Magnificent U Online - Soon to Begin

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As I mentioned in the previous newsletter, I've spent the last several years "receiving" and developing several new teachings and technologies for healing, regaining harmony, balance, wholeness, and achieving your dreams. Its a massive upgrade…

When the American Dream Becomes a Living Nightmare

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  Take a good long look at your priorities. Eventually, one day some day you realize that relationships are so much more important than the type of car you drive, the title you have at work, or how big your house it. And trust…

Everyone Needs a Little Support Now and Then!

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Could you use a little support right now? Everyone needs some every now and then. A little uplifting nurturing energy to pull you up out of whatever stuck place you find yourself in. Custom Blends by Takara for Dancing Dolphin. Like…

7 Deadly Sins Takara Style

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Below are some quotes for you to enjoy, post on your wall, or share with your friends.     The 7 Deadly Sins Takara Style. There are actually 8, but who's counting? The actual list is this: Fear Limiting Beliefs …

Experiencing a Magical Time of Camelot in Your Own Life

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I had my own little private Camelot for awhile. Life was grand. It was a magical time. I had tons of friends. I had a great guy. I was a cheerleader. I seemed to be good at almost everything I tried - dancing, acting, academics. I absolutely…

Takara's Interview with Sarah Pencil on Awakening in Austin

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Another interview with an extraordinary host, Sarah Pencil, on Awakening in Austin. We had a lovely conversation full of insight and inspiration about meditation, my bestselling book, Peering Through the Veil, and much more!   Return…

You Can Be Magnificent ~ Interview Audio with Takara

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I was recently interviewed on Inner Guide Empowerment Radio at the Awakening Zone with Brad Simkins. This is what was written about the interview by my dear friend, Cyndie Lepori: Join Takara as she takes us deep into meditation with the…

Who Is In Your Inner Circle?

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  Who's in your inner circle? "They need to love, honor, accept, & appreciate you for who you are. Otherwise, they don't belong there!" ~ Debbie Takara Shelor   Return to the Magnificent U home page.

Do You Ever Feel Stressed? Inner Peace to the Rescue!

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Do you ever feel stressed? Of course you do. We all do at one point or another. Life has a way of knocking you off balance, throwing things at you that you were expecting, and being downright tough sometimes. One of the first…

What is All This Spirituality Stuff About Anyway? by Takara

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My son and I were having a lovely philosophical conversation recently and he asked me an interesting question. He wanted to know the point of all the spiritual beliefs and practices I share. I found the question so intriguing that I thought…