How to Cleanse Crystals at Home

How to Revitalize and Cleanse Crystals at Home

There are many ways to cleanse crystals and it’s something you want to do regularly.

Just like you can pick up negative energy yourself … so can your crystals. In fact, its one of the numerous ways they can assist you.

By absorbing negative energy in your environment, they help keep the energy in your home more balanced and uplifted.

Over time, however, they can absorb so much disharmonious energy that they can no longer emit the loving healing vibrations they might normally exude. Sometimes they break in order to release these negative energies.

The ones used for energy healing can sometimes fly off a person when they are “full.”

The ones you use in an energy healing practice should be cleared often.

I attended a sound healing ceremony with an Andean Shaman. He used several huge crystal spheres as part of the ceremony and did an energy clearing on each person using the spheres. He had his assistant cleanse the crystals after every single person.

You need to cleanse crystals, gems, jewelry, etc. that live with you.


My favorite way of cleansing crystals is by taking them outside for a sunbath.

The image above is for a sunbath I gave several of my crystals recently. It had been far too long since some of them had been outside.

A good sunbath is typically 4 or more hours in full sunlight. If its only a partially sunny day, then they will need to be outside even longer.

If you put your crystals, gems, and jewelry in the sun, keep a few things in mind:

  • Some birds love shiny objects and may take off with anything sparkly if you leave them unattended.
  • The same is true of humans … don’t leave valuables in places where they might be stolen.
  • Although crystals love sunlight, if you leave them outside too long, some will fade. An afternoon in the sun is fine for most. But days and days of sunlight is not a good idea. Amethyst and several others can fade significantly if left out long enough.

Ways to Cleanse Crystals

There are lots of ways to do the clearing process.

We’ve already discussed sunlight. I feel its by far the best.

But, depending on the weather and/or where you live, it might not be the most practical. Also, some crystals are extremely heavy, so carrying them might cause you to risk injury and if you accidentally drop one, most will break.

A few other ways to clear your crystals:

  • running water – a mesh bag used to launder delicates can be filled with various crystals and placed in a body of moving water. I sometimes do this at a stream. I just kneel or squat next to the stream and hold onto the bag handle while the crystals are submerged in the moving water. 15 minutes is typically enough.If the water at your home is filtered then you can hold crystals under the faucet. They don’t really like most tap water as it is full of toxic chemicals. Be sure to have something in the bottom of the sink so when they get slippery from the water, you don’t accidentally drop one and have it go down the drain.
  • smoke – there are lots of different types of cleansing smoke that can be used to clear your crystals like sage, incense, palo santo, etc. Just hold the crystal above the smoke for 20 to 30 seconds.
  • asplurging with rosemary water – this is another of my favorites. Make rosemary tea. Then use a sprig of rosemary to dip in the tea water after it cools and then sprinkle it on the crystals. Alternatively, you can also put it in a spray bottle and use it that way. Rose water can also be used.
  • sound – using Tibetan chimes, crystal or brass bowls, tuning forks, recorded sound healing music by my dear friend Jonathan Goldman or someone else, you can clear the energy in your crystals.
  • lay them in dirt – the dirt can be that of a houseplant or outside. It absorbs the negative energy. Alternatively, you can bury them in a bowl of sea salt or rice to absorb negative energy.

There are many additional ways to clear negative disharmonious energy from your crystals. These are just a few to get you started.

Most crystals require clearing. A few don’t, but I like to let them all spend time in the sun. People who are energetically sensitive can feel a noticeable shift in the energy of their home after crystals have experienced a sunbath.

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