Self Love Allows You to Love Others

DavidAdams(c) David J. Adams


(The circle opens with the sounds of the Tibetan bowls and the Tingsha Bells) 

Allow the Sounds of the bowls to flood your Being with the vibrations of Light.  Feel yourself being uplifted on the waves of Light and Love, and allow those vibrations of Sound to flow from your Being out across the Earth, to create the energies of upliftment for all who are waiting to receive them, for many more people are waiting at this time for the energies of upliftment to come into their Consciousness.

Their Hearts are open, even when their minds are closed, so radiate forth the vibrations of Love and Light from deep within your Heart, and speak to their Hearts, for in the New Earth frequencies communication will be from Heart to Heart, for your Heart knows the reality of your existence, and even though the mind continues to play in the arena of illusion, your Heart now communicates, one with the other in true reality.

The shift that has recently taken place upon the Earth has opened the Hearts of every Being upon your Planet –  not only humanity, but ALL Beings on your Planet, so as you resonate forth the energies of Love, you are communicating with every other Being on the Earth, and you are empowering every other Being on the Earth, by allowing their Hearts to know that ALL is now possible, that ALL is now moving in a new frequency, a new enlightenment, and from the inside out changes will take place in each Being, and through each Being, and those changes will be reflected in the outer world, for the energy of Love can no longer be stifled or suppressed by the fear of the past, for the fear is the illusion, and Love is the reality.

Each and every one of you will have a different role to play in creating this new world of Love.  None is greater than the other, you simply all have a price to pay, and that price is Love.  Gift it openly, honestly, do not hold back.  You do not seek to command others how they receive those energies or what they do with those energies, you simply radiate them forth knowing that in doing so, you are creating the New Earth – a place of Unity, a place of Harmony, a place of Serenity.

Take a moment now to move deep within your Hearts and beat the drum, the drum of Love, and send out the vibrations of Love on your drum beats, pulsing them out into the world, and also be open yourselves to receive those drum beats from others into your Heart, for this is no longer giving and receiving, this is sharing.  It is being part of the flow – the flow of Love.  Each one supporting and empowering the other, so that TOGETHER you create a World of Love, and as you feel yourself filling with the energies of Love, you become more joyful, you feel a happiness you have never experienced before, and in that happiness there can only be Peace and Harmony.

Do not sit back Dear Ones and wait for someone else to create the changes of the Earth.  Accept your full responsibility for being a part of those changes, of being a part of the vibration of Love.  Self-Love allows you to Love othersEmbrace the Love and the Light of ALL.

Dear Ones, I am Sananda and I come often to speak with you of Peace, but Peace cannot exist in your world until Love takes over, and the great shift that has recently taken place has opened the door to allow you to find the Love in your Hearts, and to share the Love in your Hearts, and when you share that Love, you create the energies of Peace, and the Blue Mist of Peace will move on that vibration of Love across the Earth, and you will begin to see the changes taking place in your outer world, to match the changes that have already taken place in your inner world.

Beloved Germain has asked you to “BE love in all you say and all you do”, and if you accept that challenge, you will also be creating Peace on Earth.

Blessings be upon you.

David J Adams

“Every atom of your Being is a library of wisdom”


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Love Yourself First – Be Your Own Valentine

AnnaMariah and the jewelsSM(c) AnnaMariah Nau

February and Valentine’s Day bring thoughts of love and romance.

I initially thought maybe I’d post something with a heart on it…but really, that’s a bit over the top even for me sometimes.

I got to thinking about love and what’s important about it. Romantic love is all flowers, poetry and often just a bit of angst. But that is fleeting and isn’t what really sustains us throughout our life.

The most important love we can have is love and compassion for ourselves. If we cannot accept and love ourselves then we can’t truly be truly open and loving with anyone else. We know both our vices and our virtues. Unfortunately in our culture we’ve often been taught to focus on what’s wrong with us rather than what’s right. We can’t seem to look in a mirror without seeing every flaw, completely missing all that is beautiful. It’s this same critical eye and thought process that continually brings us down and when we can’t accept and love ourselves, we judge everything and everyone else around us as well.

Rhodocrosite is a lovely pink/peach stone that helps your heart heal and allow in some compassion and love for yourself. Rhodocrosite is an interesting stone – its colors range through various shades of pink and peach, mottled with tans, even bits of browns and blacks and the best of the stones have a beautiful translucent quality. Really when you think about it, it’s kind of like the human soul/personality. Parts of us shine and are translucent while other parts are slightly flawed with dark bits here and there (our vices and failings), but when you look at the whole it can be quite beautiful because of its variety.


Wear Rhodocrosite and learn to appreciate and accept all parts of yourself. Rhodocrosite will also help blast away negative patters and emotional clutter helping you to build healthier patterns as you resolve inner conflicts. This beautiful stone will also help bring to life gifts that you may have left behind due to wounds or trauma from your childhood. As you open to your courageous heart, your joy and playfulness return, bringing you back into balance with your inner child.

Wearing Rhodocrosite is like giving yourself a giant hug…and then expanding that love into the world.

The necklace shown here – Fun Fabulous Focused Love, really speaks to the playfulness and joy. Give yourself a gift of love. When you truly love yourself – everything else in your life begins to improve and get richer.


AnnaMariah creates beautiful, one of a kind pieces that transcend jewelry. As a gemstone empath she connects deeply to the energy of the stones. In her hands a simple necklace becomes a tool to balance and support your energy, as well as making you look fantastic! She focuses on the beauty and magic inherent in the stones, so her pieces are always unexpected. When you find the piece that is right for you you’ll be amazed at the transformation as it connects with your energy and brings out your inner radiance in ways you hadn’t considered yet.
Bold Bodacious Jewelry

[email protected]



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Lifestyle Changes for Healthy Weight Loss

diane mickelson(c) Diane Michelson

Have you ever wondered…

Why do so many diets end in failure?

Why is it so easy to gain lost weight back?

And why can’t you maintain your ideal weight at all times?

If you’ve tried every quick-fix fad diet under the sun, you realize they can help you lose weight instantly. Unfortunately, keeping the pounds off usually doesn’t happen with these diets.

Real weight loss comes with lasting, healthy lifestyle changes.

So stop starving yourself, counting calories, or eliminating your favorite food group.

Simply make the following lifestyle changes.

  1. TV Time: Many people are in the habit of sitting in front of the TV for hours on end after a stressful day at work. Yes, you may be worn out and need a break, but sitting on the couch, zoned out, watching TV is not the way to lose weight.

If you must watch the evening news or see your favorite show, use the time to burn a few calories. Keep some hand weights next to the couch and work your biceps and triceps. Stand up and do some squats or lunges to work your legs and buttocks. Get on the floor and do some sit-ups to tone your abs or push-ups to tone your arms. Make a change!

  1. Sleep: Most adults need an average of eight hours of sleep each night. Is that a lot more than what you’re currently getting? Then you may be interested to know that if you’re not getting adequate amounts of rest, you’re more likely to be hungry, overeat, and gain weight.

How does this work? Something like this.

If you’re tired, you won’t feel like cooking a healthy meal, and you’ll opt for fast (fattening) food instead. This very same lack of energy will also likely cause you to skip the gym. On top of that, sleep deprivation causes your metabolism to slow down, and if you’ve not heard, that is not something you want when trying to shed a few pounds.

  1. Drink Choices: Lasting weight loss is about changes. Unfortunately, some of the changes one must make are difficult. If you’re one of the millions hooked on soda, alcohol, or other sweetened beverages, your weight goals may remain out of reach until you replace these drinks with water. You should also know that your brain often confuses thirst with hunger.

So at the first sign of hunger, don’t grab a snack or calorie-filled drinks. Instead, grab a glass of water.

  1. Breakfast: Want to know a secret to successful weight loss? Eat breakfast! Try cutting calories by skipping breakfast, and you’ll be excessively hungry by mid-morning. As a result, the healthy calories you would have eaten at breakfast are replaced with calorie-filled snacks and an over-sized lunch.

Once again, fitting breakfast into your busy schedule may mean dramatic lifestyle changes. But research shows that the habit of eating a healthy breakfast is key to losing weight and keeping pounds off. Get to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual and set your alarm 10 minutes earlier to give yourself time to eat breakfast

  1. Physical Activity: Weight loss is about burning more calories than you consume. Therefore, it should make sense to you that dieting and exercise must go hand in hand. If you want to speed up weight loss and keep the weight away, add or increase the amount and intensity of physical activity in your daily life.

For many people, this is the most difficult lifestyle change of all, but the benefits are well work it. Aim for 30 to 60 minutes of intense exercise on most days of the week. When exercise is a normal part of your everyday routine, it’s more likely to stick, and your body will become slimmer and more toned.

The quickest and most permanent weight loss comes as a result of a combination of healthy eating and consistent, challenging workouts.

These five lifestyle changes aren’t always easy to make and change won’t happen overnight. Chances are, you’ll have occasional setbacks. But don’t give up!

Each day is a new beginning, and it starts out with no mistakes in it. Begin each morning with the resolve to not only stick with your healthy eating habits, but your lifestyle changes as well.


Diane Mickelson (PhD, MS, BS) has 35+ years as clinical/educational psychologist and clinical hypnotherapist. Check out the services she offers along with her husband, Loren (PhD, MA, BS).  They bring a varied eclectic educational and experiential background to help facilitate an individual’s change. Take  advantage of their free newsletter – Diane writes a daily blog at – check it out. They look forward to helping you facilitate a change in your evolution.  Change is here NOW!


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