Speaking Presentation Tips by Takara

For those who wish to become speakers or wish to improve their craft, as an award-winning speaker, I have a few recommendations (in no particular order):

  1. Always look at people in your audience as you speak – this gets easier the more talks you do,
  2. Make sure that your visuals are written in large enough letters to be easily viewed from the back of the room,
  3. Never read from your visuals – its boring and annoying. Paraphrase what the slide says,
  4. Only cover 3 main points,
  5. Use an example or even a prop to get your point across – helps people remember,
  6. Find out who your audience is beforehand and use examples that relate to their interests or field,
  7. If you don’t have a mic, then you must face the audience when talking – otherwise, they can’t hear you,
  8. Also if you don’t have a mic, project your voice to the back of the room using your diaphragm,
  9. Get them involved, ask questions, ask for a volunteer,
  10. Never read from your notes – you can glance at your notes to remind you of a point you want to make, but never read to the audience – except maybe a short quote,
  11. Speak clearly,
  12. Speak slightly faster than normal – helps them stay focused – unless you are from the Northeast in which case you already speak perhaps too quickly and should slow it down a little,
  13. Do a presentation to friends or even your family and video tape it – then review and correct what becomes obvious,
  14. Try not to repeat sounds or words like “like” or “um.” A few of those are O.K., but too many and it becomes annoying.
  15. Don’t fidget or do something distracting with your hands or other body parts.
  16. The best speakers are storytellers – so tell interesting, humorous or emotionally touching stories,
  17. Don’t be afraid to get animated and passionate about what you are talking about,
  18. Be yourself, and
  19. Have fun!


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Staying Calm and at Peace in the Face of Uncertainty and Chaos

A very effective way to remain calm and at peace is through Meditation. When you can drop into a theta brainwave state at will, emotions are disconnected. You are calm, cool, and collected no matter what. It makes things easier to think, make good decisions, and not go into fear. You can also come out of it at will and be as upset or depressed as you feel you want to be. It becomes a choice, not a reaction to circumstance. 

I also have some fabulous products that use energy healing and aromatherapy that help people thrive and/or remain at peace when faced with chaos and uncertainty. 

Probably the best one for that is Inner Peace. We call it the stress buster:


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Winter Solstice – a Mystical Magical Time of Year for Celebration

Long before St. Nick and a star over a birth in Bethlehem, people from all across the globe were celebrating Winter Solstice (the longest night / amount of darkness) with the giving of presents, cutting and bringing in of trees and other greenery, the lighting of candles, and many other traditions that were then adopted and incorporated into the holiday now known as Christmas.

I’ve compiled some information about these traditions for your reading / learning pleasure …

Christmas Tree tradition comes from many different cultures from the ancient Egyptians and Romans to the Celtics, Druids, and Vikings. For an in depth look, here is a link from History.com: http://www.history.com/topics/history-of-christmas-trees

The use of tree ornaments first appeared as apples were tied to trees as a reminder in Scandinavia, where it would stay dark for several weeks, that the sun would return.

The Yule Log tradition comes from the Scandinavian festival of Juul in honor of the God Thor.

Presents were given of fruit, dolls, and candles in the Ancient Roman Saturnia festival honoring the God Saturn.

Decking the Halls also came from the Saturnia festival as garlands laurel and green trees lit with candles were used as part of the celebration.

Candles were mentioned above as part of the Roman Saturnia festival and in Jesus’ own Jewish tradition, there is the lighting of the Menorah during Hanukkah (Chanukah)

Christmas Parades are also from the Saturnia festival while Christmas Caroling could easily have been fashioned after the chanting and singing with torches festivals held in India.

Santa and Stockings come from both St. Nicholas who gave gifts to children and the celebration for the Norse God Odin who had long white hair with a long white beard. The children would put their boots filled with carrots and straw near the chimney for Odin’s horse to eat. Odin would fill the empty boots with gifts.

Mistletoe was hung in the homes of Druids for good luck and used as a sign of love and friendship in Norse mythology.


Ancient History at About.com:




National Geographic:


The Smithsonian:


The Christian Science Monitor:


The BBC:


Time and Date:




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Eating Healthy, Worrying About Your Diet, and Improving Your Health, Weight, and Fitness Levels

I was recently in a conversation with Mark Joyner about eating healthy. He posed the question about what you would think of someone who won’t eat what everyone else is eating at the dinner table. He asked if you would find them crazy, disciplined or something else.

My answer was “It depends” and here’s why:

They have done studies about vegans, “normal” eaters, and others to try to determine who is most healthy. They split them into groups of strict vegan – never wavering, normal eaters who aren’t careful about their diet, and those who eat mostly healthy, but when in public and less healthy foods are offered, they happily eat them without any stress. 

They found that “normal” eaters were the least healthy, followed by the strict vegans. The most healthy group were the ones who knew about healthy eating, ate mostly healthy, but didn’t allow their food choices to stress them. The stress of worrying about what you will and won’t eat is actually detrimental to health. So “lighten up” about it. 

I suggest people follow the 80/20 rule. Eat 80% truly healthy, nutritious, organic when possible, food. Then 20% of the time, allow yourself to indulge in foods that bring you joy. 

I LOVE great healthy food. (I also like the occasional cheesecake. LOL) 

I just know way too many vegans, and others who practice other “diets” for whatever reason, who are overweight and unhealthy – with a depressed immune system – always catching colds, etc. The worst of the bunch seem to be those who are so “religious” and fanatical about it. 

I have this weird “gift,” where I can look at the color of someone’s facial skin and “tell” (no idea how) that they are quite unwell. There is just this certain color hue about them that says “sick” to me. On more than one occasion I’ve looked at someone and thought, “something isn’t right there.” They look and feel fine to themselves and others. And I certainly don’t tell them – its none of my business and I know how powerful the human mind is. If you tell someone that something is wrong, even if its not, if they believe it (on any level conscious or subconscious), they will manifest the problem. 

Within 6-months or so after my observation of the “wrong” color on someone’s face, they are diagnosed with cancer or something equally serious. It doesn’t happen very often. But every time it has, this has been the result. 

Just because someone loses weight doesn’t mean they are healthy. Great fuel (food) helps to create happy, healthy new cells that keep the body operating at optimal. In addition, pure water, exercise, enough rest, time in silence in nature, all support a healthy body and mind. In many cases it is an emotional wound or an environmental factor that is causing physical dis-ease. So a change in food is sometimes not enough.”

I talked about the 80/20 rule and not “cheating” on their eating (I think I like that little sound bite!). But what I was speaking about was the maintenance phase of dieting/wellness. 

When a person wants to make a change in their health, weight, or fitness level, then a serious level of commitment, dedication, and persistence is required. A complete and total non-waiving focus on the goal needs to be there in order to achieve the desired result. In this phase of the game, one does not waiver, cheat, or eat anything off the diet. Period. 

In my early 30’s I was in pretty poor health. I grew up in parts of the country where bad eating was “normal” and I truly didn’t know any better. 

After years of antibiotics and seeking western medical assistance only getting worse and not better, I turned to alternative/complementary medicine and learned about nutrition and what it takes to be healthy. I went pretty radical in my wellness regimen. I began using herbal supplements on a grand scale. I  didn’t eat sugar for 8 years. I read every label. I became so “well” that I began competing as an inline speed skater. Before the diet shift, I couldn’t even exercise – I was too tired, sick, and lacking in energy to do so. 

I actually exceeded my goal of wellbeing. I had no idea a person could feel that good. When you have achieved and maintained for a significant amount of time the level of health, weight, and fitness you desire, then and only then is it time to put the 80/20 rule into practice. I know what it feels like to be at my ideal weight (meaning the one that feels best for me, the one that is easy to maintain), the ideal fitness level, and the ideal level of health. I somehow reset my system and it maintains quite nicely with very little effort. When things start getting out of balance, it is quite simple to get back on track with just a little tweak here or there. 

I’m now 52. I’m not nearly as obsessed with going to the gym and looking “perfect” as I was in my early 30’s. I do go though, but not 4 days a week with a personal trainer. I’ve discovered the foods that my body loves and the forms of exercise that my body responds to the fastest. Both are things I enjoy.

You are in control of your wellbeing. You have to take responsibility for your level of health, weight, and fitness. No-one else can “fix” that for you. 

Here are some things you can do:

  • Learn about healthy eating. 
  • Cut out the “garbage” in your diet and any bad habits you might have – smoking, too much alcohol, etc.. 
  • Start supplementing – It is almost impossible to get all the nutrients you need from the foods you eat. Commercial farming has caused most soil to be nutrient depleted. Especially if you are unhealthy, you need to give the body some extra good stuff to work with.
  • Get out there and exercise – Walking does wonders. If you are in good enough shape, climb a lot of stairs every day. Park way away from the entrance to the stores you visit, so you can get easily add more walking to your day.
  • Get enough rest. 
  • Get enough sunshine – without the chemical sunscreens. I’m not saying to get burned. Start with 5 minutes and build up to more.
  • Drink plenty of pure healthy water – That doesn’t mean tap water – its full of harmful chemicals.

I recommend Xtreme X20 as a great supplement to start with. It gives you trace minerals, helps you absorb nutrients better, and helps you become more alkaline (very important for health). http://www.dolphinempowerment.com/XtremeX2O.htm  


Have a great and healthy day,



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It’s Time for a (R)evolution

How much have you changed over the years?

 If you are a parent, do you listen to yourself and think, “I sound like my mother (or father).” That “truth” may make you smile or cringe depending on your opinion of your upbringing.
You are here to personally evolve – stretch, grow, move beyond fear, find courage and your unique voice. Along the way you gain poise, creativity, compassion, confidence, and a deeper understanding of truth. Ultimately you are aiming for mastery – a state of union, harmony, and synchronistic flow with the Divine and the world you find yourself in.
Be in the world, but not of the world.
For years I’ve called it hovering and I liken it to the behavior of a hummingbird. They appear stationary, yet their wings move so quickly one can hardly see them. They are flitting from place to place, enjoying the sweet nectar of each flower and then moving on to the next sweet morsel. And then at some point they leave and travel hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of miles on a journey that seems impossible for something their size.

Consider yourself the hummingbird and each of your life experiences a flower.

Do you allow yourself to get damaged by the thorns? Or is this person, place, or situation so mesmerizing that you get stuck there not even realizing that right around the next corner is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for or praying for.

Are the things from your past so painful that you can’t even see the beauty of your now? Have you allowed situations and self talk to completely define who you are and how you perceive the world – never changing and always dismal?

Life is a glorious adventure. As Helen Keller once said, “Life is either a daring adventure … or it is nothing!”

When you get in flow, when you heal all that pain, when you rise up above the mayhem and seek the miracles, you will find them.

The only thing standing in your way … is you!

I wish that were not true. I wish I could wave a magic wand and heal all the pain and suffering in the world. But alas, there is no growth in that. The people experiencing the pain would not grow into understanding how truly magnificent they are. They would remain forever disempowered seeking answers and rescue from some one or some thing outside themselves.

That is not the way of this world. It is not the way of the mystic – the seeker of truth, the seeker of enlightenment.

It is so easy to know if you have grown.

  • Do you seek approval from outside yourself?
  • Do you get angry or upset over people or situations without consideration of the other people involved and their potential point of view?
  • Do you say, or not say, things from fear of rejection or in trying to “fit in” or be accepted?
  • Do you get angry or hurt if you help someone and they don’t seem to appreciate it?
  • Do you still blame someone or some situation from your past for doing you wrong?
  • Do you insist on doing everything yourself?
  • Are you sad, angry, or frustrated because your dreams have not been achieved?
  • Do you try to “fix” people’s lives?
  • Do you find yourself saying, “They should ______”  – setting yourself as judge over what others should or should not do?
  • Do you beat yourself up with guilt, shame, blame, and victimhood – thinking you should do this or you should do that or this should not have happened?
  • Do you allow situations outside your control to affect your emotions?
  • Do you stay in situations or with people that cause you to question and doubt your value, your worthiness, or your skills?
  • Do you avoid people and situations because you lack the courage to gently speak your truth?
  • Do you consider yourself better than others?
  • Do you want someone to heal or fix you and your problems?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then these are areas to work on in order to grow and evolve.

  • Are you kind?
  • Do you help others without need or desire for appreciation or acknowledgment?
  • Do you take actions or say words because you “know” it is what you are to do? – Even if it is highly uncomfortable to do so?
  • Do you ever take risks – going places, meeting people, trying new things – because your intuition insists?
  • Do you graciously end relationships that are disempowering to you?
  • Do you take in each new situation you find yourself in without emotion and respond to it from heart knowing?
  • Do you have the courage to walk away from situations or people that cause you to question and doubt your value, your worthiness, or your skills?
  • Do you love, honor, accept, and appreciate others?
  • Do you love, honor, accept, and appreciate yourself?
  • Do you allow others to experience the life they have created for themselves without interference or judgment?
  • Are you able to enjoy great relationships even with people with a vastly different belief system or point of view?
  • Do you quickly admit your mistakes and apologize when your actions negatively affect others?
  • Do you treat everyone equally?
  • Do you routinely experience flashes of inspiration or miraculous synchronicity?
  • Do you treat animals, plants, and insects with honor and respect?
  • Are you able to manifest your goals, dreams, and desires?
  • Do you enjoy your life journey as much as the destination you have been  seeking?
  • Do you seek assistance when you have exhausted all your own knowledge and skills in dealing with an issue or growing and evolving?

If you answered yes to many of the questions above, then you are well on your way to holistic life mastery.

There are times in the journey when assistance is not only needed, its practically mandatory. Certain issues, repeating patterns, trauma dramas from the past, and beliefs are often so firmly stuck that an outside teacher, counselor, or technology is required – and often all three.

As I have traversed the ups and downs of earthly life and grown as an individual over the past 20 years, there have been times that teachers and technologies have miraculous shown up for me. Other times I have experienced the inner knowing that I must call this person, read this book, or go to this place for assistance.

I offer all that I have learned along the way and the tools and products that I’ve been inspired to develop in the form of books, Dancing Dolphin Energy Healing Oils & Mists, private consulting sessions, and training. You get to decide the level of support you need, desire, and can easily afford.

Regardless of the situation you face, or the issue you wish to address, the one thing I most often recommend is a Custom Dancing Dolphin Blend created just for you. Your Higher Self and guides know exactly what you need in every moment. And through some minor miracle, I am able to tap into that information and alchemically create for you the perfect energetic cocktail to support you and help you blast through whatever issue or plateau you seem to be stuck on.

Get Your Custom Blend Here!

Have a deLightful day,

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Activating Icons for Awakening by Daniel Jacob

(c) Daniel Jacob ~ with permission

“Into the Mass Consciousness for English Speaking Peoples, 26 Master Icons have been released–images which have power to activate and focus a person’s energy in entirely new ways. There is a key point image for each letter of the English alphabet. Numbers will also be included–using the system of letter/number correspondence that has previously been set forth in the World of Numerology.

Master Icons will be released in other languages and cultures as well—but, for purposes of this discussion, we will be focusing on the Western way of thinking and perceiving. Each individual will recognize his personal icons when he is ready see them. Do not look for standardization of images, since guidance for living is now being recognized and interpreted through each individual viewpoint. The linguistic confusion which began at the Tower of Babel is about to be reversed!

That idea known as “speaking in other tongues” is now expanding from the auditory into the visual realm as well. If you will recall, one of the first incidences of this ability occurred on the Day of Pentecost, when the Apostles of Christianity became filled with the Holy Spirit, and began speaking to crowds in special languages. As they spoke, each person heard their message in his or her own language and dialect. We have spoken at length about this in our transmissions dealing with the Living Language of Light.

When we speak of “key point images” we are obviously referring to something besides the letters (or numbers) themselves. There are 26 letters in the popularized English language because there are 26 tonal gateways into the core consciousness for that culture. Each culture creates its language based on how it chose to separate itself at the time of the Great Cultural Divide. How that looks will vary, according to the needs and beliefs of each culture and each creator. The number of letters in each alphabet indicates the number of tonal gateways into the culture which utilizes it.

In the beginning, before the “fall” of tonal communication, people did far more than simply speak to each other. They would “sing” their essence into the surrounding environment, allowing anyone who cared to listen the opportunity of forming a resonance with who they were. In your world today, this level of communication is similar to the manner in which whales and dolphins communicate within their watery domain.

Spoken languages are about meaning and definition. They build bridges so that separated beings can visit one another when they have needs. Tonal Communication is more pervasive than that. It arises out of a clear understanding of Universal Oneness, and it sources its power from the personalization of one’s reality not the objectification of it. More to follow on this………”

~The Reconnections


Note From Takara ~ LOVE this Daniel, as I have been “speaking in tongues,” what I call Light Language and what another friend, who also began speaking it when I did, calls “prayer language.” I have also seen them written in light on and off for years. When I do that, I call them “fire letters.” My friend and I have both been drawn to begin speaking them much more frequently of late – for specific purposes. Thrilled to know that you and I are once again on the same page. It was so fun when we used to channel the same information and publish it the same day or only one or two days apart. Guess we are accessing the same band of frequency again with our information. Much to you Dear One!


From Daniel ~ It’s sooo satisfying when we enter the same stream, and float by each other…….smiling, singing, speaking……..I love that expression Takara. “Fire Letters.” Mmmmmmmmmmmm………. 


DANIEL JACOB is a Visionary Writer, a Paranormal Researcher, Energy Worker, and Consultant, living in the Greater Seattle Area. On 11/11/91, he began writing from a part of himself called “The Reconnections.” From this Level of Consciousness, he has sourced a complete archive of information on a number of relevant topics—such as Physical Transmutation, Ascension, Multidimensional Travel, and Children of the New Earth. You can get more information about Daniel and his work by visiting his websites: www.thestarchildren.com and www.reconnections.net, or by e-mailing him directly at: [email protected] 

NOTE FROM TAKARA: Daniel and I have been friends for a very long time. Years ago, we had several experiences of writing practically the same words, or using the same examples to prove points, or writing about the same topics at exactly the same time. It was a delightful phenomena that let me know we were receiving / transmitting information from the same band of consciousness.


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