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I had to “wake up” years ago to the fact that western medicine did not hold all the answers. My health sucked and everything the doctors prescribed only made things worse.

It is great in an emergency – if you are bleeding or have …

something intense that needs immediate attention. But for long term wellness, it is seriously lacking. Medicating or removing things surgically does not consider the root cause. It doesn’t address lifestyle, stress, nutrition, or toxins in the environment. It doesn’t look at the body as a whole functioning unit – only individual parts or organs.

Having worked in pharmaceuticals, I now know that in that industry, its not about health, its about money. Period.

Alternative and complementary medicine can truly make a difference. Acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractic, Ayurveda, energy healing, essential oils, herbal nutrition and herbal medicine are all extremely effective. And when you begin combining them, its amazing what can happen.

There are medical intuitives that are outrageously accurate – much more accurate than many doctors and diagnostics if you look at the statistics. They can get a person’s name and age and with only that information tell you the illness and some can even tell you why they have that illness. Some very progressive doctors are consulting with them and then they run tests to verify the results. The accuracy is remarkable. Think of all the tests people wouldn’t have to have and the millions, maybe even billions of dollars, that could be saved if more doctors employed this method.

In some hospitals they have a hands on healer in the operating room. Studies prove that patients recover faster and have fewer complications – and yet these practices are still practically unknown. How dumb is that?

In England, when you are admitted to the hospital, you can request a healer. And that person, who is sanctioned by the hospital, is often a nurse or other trained medical professional. They will come and sit with the patient, do hands on healing, employ the use of essential oils and other complementary medicine therapies.

I have heard that in hospitals in Europe, they don’t disinfect with toxic chemicals like we do in the U.S. They disinfect with essential oils – which are just as effective and not toxic to patients, medical staff, or cleaning personnel.

I learned this stuff over 20 years ago and yet so many people – particularly on the east coast where everyone seems to go to the doctor every time they have the sniffles and eat pills by the handful – don’t even know it exists.

I’m not saying doctors are bad people or that western medicine is evil. I simply think that much of the system they are trained in could be vastly improved.

It drives me nuts when people think they should consult their doctor about a nutrition program. Hello – doctors know almost nothing about nutrition. Of course they should consult their physician if they have a serious condition and are taking medications that can have adverse effects if combined with the wrong things or they have allergies, etc.

But powerful nutrition is not about disease. It is about wellness. And the two have almost nothing to do with one another. Few doctors know anything about wellness and prevention. How can you learn about wellness when you study cadavers? Hmmm.

A Naturopathic Physician is another matter and that person, along with many chiropractors and other complementary health professionals, know a great deal about nutrition, wellness, and prevention.

I think if I became ill today, the first person I would seek out is one of those really old Chinese doctors at the acupuncture and Chinese schools of medicine who have so much experience that they don’t even have to do many of the things they teach their students in order to know exactly what is wrong with a person and exactly what to do to fix it. They look at entire systems and how this system interacts with that system. They don’t say you have a tumor in this location. They say that you are too this or too that, that your system needs to correct itself using these things to come back into wellbeing and balance. Wow that makes so much more sense to me than the western alternative.

And again, if it was a really intense emergency situation, I would be in the emergency room at some hospital.

But as soon as things got diagnosed and a bit more under control with western means, I would be Googling alternative therapies and taking handfuls of herbal supplements, following the advice of a Chinese Doctor if I could find a good one, using whatever Dancing Dolphin Energy Healing Oils & Mists I dowsed to be beneficial in this situation.

I would take responsibility for my own health and wellbeing instead of relying entirely on some doctor who I may only get to see for 5 or 10 minutes whenever I have a problem.

Better than any of that though is to be proactive about prevention and to consider health and wellbeing a priority: Learning about and practicing good nutrition, exercising, getting enough rest, drinking lots of pure water (not tap), eliminating toxic substances from your diet and environment, spending time in nature, meditating, and learning effective methods to de-stress. When you are healthy, you are vastly more likely to be happy and to have life work in ways that you desire.

O.K. off my soap box.

Have a fabulous day,


P.S. To start heading down the right road in being healthy, consider supplementing daily with Xtreme X2O by Xooma. I do!

P.S.S. For my readers who are more interested in the things I have to say about spirituality, if you want to rise in consciousness and awareness, channel and receive information in a pure and pristine way, or even make better 3D life decisions, then being healthy is the foundation you need to stand on. It is where the work begins. Get your health handled, and much of the rest becomes significantly easier. A pure body leads to a pure mind resulting in more clear information and energies coming through. Besides, if you channel energy, it is burning up your nervous system and your need for minerals is radically increased. That’s another reason to use Xtreme X2O.


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  1. After writing this earlier I came across this post on Facebook and felt it was important to add to the idea: “Unless one has a proper diet, sunlight has an ill effect on the skin. This must be emphasised: sunbathing is dangerous for those who are on the standard high-fat diet or do not get an abundance of vegetables and fresh fruits. Those on the standard high-fat diet should stay out of the sun and protect themselves from it; but at same time they will suffer the consequences of both the high-fat diet and the deficiency of sunlight.”
    ✒ Dr Zane Kime


  2. brilliant and well said! this statement is key “I would take responsibility for my own health”


  3. I was in the medical field for a while, myself, and I decided that Health Coaching would be a better use of my talents. I agree with much of what you have said. Thanks for the great post.

The Past – Does it Stop You, Define You, or Support You in Becoming More?

The past …

Its a topic I talk about a lot with people. When they can go past it, actually heal it, their whole life can change – in some cases literally in an instant.

If you don’t get over the past, your future will look much like your present. If you don’t like what your present looks and feels like, then something needs to change and what needs changing is typically YOU.

“Magic,” synchronicity, extraordinary opportunities, are happening all the time. However, they happen significantly more for those who have healed their past, let go of their limiting beliefs, and are “in tune” with their inner wisdom (intuition).  

My life is often quite surreal. I’m always observing what’s happening even in the middle of experiencing it. And because I am almost hyper “in tune” with the subtle signals the Universe sends my way, amazing and unusual things often happen.

Not long ago I was part of a career fair at the local Mormon church for their middle and high school students. It was open to the public and a few non-members attended. 

I have a bunch of dear friends who are Mormon – which in itself is quite surreal considering who I am and what I teach. I absolutely adore all of them and I have found that as a general rule, the Mormon people are some of the nicest you will ever meet. Anyway, we seem to delight in our differences and I am often consulted about suggestions on how to handle issues with kids and I’m definitely the go to girl about alternative health, nutrition, and supplementation. 

At the presentation, I shared a little about each of my three careers: industrial engineering, bestselling author, and online entrepreneur. After the various career professionals spoke, we each had a table and students were encouraged to talk further about careers that they were interested in. My engineering and management career was very exciting. But not one person asked me about it. 

However, I was amazed at how many people wanted to talk about being an author: college kids writing fantasy fiction, students who love writing and have no problem getting stories started but have trouble in the middle and never seem to get it finished, and then there were the adults. Many of the presenters came over to talk to me saying they wanted to write a book. I even had an offer to do a collaboration with one of the presenters and what he wants to write about is quite exciting and I am highly likely to actually get involved in that project. 

The part that was so surreal though was that someone came over and started asking me about my book on meditation. Next thing I know they are telling me about Reiki classes, energy healing, and their interest in New Age topics. Only me! Who else could be standing in a Mormon church and end up in a conversation about reincarnation, metaphysics, and energy healing?

Intuitive insight is always extremely subtle. Unless you meditate, spend time in nature and in silence, many of the intuitive nudges simply go unnoticed.

I noticed the last guy I dated when he was traveling and heading towards my location. We became virtual friends because a mutual friend recommend he friend me on Facebook. He was posting about being in this location and then in another. Its as if I could feel his presence before we ever met. We both had plans that fell through resulting in our being in the same place at the same time. Luckily we both noticed the other. We followed the nudge to be in a particular location. He followed the idea or whim to ask me out for coffee. It was a mighty fine cup of coffee – although of course I was drinking tea.    

A few weeks ago I got a post card in the mail advertising a happy hour for a group I’m part of. I had never attended one of their happy hours, but just had this feeling that it would be fun.  I called a friend of mine who also belongs to the group and asked if she would meet me there.

After a few sips of wine and some hors d’oeuvres I began introducing myself to a few people and enjoying wonderful conversations. I had noticed a particular woman when she walked into the room. Something about her (a subtle signal) made me notice.

My friend had to leave to head to another event. So I made my way towards the bar where the woman I’d noticed was sitting with several friends of hers. As I said hello and we shook hands, she asked my name. When I said Takara, she broke into a smile and said she was on my mailing list. Of course I would notice her. We already had a connection and she is of like mind.

Then I was introduced to her friends. They were a lovely group of people. My intuition then kicked in and I began a fairly involved conversation with one of the guys. He is a pretty big player in a major organization. As he shared some things about his current position, I went into engineering / mentor / intuitive counselor mode and was inspired to offer some very insightful tools he needed to start implementing right away to handle some big changes and challenges about to happen in his world.

I love it when I simply know I’m “supposed” to do something, but have no idea why. I thought I was going to a happy hour just to meet and mingle with some new people. Instead I got to share real depth and wisdom with others.

That same knowing is how I ended up on a million dollar yacht in the south pacific for 6 weeks, a bestselling author, took only 1 hour and 15 minutes to get divorced instead of the 51 days its supposed to take in the state I lived in at the time, and numerous other things that just magically unfold for me.

I’m no more “special” than the next person. God doesn’t love me more. I have simply healed the necessary garbage from my past and have fine tuned my intuition to such a degree that when the “right” opportunities show up, I take them.  And I’m now pretty good at knowing the right ones from the wrong ones.

One of the best ways to heal the past is by facing it. Sometimes you have to go back to the place where you experienced pain or gave up a part of yourself in order to recollect that part.

It is amazing to me the number of things that got “fixed” because I moved back to the place I swore I would never live ever again. I dated a few people I’d gone out with previously. It turned out to be a way to find closure on some very painful memories. I don’t recommend that to anyone who hasn’t already done a great deal of healing. There is entirely too much old emotional baggage one could get caught up in otherwise.

I also helped put together my high school 30-year reunion. I had conversations and even developed deep friendships with people I never really knew previously.

Running away from the past is only prolonging the inevitable. If you are feeling drawn to visit somewhere you have lived – particularly if there are still some emotional wounds left over from events that happened while you lived there – sometimes it is the perfect thing to do to reclaim your power, your love, your self confidence and self esteem.

Sometimes when you fight something really hard, its an almost guarantee you will eventually have to do that thing.

I never wanted to be a front line supervisor, so what happened when my company restructured? I became a front line supervisor. Wow did I learn a lot having that job. I learned how to:

  • juggle 10 or more things at once,
  • make good, fast decisions,
  • take in tons of information simultaneously and know the right course of action to move everything forward,
  • manage lots of people,
  • help people that didn’t like one another, but had to work together, not only get along better but begin to actually admire and learn to rely on the positive qualities in one another,

I also learned a great deal about stress and what it does to the wellbeing of the body, one’s ability to make good decisions, and how it destroys relationships. I also learned about caring about the mental/emotional and physical wellbeing of others. I observed and began to understand what makes or breaks a successful work environment. What matters. What causes stress. And then, years later, I began learning all the things one can do to prevent or handle those stresses.

No matter how many books I read or classes I took, I could never get the type of education or level of understanding that I now have because of that experience.

So embrace wherever you find yourself and stop fighting it so hard.

Even if you can’t go to the place because of time or money constraints, sit down with your journal and think about the place. Look at pictures from there or a map and really “feel” yourself in that place once again. Write out what happened. Thank everyone involved. Ask for the lessons and silver lining given to you by that dark cloud from your past. You will be amazed at the insights you will receive if you do this wholeheartedly and with focus.

Sadly, sometimes, if things were really tough and you have already tried everything you know in order to heal something, its time to get help. I had help in getting over numerous things from my past. And now I’m here to help you with supportive products, long distance energy sessions and private consultations.

Have a fantastic day Dear One!

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As usual, Takara I have to laugh with glee about the synchronicity of your message. I was recently contacted on FB by a Mormon cousin (my mother was raised Mormon) in Alberta. I may have met him once in my youth, and my first reaction was to wonder why on earth he was reaching out to me and if I accepted his “friendship”, how I much I would have to “censor” my posts, leading me to simply put him on an “acquaintance” list. Despite the fact that my mother had begun to “abandon” her faith even before meeting my lapsed Ukrainian Orthodox father, this cousin still thinks of her with fondness as his mother’s youngest sister (the baby of the family of twelve children) and inquired after – her while sadly acknowledging the passing of so many of her siblings in the past few years. Until now, most of my knowledge of this huge extended family “out west” has consisted mostly of stories of all the “skeletons” in the Mormon family closet and all the trials and tribulations they have endured. We did “catch up” and share some details of our family lives but I hadn’t stopped to realize the significance of this connection.

Thank you for giving me pause to realize the true reason why this cousin is reaching out to me and remembering that he is a “blood relative” after all. This Christmas I will once again pull out the box under my bed, and re-read the ancestral “stories” my mother gave me – which once used to fascinate me – compiled from collections of letters by my mother’s eldest sister – the self- appointed family geneologist. Perhaps I’ll even read them out loud to the whole family on Christmas day, for they contain a wealth of information about the faith and fortitude that followed the first Mormon settlers from Utah and Idaho to Alberta, and without whom I would not exist.


  • Wow Raissa – what an awesome story! So glad my decision to include the whole bit about my Mormon friends had a powerful purpose. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Much love to you and yours,