Spring Cleaning & Clearing of Body, Mind, Soul and Environment

It’s that time of year again. As the birds are chirping, the daffodils and other flowers are making their way out of the ground,and the animals are scurrying about. The nature of things outdoors isn’t the only thing that changes this time of year.

We all become a little restless. Tired of staying cooped up indoors. We want to take a long walk in the sun, begin working in the gardens preparing the soil, and we also feel the strong desire to declutter our space and our life.

An old friend called recently saying he was spring cleaning. Not only was he cleaning up the house and yard, but he was clearing out the negativity in the rest of his life. I was inspired to ask him if that included people. He laughed saying it did.

Negativity and disharmonious energies aren’t the only things that can bring you down or get you off track. Being energetically connected, however subtly, can prevent you from truly being in flow and being who you really are.

I used to teach a course called Manifesting Your Beloved. As you might imagine, it was extremely popular. It was not uncommon to have 50 or so people show up from only word of mouth advertising. It was long before I had an email newsletter and an online following. Anyway, one of the principles I taught in that course was the importance of clearing out ALL the old energy from previous relationships in order to make room for the new.

I shared how I got rid of everything given to me by previous romantic partners – clothing, jewelry, and other gifts. I definitely recommend moving out of the house you shared. If you can’t afford that, then at the very least, get rid of the bed. Spaces have memory and carry the energetic signature of whatever has transpired in the space. Many people feel you should never live in any home but a new one. Feng Shui experts always look at who used a space previously – were they ill, did they have financial or legal problems, did their marriage dissolve?

I moved into a home where the previous owners had gone through a traumatic divorce. Prior to living there, my relationship was wonderful. It began to degrade, my husband began having extramarital affairs, and we eventually divorced. Was the space the cause? I don’t think so. However, I do believe the space made for fertile ground for the discord in my marriage to grow.

My relationship with my former husband, Raven, is fairly harmonious. We are both more concerned with our son’s wellbeing than wasting our time making the other person wrong. We have bumps in the road every now and then over something. But they are usually pretty quickly rectified.

So it never occurred to me that being connected to him in any way was still affecting me energetically. The influence it had was so subtle I didn’t pick it up. If you know how aware I am of subtle energy, you’ll know how significant that is. At the same time, it is very hard for any of us to see ourselves and our own life. It is infinitely easier to observe others and see what’s obvious. He called recently and said our little cell phone arrangement needed to change. Even after divorce, we stayed on a shared family plan with our phones. Jess and I kept our New Mexico phone numbers. He also asked me how he could have someone else take over his website. I’ve been hosting and maintaining that as well.

As soon I began looking at phones and carriers, I felt such a rush of freedom and soaring. WOW what a difference it made. Something I wasn’t even aware was affecting me, obviously was affecting me a lot. The new phones have arrived. And it all feels very good. I’ve been away from New Mexico for 4 years. I certainly don’t still need a phone number from there. I need a phone number from here – where I am in this moment.

I shared with you this story so that you might find things in your own life where you are connected to a person or place from your past that no longer serves you.

Time to get out the Daily Harmony Meditation and start clearing out the energetic debris in your life. When you take a dowsing class with me, I give you a much deeper and more thorough way to clear the energy. Magnificent Clearing Mist is also a nice choice.

What about your body? What are you putting in the sacred vessel, the temple for your soul? Are you still drinking soft drinks or smoking? I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to let your body know that you believe it is a temple. Give it live, organic food whenever possible. Stop feeding it garbage that you know causes it to function at less than optimum.

What do you wash you body, your clothes, and clean your home with? Are these things full of synthetic perfumes and toxic chemicals? Each of these things affect your overall vibration, ultimately resulting in your ease or dis-ease with flow. If the aroma of your perfume or the dryer sheets you use arrive before you do, its time to rethink those choices. I don’t use dryer sheets. I use the funny little balls with rubber points all over to fluff up the clothes and reduce static in the dryer. The laundry detergent is made of natural ingredients and is pH balanced.  So are all the cleaning products that we use.

As in all things, I recommend the 80/20 rules. I recommend that at least 80% of what you eat be truly healthy, nutrient rich, and healthy for your body. The other 20%, eat what brings you joy – even if its full of sugar or fat or some other thing you like, but is less beneficial for the body. I recommend that you follow the same principle for cleaning supplies, the people you hang out with, and the activities you do. Look at the benefit or detriment of everything – of course that’s EASY with dowsing the Dancing Dolphin Way – and follow the 80/20 rule, keeping 80% on the beneficial or highly beneficial side.

How about the water you drink and shower with? Tap water just won’t do. Even well water isn’t as good as you might think. We filter the water in the shower and we haul big bottles to the store and get gallons and gallons of reverse osmosis water to drink. Sometimes we run out and I use water that has been filtered in one of those water pitcher filtration systems. I always have a headache the next day after drinking that water. Even though it is taking out much, it is not taking out nearly enough of the harmful chemicals in the tap water.

Do you bless all the food that enters your mouth? How about your bottle of body lotion before you put it on? Raise the vibration of everything. Make each moment or morsel sacred.

Have a deLightful day,

P.S. Please share with me in the comments how you physically and energetically clean and clear this time of year.

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Kyanite is a Bridge of Light, Bringing Harmony to Self and Relationships

AnnaMariah and the jewelsSM (c) AnnaMariah Nau

Kyanite brings to mind the deep tranquility of a hidden lake. One of the things I love about Kyanite is its gentleness; it comes in like a soft breeze that blows away anger, frustration, confusion and stress.

When touching, holding, wearing, caressing Kyanite I can literally feel my entire system align, chakras and all subtle bodies instantly move into coherence soothing body, mind and spirit. If you hold a piece of Kyanite, you’ll know exactly why I said caressing, it invites your caress and it’s truly hard to resist and even harder to stop. Once you begin to touch Kyanite …

its properties are released and you just won’t want to stop that wonderful feeling of peace and openness that overtakes you.

I’m talking now about blue Kyanite, the black and green versions have quite different properties, but all are incredible stones with energies that go into the core of your being. Blue is the most widespread version and what most of us think of when we think of it. I did say widespread rather than common because there is nothing common about Kyanite.

Kyanite is one of the only stones that aligns all the chakras and subtle bodies without direction or work of any kind. If you spend a little time meditating with it, you can open all your chakras. It also is remarkable in that it doesn’t absorb negative energies and has no need of cleansing or cleaning.

Divine Bridge

Are there areas in your experience or disharmonious people whom you would like to bring harmony to? Then by all means wear Kyanite.  It becomes a bridge of light bringing disparate energies, blocks in your aura, or even emotional blocks between people into a more cohesive pattern. Things begin to smooth out and patterns which were previously hidden are more clearly seen.

If you are involved in negotiations, then Kyanite will work with you to bring all into coherence where you begin to find a common frequency allowing both parties to begin to see unity and shared aims where before there was only discord bringing with it mutual understanding and cooperation.

This ability to being patterns into cohesion also works on your inner being helping you to incorporate all your many aspects, talents and gifts into a dynamic whole that feeds and nurtures you. New possibilities open before you, as you begin to see your own unique mosaic and how you can use it to reach and go beyond goals in completely new and sometimes surprising ways.

Unlike many stones that open your third eye and psychic ability, Kyanite is not a “floaty” stone. You are not flying energetically without connection to earth but rather Kyanite is assisting you in grounding your energies in a way that is quietly energizing, allowing you to go easily and consciously to higher spiritual realms. Wearing Kyanite calms your mind assisting the experience of a deep restful, meditative experience also facilitating communication with guides and the opening your psychic powers.

Kyanite is also a protective stone and an excellent tool for empaths and other highly sensitive people or healers  to use, protecting and increasing your empathic and psychic abilities and allowing for more clarity in perception.

Because of its ability to align all your chakras and subtle bodies immediately Kyanite would be a good stone to use to start any healing, meditation, work day, negotiation or even when going to bed. Oh heck, why would you not just want to have a piece with you all the time?

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Look at the World Through the Eyes of a Newborn, See It As Infinite Possibilities

DavidAdams(c) David J. Adams


May 2013


(Audio version available at … http://soundcloud.com/david-j-adams/spirit-1st-april-2013  )


(The Circle opens with the sounds of the Tibetan bowls and the Crystal bowls.)

Let the resonance of the bowls sit within your Hearts, uplifting the Light and the Love deep within you, allowing you to soar into your Soul Dimension, for it is within your Soul Dimension that you will now perceive the world around you, and perceive your own place within that world.

I greet you Dear Hearts, I am Hilarion.

I come tonight to say to you, this is not a time for standing stillThis is not a time for letting go of your dreams and your visions !  There are times we know that you feel disappointed that things within your world are not moving forward at the pace that you would like, at the pace that you assumed would happen after the Great Shift, but remember, Dear Hearts, when you were small, when you came into this world in this lifetime and started to look around and see magnificent things, but were not in a position to grasp those magnificent things, because you still had growing to do.

Most of you here will, at some stage, have learned to swim, but you did not do so by leaping into the centre of the ocean and expecting to make it to shore.  No, you started small, perhaps a few yards out into the pool and back to the side, and each day as you grew in confidence, and you grew in assurance of your own abilities, you began to move further and further until you could go from one side of the pool to the other.

Some of you may have been quite content with that, and got out of the pool and walked away, others however sought to learn more, and to do more until indeed, they were able to step into the ocean and swim quite some distance.

Well, Dear Hearts, you have moved into a new Dimension, you are ‘newborns’ once more, and there are magnificent things that you are seeing, that you are feeling, which you are not yet able to grasp, because you have learnings to do within this new Dimension, you have to learn once more how to swim in this new ‘Ocean of Oneness’.

You see, the Dimension of Oneness, Dear Hearts, is quite different to the Dimension of separation.  You have to learn new skills, new understandings, you have to work with different aspects of yourself, aspects that were undeveloped in the old Dimensions, but are so important in the Dimension of Oneness.

You need to learn to work from within your Hearts, to perceive everyone and everything upon the Earth Planet as part of yourself, and amplify the knowing within yourself that whatever you think, whatever you feel, and whatever you do ripples out and connects, and becomes a part of everyone else, and everything else upon the Earth.

This is quite different from being separate, Dear Ones.  It is a whole new ocean.  So this is not the time to stop, this is not the time to give up simply because you are not seeing the progress that you are making.  It is indeed a time to intensify the intent within your Hearts and within your minds, and to embrace this new Ocean of Oneness.

Imagine yourself once more as a newborn, looking at the world through new eyes, reaching out, touching, feeling with new senses, for being in ‘Oneness’ is much more than the physical senses you have experienced and worked with previously, the Dimension of Oneness encompasses ALL your senses.

Yes, in the old Dimension there was some talk perhaps of a sixth sense.  The sixth sense is but the start.  You are opening to more and more ways of sensing and seeing, and perceiving, and knowing the Earth on which you live.

You are a Cosmic Being, a Multidimensional Being.  You are no longer limited by those senses you used in the Dimension of separation.  You are a newborn.  Look out upon the world – this new Dimension of Oneness – with the wonder of a newborn.

You see, a newborn has no limitations, they have not learned to limit themselves, and this Dear Hearts is what we are inviting you to do now, not to limit yourself anymore, but to simply open yourself to the experiences of this new Dimensional frequency.

There will be energies coming in from Cosmic sources to assist and aid you in this new endeavour, some may be a little like the floatation devices you may have started your swimming with.  They are designed to assist you; they are not designed to entrap you.  This is the Dimension of Oneness.

Open your Hearts, look at the world through your Hearts, not through your eyes, or through your minds, but through your Hearts, and embrace every Being, every creature upon the Earth as a part of you, and you begin to feel the difference, and you begin to open to a new wonderment, and you begin to reach out to touch, to feel, to embrace and to create a wondrous New Earth.

Dear Hearts do not lose hope.  Do not be despondent if the world does not move as fast as you would like it to move.  You need to crawl before you can walk, and you need to walk before you can run.  This you know, but for this moment you are a newborn. 

Look at the world through the eyes of a newborn, see it as infinite possibilities, and take it into your Heart and mould it.  Mould it with Love and you will grow more quickly than you ever imagined.

I bless you Dear Hearts and I look forward to being with you on your journey.  I too see the New Earth through the eyes and the Heart of a NEWBORN !

David J Adams

“Every atom of your Being is a library of wisdom



The Past is the past is the past is the past…. GET IT??????????

diane mickelson(c) Diane Mickelson

The past is over… done… gaput…  we don’t get do-overs….  We LEARN from the past… We DON’T, however, get do-overs.  So take what you have learned…. And apply it to the NOW.  It is interesting because I really have never done the “past” thing.  I have (before the past few years) always lived in the future. Living in the NOW has been a difficult transition for me – but I am making the leap…. Well, most of the time.

So why “live in the past”?  Folks do it to have someone to blame, for an excuse not to go forward, remembering that is when things were good for them (at least they remember it that way), they don’t know how to go on,  etc.  What is problematic is… that YOU DON’T GET DO OVERS… IT IS GONE.

The thing to remember if you are one of those folks who keep bringing up a past indiscretion, a past betrayal, etc. is how much of the NOW, the today, your 24 hours that you have in a day… are willing to give to something you cannot change?  If you are giving away your NOW, the person who did the betrayal, etc. wins…. You lose… it is as basic as that.  You don’t need to forgive them… you do, however, need to forgive “the self”  YOU…..  You say, why do I need to do that?  Well because there is always a part of us… could be totally subconscious, that thinks perhaps if we would have done something different, said something different, been something else, then the “act” wouldn’t have happened…. So forgive “the self” and get on with your life.  One way to do that is to figure out what you learned… and YES, you will have always learned something… it might be as basic as “I don’t deserve to be treated like that.”  So don’t be.  Learn from the situation and live in the now.!!!!

So my motto:

Past:  I leaned that whatever happened in my past, made me stronger and wiser.  Everything has experientially made me what I am today.  Bad experiences are equally important as the good ones.  I forgive myself for all the mistakes I did and the people who “wronged” me.

Future: Nobody knows what will happen in their future, and that is the whole point which makes life exciting.  Whatever happens, I know that at the end of it, it will be all right.  I will be happy no matter what and will always have some people by my side who love me for who I am.  I will have more learning experiences like I have had in the past and I will also make many more good memories to remember in the coming time.

Present:  The time I have now will never come back.  I cannot live it again, so why not make the best of today?  I will do whatever makes me happy.  Spread love in the lives of people who share my life.  Whatever decisions I make in my present will affect my future, so I will make my decisions wisely, but I will not worry about the outcome.

My NOW is begging for some coffee… so I will live in the present……


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