Universe Sends You A Curve Ball

In the last newsletter, you read that I was planning to publish three different books last month.

The Universe has such a sense of humor.

While I was up to my eyeballs in editing trying to get that done, I received the gentle nudge by my dolphin-angel guides to visit Facebook. I was scrolling through my feed and there it was … an opportunity I immediately KNEW I was to take, being offered by someone I’d met online over a decade ago.

I stopped everything and began to scramble … running like a little hamster on a wheel, making that wheel turn as quickly as I possibly could.

After lots of unexpected snags and delays along the way, 100 bottles of Dancing Dolphin Inner Peace in adorable purple velour bags were express mailed to Vegas. They were then driven to the Gifting Suite at The Oscars in Los Angeles. 100 celebrities went home with one. The ladies at the Gifting Suite sent several pictures of actors smiling as they held up one of those little blue bottles of dolphin healing energy.

What’s the moral of that story?

To manifest your desires, you need to get crystal clear about what you want. And then you take consistent actions toward those goals.

When you are aligned with the Divine, in tune with nature and the turning of the wheel, staying centered, balanced, and at peace within, it’s far easier to notice the still small voice within when it speaks (through voice, visual, inner knowing, and/or synchronistic receipt of messages or signals).

It is following those intuitive nudges that can create quantum leaps forward toward your goals.

Going to check Facebook wasn’t a logical choice in trying to achieve my goals. In fact, it was counterproductive to the mountain of editing and writing that stood before me.

But following that nudge immediately when it came led to a completely unexpected moment for something I didn’t even know was possible.

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