Improve Health Through Body Mind Spirit Methods

Improve Health Through Body, Mind, Spirit Methods

Born with a problem immune system. My mom had a stillborn child a year before me, so in the fear that something might happen to me, every time I got the sniffles I was taken to the doctor and given antibiotics. I had massive allergies and…
Responsibility Personal Empowerment Spiritual Growth

Responsibility, Personal Empowerment, Spiritual Growth

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For those whose soul inspired them to take up a spiritual path, in addition to learning and healing, there is often a great deal of responsibility and unlearning that must occur. People who are used to being able to "pass the buck" and…
Judgment, Hatred, and Fear are Extremely Destructive!

Judgment, Hatred, and Fear are Extremely Destructive!

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Judgment, hatred, and fear cause issues between individuals and within a person. Holding onto those things actually causes disharmonydisease within the body. This is what I know. I am an empath. When I "tune in" to a person or situation,…
Spiritual Gifts & Talents

Getting to Know Your Spiritual Gifts and Talents

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We all have a unique gift, skill, or talent that we are here to express. Some even have spiritual gifts that they are to use to help others. The expression of these gifts and talents often bring joy, peace, healing, or understanding to the…
Photo Shoot with Andi & Jonathan Goldman in Virginia Beach

Photo Shoot with Andi & Jonathan Goldman in Virginia Beach

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  Andi Goldman, Jonathan Goldman, and I had so much fun doing this photo shoot for my Essence of Sound oils that are infused with his sacred music. We used to see one another in Denver quite often ... since I lived in Santa…
Practice Peace Non-Judgment

A Great Opportunity to Practice Peace and Non-Judgment

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As spiritual beings having human experiences, we talk about rising in consciousness and awareness, becoming One with all things, going beyond fear, self doubt, shame, blame, and victimhood, and being in flow with the Universe. We say things…
Raise Self Esteem

Fast (and free) Way to Raise Self Esteem

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"I'm so sorry." "I'm sorry." "Please forgive me." Everywhere you go, you hear someone saying these words. Maybe it's even you saying them. Stop it immediately. Please. Especially if you are interested in manifesting your…
Energy Healers Shsman

Energy Healers, Shamans ... And Knowing Who to Trust

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Energy Healers and Shaman Most spiritual seekers have had an energy healing session of one form or another. Perhaps they have had some sort of color sound therapy, or seen a shaman or other medicine person for a soul retrieval or other process.…
What is energy medicine and vibrational healing

What is Vibrational Medicine or Energy Healing?

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Healing Can Be Easy! Wouldn’t it be an ideal world if all we had to do to overcome illness and disease was to lie back and listen to beautiful music? Well it’s not as far-fetched as you may think! From hands-on healers standing next to…
Abusers Are Losers - Get Them Out of Your Life Pronto!

No Amount of Physical, Mental, Emotional, or Energetic Abuse is Acceptable!

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NO amount of abuse, whether it be physical, mental/emotional, or spiritual/energetic, is acceptable. Any time you are not being (feeling) loved, honored, accepted, and/or appreciated for who you are, it is often a sign that abuse of one…