you do whatever it takes to counter the issue – I have a similar problem, but I’ve found lots of ways to cope. I surround myself with greenery (live indoor plants – its like a jungle in here – LOL). Use full spectrum lightbulbs in all your lights. They are more expensive, but they definitely make a difference. Take supplements for mood. Also … the pineal gland is sensitive to light and dark and it produces serotonin and melanin. Toxins can make it become calcified, which cause more symptoms of anxiety and depression. So … detox, eliminate anything with fluoride (the biggest pineal gland contaminator). I found a great article yesterday about the pineal gland while prepping for a class I was teaching last night. Here it is: – the iodine they recommend is the brand I’d already been using. Iodine is one of those things where most people are deficient, sometimes severely, but you can get too much. So learn a lot about the various supplements before doing too much of anything like that. There is also a pretty good supplement called Emotional Wellness Pills by Swanson, part of Lee Swanson’s Signature Line, that are pretty good. Best of luck

This article about blue light is also beneficial to know – blue light in full spectrum light (sun, full spectrum light bulbs) is beneficial. Blue light off devices can be harmful, so get glasses that are treated with a yellow tint (to filter the blue) from the screen.

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