal, or an Evernote note. Even though I use Evernote every day, for an exercise like this, I actually prefer paper and pen.…

You Can Be Magnificent

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You are on a hero’s journey. Your life is your quest. The events that make up your daily life experience are the hurdles and obstacles you have to climb, conquer, and find a way to overcome to reach your desired destination. No hero starts…

Ignoring the Past Doesn't Make It Go Away

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Because of the nature of who I am and the business I'm in, people often tell me things about their past that they never dare share with anyone else. I've heard so many horror stories from clients and friends, sometimes random strangers,…

Leading with Your Heart and Not Your Mind - Firewalking for Empowerment

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I remember the time I walked on fire. Now some people think about walking on fire and say, "So what?" because it is no big deal. Others look at you like you must be nuts - not being able to imagine doing it and wondering why anyone would…

Energy Vampires and the Stench of Pretend Spiritual Guru's

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Latest Revision: 12/19/15 Just because someone is considered a spiritual guru, shaman, or medicine man (woman), does not make them automatically someone to be trusted or sought out for healing and advice. Energy vampires and pretend…

Quote About Anger by Debbie Takara Shelor

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  "The anger, judgment, and hatred you feel is not God. It is your ego. It is your fear, limiting beliefs, and lack of love for self and others that you are expressing. It is all the unhealed places within wishing to be illuminated,…

Alan Watts on Awakening with a Fabulous Video

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So many wonderful videos are coming out now about enlightenment, our deep connection with the environment, and so much more. This is a powerful speech given by Alan Watts. The video was created by Tragedy and Hope who used the audio by permission…

Beloved by Debbie Takara Shelor

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How much do you love yourself? What do you feel worthy of receiving? The Goddess is rising and she demands honor, respect, and acknowledgement for her contribution. I’m sure you have been seeing it too. Many of the women I know…

Give the Gift of Inner Peace ~ Just in Time for the Holidays

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http://bit.ly/PeaceBookSet Stress has become a normal part of life. Worry, frustration, and constant concern can wreck havoc on a person's level of joy, health, and ability to make good decisions. For yourself or someone you love this…

Metamorphosis and Transformation Sometimes Looks Like "Stuckness"

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"Sometimes it seems as if nothing is happening in your life, like you are stuck, or being held back by some unknown force ... when in fact REAL magic is afoot!" ~ Debbie Takara Shelor