Dancing Dolphin Flower Essence Aromaetherapy Energy Healing Oils

HOLY-DAY SALE on Dancing Dolphin Energy Healing Flower Essence Aromatherapy Oils & Mists

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Buy 3, get 1 free! ($17.95 each, through Solstice, Dec. 21st)  Use this list to choose the perfect Dancing Dolphin Oils & Mists for yourself and those you love. Do NOT try to purchase at that link! To Order: I'm switching from one…
Improve Intuition with Pendulum Dowsing Expert Interview
Golden Water Dolphin Meditation for Planetary Healing

20 Years of Dolphin & Water Healing & How You Can Get Involved

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  It seems like only yesterday that I found myself suddenly awake in my wonderful home atop Palomar Mountain in Southern California ... a beautiful sacred mountain just east of San Diego. It was 4 am precisely and there were words screaming…
Free Guided Meditation for Dolphins, Whales, and Water

Help Us Heal the Oceans with the Free Guided Meditation for Dolphins, Water, and More

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Join us for the 19th annual Golden Water Dolphin Meditation for Planetary Healing - a powerful free guided meditation to heal and raise the vibration of all the water on planet earth and that within your own body. Friday, September 22, 2017,…
Pledge to Only See Dolphins and Whales in the Wild

Wild Dolphins and Whales For Me Thanks!

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I can't see a dolphin in a tank or a pen, even in a picture, without shedding a few tears. I have been shown again and again that their freedom represents our own freedom. I long so deeply for humanity to wake up and be free of their own…
Dancing Dolphin Sacred Healing Oils and Mists

Dancing Dolphin Alchemical Synergies for Energetic Healing on All Levels

I think your insight has powerful potential as a possible reason, but no idea if it is the main cause. If he had asked me to look into it, I would dowse it. But I only do that with permission. Only their souls, guides, and Higher Selves…
Free Articles About Flower Essences, Gem Essences, Aromatherapy, Dolphins, and More

Free Flower Essences Articles, Free Gem Essences Articles, Free Aromatherapy Articles, Free Dolphins Articles, and More

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Debbie Takara Shelor, creator of Dancing Dolphin Essences, is known the world over as an expert in vibrational and energy healing, personal empowerment, and spiritual growth. Visit these links for free flower essence articles, free gem essence…
Spiritual Gifts & Talents

Getting to Know Your Spiritual Gifts and Talents

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We all have a unique gift, skill, or talent that we are here to express. Some even have spiritual gifts that they are to use to help others. The expression of these gifts and talents often bring joy, peace, healing, or understanding to the…
Spiritual Gifts & Talents

Japanese Devestation ~ Is Mother Nature Sending a Message?

For months I've followed the events of a group of Environmental Activists in a small village in northern Japan. They are connected to the movie, The Cove, about the dolphin slaughter that goes on there day after day. A group of villagers…