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Spiritual Gifts and Other Talents Sometimes Awaken Spontaneously

Whatever you have mastered in a previous life experience (lifetime, reality, dimension, etc.), you have fairly easy access to now and these spiritual gifts and talents can be awakened without a great deal of effort … with help from someone who knows what they are doing.

That can be either highly beneficial or somewhat destructive depending on the ability or circumstance.

For third dimensional types of talents like music, dance, or gardening, there are no apparent negative side effects to awakening those gifts … regardless of what age you are when they awaken and “turn on.”

Child prodigies offer a great example of this in action. Who hasn’t oohed and aahed watching a three or four year old pianist performing a masterpiece?

Things can get a little more dicey when the gift or talent is related more to spiritual or energy gifts … particularly if the person has no training, understanding of energy, and/or is highly emotional.

Someone who has been a high priest or priestess of any belief system in a previous life experience can awaken that knowledge and some of the abilities in this one. A person who has been a life long healer of any kind in a “different” reality can often create seeming miracles as they help others now.

That’s why I often say, “You can take 100 people and teach them Reiki or some other healing modality and only 2 will come out ‘true or natural healers.’ The others will receive some benefit for themselves and their clients. But the true healer is born that way. The class simply awakened those gifts that were already there waiting to be ‘turned on.’ They are healers. It’s who they are to the core of themselves. It’s what they have mastered in a previous life. And it’s what they intended to do or become in this life.”

But, the opposite can also be true. If someone dabbled in the “dark arts” for personal gain or to seek vengeance in another lifetime, it’s all too easy for them to awaken their ability to misuse and send negative energy to others now. Or, even the priests and priestesses who were coming from a loving and beneficial place in those other life experiences, can wield energy in a way that blasts others negatively when they are upset today.

That’s one of many reasons why I caution anyone new to spirituality and energy healing from trying to help others, teach, etc. New in my opinion, means you haven’t been doing it dedicatedly and wholeheartedly for at least a decade or more and haven’t healed a ton of your own caca with a significant amount of help from others.

Ancient Mystery Schools

In the ancient mystery schools, they spent a great deal of time helping you heal your inner wounding and learning to master your emotions. Only when that was done did they begin teaching you how to utilize power, bend reality with your mind, open portals, heal, awaken your spiritual abilities and divine gifts. Because it’s irresponsible to gain power and not be able to control it and yourself.

With great power comes even greater responsibility.

I see FAR TOO MANY people out there teaching, doing energy healing sessions, teaching various forms of energy healing, etc. who haven’t yet truly addressed those things. And even if they have taken classes and had sessions to help heal the trauma drama from their past, a fair number haven’t actually healed their deep wounds. It looks good on the surface. But true lasting transformation hasn’t yet occurred.

You can tell by how it feels to be in their presence. I’m not talking about what comes out of their mouth in the form of words or how nice they seem to be. I’m talking about how calm, at peace, and uplifted you feel in their presence.

The more healed and whole a teacher or healer is, the more they exude Divine Light, Love, and Peace. It’s palpable. It changes the energy in a room. It feels like a warm embrace. And those same feelings can come through their written words and their voice.

From the Foreward to my first bestselling book, Peering Through the Veil, by award-winning author Andi Goldman,

“It is said that a true teacher of meditation can transmit the essence of meditation simply through being in their presence. So it is with Peering Through the Veil. It’s easy to feel a state of inner calm, openness, and joy, through which the subject of meditation is presented in this skillfully, delightfully, and brilliantly written book.”

I spent 10 years doing deep deep healing and diving deeply into the mysteries, energy healing, spirituality in its numerous forms, etc. I worked very little and did this inner work the majority of my time. And then, the Universe began downloading to me entire energy healing systems and profound insights. The alchemy in Dancing Dolphin Essences and the numerous healing technologies I teach in the Sacred Circle and other classes include many of those.

I worked 1 on 1 with a powerful healer and teacher about once a week for a year or more. I took several extensive (fully immersive) trainings addressing all sorts of inner issues. My inner guidance led me to books, workshops, locations, ceremonies, and energy healers who helped me all along the way.

Inner Work is Never Finished

Healing doesn’t end. We are never “done.” There are always deeper and deeper layers to look at around what we need to forgive, let go of, transform, release, dissolve, illuminate, enhance, glean wisdom from, etc.

You know there is work to be done if you are ever upset (angry, sad, feeling hurt or mistreated, etc.) by the words or actions of others or situations you weren’t expecting. Emotions are your guide. It requires that you pay attention to those things though, rather than ignoring them.

You have to constantly “tune in” to how you are feeling physically, mentally / emotionally, and spiritually / energetically. And when something is “off,” you have to stop and address it as soon as possible.

I don’t spend all my time studying energy healing and spirituality, or doing deep personal healing, anymore. But I do it as I’m guided which tends to come in spurts. I won’t read a new book, attend a workshop, or feel drawn to any new teaching for several months. And then suddenly I do another deep dive into a topic and will devote weeks or even months to it.

I do meditate every single morning though … and have for the past 30 years. Afterward I sometimes journal or work on a new book I’m writing or write an article like this.

And I am ever vigilant and aware of the Platinum PrincipleTM (how beneficial or detrimental various energies are) and the Trifecta of TransformationTM (the need to rise in vibration, expand in consciousness and awareness, and become more and more whole) in order to become the best version of myself and have the greatest impact helping others.

One of my main jobs in this life is to help you do those things.

From one of my long term clients:

Takara is an Extraordinary and Wonderful Lightworker, Healer and Teacher. She has a beautiful heart and genuinely cares about her clients. During our sessions I feel So much Love and Gratitude for her. She is Kind and Supportive and always helps with bringing greater clarity and understanding, especially in regards to others, our world, and Higher Beings and Realities. She brings the best of both worlds, with a science background as an Engineer and a Strong Spiritual and Metaphysical understanding and connection with the Divine Feminine, she is able to communicate and speak with both hemispheres of the brain, the left more analytical and the right more abstract. She brings forward a Beautifully Divine Place for Healing, and while in a session, I had an image of her working as a Healer, Priestess, and Goddess in Higher Realms. I Love how she works with an Exceptional and Amazing Team of High Dimensional Beings, Ascended Masters, ArchAngels and Dimensional Dolphins that All assist you in a Heartfelt and Balanced Healing. Takara is Wonderful for anyone looking to Heal, Evolve and wanting to learn and gain Higher and more Expanded levels of Consciousness. Donna, California
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P.S. I have opened up a couple of additional spots in my calendar if you are ready to really deep dive into achieving your greatest potential by working with me weekly one on one. Send a message to [email protected] if you are interested.

P.S.S. If one on one isn’t in your budget, consider The Sacred Circle. I lead those gathered (and those who listen to the recordings later) through guided shamanic vision journeys that I channel in the moment. Often those experiences offer an opportunity for deep deep healing and many include the dolphin-angel beings and their healing frequencies that I “bring in.” Various beings of Light show up to assist including my dolphin angel friends, Goddesses from numerous traditions, totem animal guides, star beings, angels, faeries, and more. I also teach them various energy healing techniques as well as how manifesting really works, ways to improve communication and navigate life’s ups and downs, and energy healing in it’s many different forms. The experiences are uplifting, deeply relaxing, and transformative. We invite you to join us. And when you join the Sacred Circle, you gain access to an entire library of wisdom teachings, the entire archive of previous Sacred Circle gatherings full of energy healing tools and techniques and ways to grow and evolve into who you intended to become before you incarnated this lifetime … so you can achieve your spiritual mission here.

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