Enjoy the Interview with Debbie Takara Shelor on Awakening in Austin with Sara Pencil Blumenfeld

Enjoy this interview I did for Awakening in Austin with Sara Pencil Blumenfeld. We talked about my bestselling book, Peering Through the Veil: The Step by Step Guide to Meditation and Inner Peace, and a whole lot more.

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Dolphins, Dolphins Everywhere!

Bestselling Author Debbie Takara Shelor

Takara as seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX.

I’m so excited to share this information with you . . .

Years ago I left the corporate world to head off into the great unknown by moving to the San Juan Islands and co-founding a non-profit for dolphins and whales. Lolita, the captive orca at Seaquarium Miami, was my inspiration for such a move.  I was deeply affected by her story and it was definitely time for a major life change.

My partner in this cause was putting together a compilation CD that involved many well-known musical artists each contributing a song. Olivia Newton John was even considering a contribution.

I felt it was a noble endeavor – take a captive orca and retrain her to catch fish on her own and prepare her to be set free back into her wild pod in the Northwest.

We were not the only non-profit working to free Lolita. The Governor of Washington State even put together a symposium inviting all the dignitaries and non-profits working to free Lolita to join together to create a game plan for her release.  It was an honor to be part of that.

The problem was, and still is, that Seaquarium Miami makes money with the animal. So, regardless of the number of people involved, the number of picketers that walked with signs in front of the show, the number of articles, news programs, celebrity videos, and everything else, she remains captive.  She was taken from her family in 1970.

I just found a petition on change.org where you can sign to encourage them to let her retire. http://www.change.org/petitions/arthur-hertz-retire-lolita-the-killer-whale. Also it was recently announced that the federal government has agreed to reconsider a petition to free Lolita. You can read more about that here: http://orcanetwork.org/news/news.html

If you have read my eBook, Dancing with Dolphins, then you know Lolita’s story.

The woman I co-founded the non-profit with died recently. Even though the non-profit we started dissolved years ago, the cause has continued to burn within my heart and was recently fanned into a giant flame.

Roberta Quist Goodman is an amazing dolphin swim guide with more knowledge about dolphins in captivity and in the wild than practically anyone else on the planet. She and I have been good friends for many years. Recently she decided it was time to start a non-profit for dolphins.

The mission is to “retrain to wild” dolphins that have been captured and held illegally, as well as to educate the public about dolphins and whales. Unlike the situation with Lolita, there are captive dolphins in other countries that are being held illegally and in tanks that are being closed down. They need to be retrained to wild. A couple of dolphins were just recently successfully retrained and released.

When I went to visit Lolita at Seaquarium Miami years ago, I promised her that I would be an ambassador for the dolphins and whales. I have been repeatedly reminded about this promise for the past couple of years. It is definitely time to step into that role once again. According to Lilo Pelekai of Lilo and Stitch “Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” I am dedicated to not forgetting about all of those in captivity.

I was recently shown a vision of a dolphin in a small tank and how that image is the perfect metaphor for the work I do. Humans are captive – literally living in a restrictive prison – by their limiting beliefs, fears, judgments, self-doubts, and shoulds that they place on themselves and others. I am here to help them find freedom to have, do, and become their true potential.

I am so excited to once again be sharing my love of dolphins and whales with the world and in letting people know about the retrain to wild program Roberta is putting together.

Have a deLightful day,



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Amber Works Its Subtle Magic

AnnaMariah Nau Bold Bodacious Jewelry(c) AnnaMariah Nau


In today’s world in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the elections coming up shortly we are all in need of both clarity and calm.

Amber has an energy quite unlike any other stone… maybe that’s because it’s not a stone, it is actually organic, resin from a tree rather than a mineral.

The very structure of amber gives a clue as its benefits – its original function was to help the tree repair itself, protect against outside forces and rebuild from the inside out. Amber maintains its original intention and, unlike other stones, it . . .

doesn’t lend itself to imprinting with other energies or intentions, it stays true to its purpose in a steady, unchanging way.

It seems that this frequency connects you with nature in a different way than most gemstones and allows you to be energized and calm at the same time. In our fast-paced world this can be extremely helpful in maintaining your calm, optimistic viewpoint while at the same time experiencing much needed clarity.

The Greek called amber “Elektron” and like an electron amber is alive and active, acting to maintain your innate energy system and psychic circuitry. Amber balances all your energies; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual allowing all of you to work in harmony. Another helpful quality of amber is that it clears your environment of both negative energies from the emotions of others and electromagnetic radiation as it helps to balance your body’s electromagnetic system. Our technological, non-nature based lives can disrupt our body’s natural balance, our electromagnetic system and immerse us in untold amounts of negativity, stress and other people’s fear. Wearing amber helps you retain a natural, healthy balance on all levels of your being.

Amber NecklaceAmber helps heighten your intellectual capabilities in a balanced way that stays tuned to the truth of who you are, not getting lost in the thoughts, fears and needs of those around you. Amber can help bring back the internal balance and clarity you need to act from your deeper wisdom and connect with your higher purpose and move from that consciousness making it much easier to manifest your desires; perhaps that’s why it’s considered a “good luck charm”.

There’s really nothing magical about it…when you are balanced and connected to who you are and what is yours to do, good things naturally follow. Wait, maybe that is magic, not a voodoo kind of magic but an innate magic that is how you are meant to be. Do a little magic today, wear or hold amber and allow it to restore you back to your natural essence.


AnnaMariah is a gemstone empath, Reiki Master, and guardian of the stones who listens to the guidance of the stones to create transformational gemstone jewelry. Each stone is reactivated with the original energy of creation and is tasked to assist the wearer or recipient of its energy to awaken to full consciousness of who they are and what is theirs to do. In this way you step out of the darkness and into your full light of being.
Bold Bodacious Jewelry


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I Bless You and Embrace You With the Blue Mist of Peace

David J Adams(c) David J. Adams

Greetings Dear Hearts, I am Sananda, Cosmic Ambassador of Peace.

As many of you will know, this one through whom I speak tonight operates within the vibration of the number 8, in fact it may be perceived as his own vibration, so it will come as no great surprise to you when I mention that it was 8 years ago in 2004 that I came to this Circle and offered to your Hearts the gift of the Pyramid of Divine Peace for you to spin, spin, spin and radiate the energies of the Blue Light of Peace.

Later that same year I came a second time and offered you another Pyramid of Peace to link with the first Pyramid and create a Diamond of Peace within your Hearts, radiating a Gold Light, and this enabled you to . . .

work more powerfully with the Diamond Labyrinth that you walked in 2005.

On the 8th of the 8th in 2005 I came for a third time and offered you the gift of the Crystal of Divine Peace, in the form of an 8 pointed star to sit between your Heart and your Thymus, connecting the Peace in your Heart to the Peace within your Soul through your Higher Heart frequencies.  This again empowered you as you walked the 8 Pointed Star Labyrinth of 2006.  Now Dear Hearts on this 8 vibration day I come to you again with a gift of Peace.

A short while ago this one, David, and the one called Kath – who facilitates these messages going out from this Circle to the rest of the World –  were taken on a journey to the Centre of the Cosmos, to the Home Planet of this one (David) – the Planet of YRDD – a Planet of Peace, and there they were offered the Pure Light of Peace from the Creator, and as they accepted this gift they were filled with the “Blue Mist of Peace” that permeated every aspect of their Being, every aspect of their multi-dimensional Beings.  Then they were returned to the Earth Planet.

It has taken some time for those higher frequency Peace energies to become harmonised within them, but now that has taken place and we are ready, together as a Trinity of Peace, to offer each and every one of you the gift of this ‘Pure Light of Peace’, not only those of you who are in this Circle tonight but those who may be reading this message or listening to this message, for you are all part of the ONE and you are all with us now in this moment, in the ‘NOW’ moment, participating.

So I will ask David and Kath to join me in a ‘Trinity of Peace’ to gift to each of you tonight the Pure Peace energies from the Creator.  We will do this by asking you to stand between us and we will join hands in a Trinity, and place one hand against your Crown Chakra, and the other at your High Heart Chakra.  As this is a Dimension of free will, we will ask you first if you are open to receiving this gift of the pure Light of Peace, and if you are, you will say so, and we will gift it to you.

So I ask now that David and Kath join with me.  (Sananda, David and Kath then move to each person in the circle)

We ask you Dear one to stand between us.

Are you open to receiving the pure Light of Peace? –  I am

As our hands are placed upon you, we ask you to sense, feel, and vision that from our hands there is a Mist of Blue Light moving into your body, moving into your energy body, and moving into your multidimensional Being, filling you completely with the Pure Light of Peace from the Creator.

Feel, sense, vision the Mist of Blue Light.”

We ask you now to resume your seat.

We ask you to rise and stand between us, and we ask

Are you open to receiving the Pure Light of Peace? – I am

We place our hands on your Crown Chakra and your High Heart Chakra, and ask you to feel and sense and vision the Mist of Blue Light flowing from this Trinity of Peace into every aspect of your body, every aspect of your energy body, and every aspect of your multidimensional Being, filling you completely.

Feel, sense, and vision the Mist of Blue Light filling you.”

We ask you now to resume your seat.

We ask you to stand between us.

Are you open to receive the Pure Light of Peace? – I certainly am

We place our hands on your Crown Chakra and your High Heart Chakra and ask you to feel, sense, and vision the Mist of Blue Light flowing from our hands deep into your body, filling your physical body, filling your energy body, filling your multidimensional Being.

Feel, sense, and vision the Mist of Blue Light flowing to you and through you.”

We ask you now to resume your seat.

We ask that you stand between us.

“Are you open to receiving the Pure Light of Peace? – I am

“We place our hands on your Crown Chakra and your High Heart Chakra and ask that you feel, sense and vision the Mist of Blue Light flowing through our hands to fill your physical body, to fill your energy body, to fill your multidimensional Being.

Feel, sense, vision the Mist of Blue Light flowing to you and through you.”

We ask you now to resume your seat.

(Sananda acknowledges, honours and blesses THE TRINITY OF PEACE.)

I thank David and I thank Kath for agreeing to be part of the Trinity of Peace, to deliver the Pure Light of Peace from the Creator to each and every one of you present, and each and every one of you participating in the now moment, in the Dimension of Oneness.

It will take some time for these energies to become harmonised and aligned within your physical vessels, your energy vessels and your multidimensional Beings, but when that harmonisation occurs you will know immediately within your Heart, and you will feel the upliftment of Peace on a level you have never imagined before, and at that time I invite you to share that Pure Light of Peace with others in the same way that we have shared it tonight. 

You may call upon my energy, the energy of your Guide or your particular favourite Master to create a Trinity of Peace to work with someone else, for the Light of Peace is moving rapidly towards the earth planet, and you are the way showers once more, you are the anchors of the energies of Peace.

There are many steps along the pathway to Illumination and Enlightenment.  There are many steps along the pathway to Ascension, and there are many steps on the pathway to the New Earth, and you will each walk this pathway at your own pace and in your own time, for although you are walking the same path, it is never in the same shoes. 

So do not compare yourself with others, simply embrace who you are, what you are and where you are on your journey.

Dear Hearts, I bless you and embrace you with the Blue Mist of Peace.

David J Adams

“Every atom of your Being is a library of wisdom”



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Energy Healing, Psychic Readings, Akashic Records, Seed of Divine Restoration

A client recently sent me a series of questions. These are my response: 

Question: How does the Seed of Divine Restoration compare to an Akashic Record Reading

Hello Dear One:

DeLightful to hear from you.

“Readings” and “healing” are definitely not the same. The Seed of Divine Restoration offers profound energies for a complete life transformation.

I consider most “readings” mindless entertainment and some are even potentially harmful. However, if you are facing a serious issue that you have tried everything in the world to fix with no result, sometimes in a private session with a gifted healer, a past life regression is called for. In that case, understanding the memory (or metaphor) of the experience can often shed light on the current issue and allow it be healed more easily. Readings address none of this.

A reading is typically done by a person with some psychic skill reading into the psychic realm as it relates to you. The reading is often tainted by the beliefs, fears, judgments, and expectations of the “reader.” A reader’s level of consciousness and awareness greatly influences what they can and cannot read about another. And, if they are having an “off” day – meaning they are upset or out of balance in some way – it will definitely affect their ability to “read.” The same is true of healer’s abilities as well. Those who can get out of the way completely, and let higher wisdom come through, are truly a gift to humanity.

Don’t get me wrong . . . there are definitely individuals who are truly gifted, clear, and at a high level of consciousness and awareness. A reading with a person like that can have profound beneficial influence on your life. Sadly, not everyone is “reading” from that place.

Also, any “reading” that relates to what is happening with you right now is subject to change if even one new decision is made or new event happens in your life. So as soon as the reading is finished, its already quickly becoming obsolete.

I mentioned that they can be dangerous. The human mind is a very powerful thing. If a reader tells you that something “negative” is going to happen, even if that isn’t the truth, your worry about the thing can indeed cause it to happen. Because a reader is able to get information that you can not, it is human nature to believe them and give their words more value – even if what they said was not the truth. Even if you consciously discard the words thinking they don’t sound right or “feel” right, your subconscious mind has already heard them. It is for that reason that I avoid readings – and always have.

On very rare occasion, if I am specifically Divinely guided to do so, I will have a reading done. I have had maybe 3 to 5 my entire life. And truthfully, I barely remember them at the moment. Typically its one word or one concept that I needed to hear and that’s it.

You specifically asked about akashic readings. The akashic records are about earth’s past. If you are feeling “inspired” to have one done, then definitely do so. You can read more about them here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akashic_records

That is not what the “Seed” is all about. The Seed of Divine Restoration is one of my spiritual gifts. It was revealed to me “directly” while on a vision quest high in the mountains of New Mexico. I did not learn it from someone else. Nor can I teach it to another. 

Question: I was wondering about vibrational energy. Specifically about everything having its own vibration.

We are all unique in the Universe. Just as our thumb print is unique, the very specific vibration we have is also unique. Different species have their own unique vibration (tone). Within each species, each individual has a unique vibration that falls within the range of that particular species overall tone.

Question: I believe that if someone truly wants to heal themselves that that can.

I believe in miracles and I have seen them happen. Its a tricky area however. What a person believes, or what they say they believe, is coming from their conscious mind – which science has now proven is less than 20% of the mind and therefore less than 20% of what matters. When we read something and think about it and then say, “Yes, I believe that,” we are doing that with our conscious mind. We have not taken into account the subconscious mind which has fears, beliefs, judgments, and expectations that our conscious mind is not even aware of. Some of those fears and  false beliefs are passed down from our ancestors through DNA. Some we pick up as small children as we experience this new world we find ourselves in. Others actually come from previous incarnations. So, saying “I believe this” is not actually true in most cases. We may have embraced it with our conscious mind, but the subconscious mind may believe something else entirely. That is where the real work is – addressing those hidden “truths” about who we are and what we truly believe – deep down in the shadows of our subconscious mind. That is much of what I help people address.

If we truly believed and understood who we are in relation to being human and in relation to our Divine heritage, then we would not be sick, we would not die, we would not experience poverty or disharmonious relationships or any of the nonsense we all experience here. Our only limitations are our beliefs. Sin is “wrong thinking” and that is what we are learning here in the classroom called earth.

It is a rare individual that can believe on all levels that they can heal themselves. I have done it. But I was not “healing myself.” I had been Divinely inspired to visualize golden orbs of light and to place them on a particular part of my body. And I in no way felt “I” was healing myself. I felt I had the help of the entire Universe.

Jesus made a statement about “Where 2 or more are gathered.” Most miracles seem to happen when a person has asked for help from another, they believe the person truly can help them, and the person they have asked trusts their Divine inspiration (intuitive hunches) when it comes to healing.  Most of the healing I have seen and heard about has happened in this way.

Question: Most people feel the need to look outside of themselves.

If you consider the consciousness of most people on this planet, few have reached 500 on the consciousness scale. We have determined that until a person reaches at least about 450 on the consciousness scale, they really do need outside assistance. I have not looked at why. But I would say it has to do with the subconscious mind that I mentioned previously. A person can only rise in consciousness if they have healed, or at least neutralized, some of those limiting beliefs and fears held subconsciously.

I have found personally that there are things I can address effectively by myself and there are things that I end up needing help from someone else in order to resolve.

Question: I am curious about everything having its own vibration that you have to align with. I assume that includes healthy livers, hearts, bones . . .   

What you are really trying to align with is your true Self – what I call the Magnificent Self. The YOU that knows on all levels that you are perfect, healthy, happy, prosperous, etc.

Question: Reiki is one way to heal with energy, but you have no idea how deficient the organ or person is.

Reiki is one system of energy for bringing in Divine Healing Light. It is a great introduction to energy work, but I feel it is lacking in many ways. I often refer to it as “energetic kindergarten.” There is so much more to learn about energy and healing than a person can possibly take in during a workshop for 1 or 2 weekends with a Reiki master.

What Reiki, Chi Kung, and other forms of hands-on healing are doing is bringing in enough healing energy that the person can better align with health. It is not about “adding more energy” to a particular organ as if energy were a supplement. It is about energetically raising up the body – and hopefully the mind – of the individual so that it can access the Truth about itself and let go of the false beliefs and negative energies that keep it stuck in sickness and disease.

Question: Do you have any knowledge of something current or in the works to measure vibration?      

There was a device created that measures energy. The designer is dead and the family refuses to give out the technology. I have been unable to ascertain what really happened.

One of my friends has an energy healing product line and she sends everything to europe for testing. I’ve sent her an email to see what the technology is and how to find out more about it. I’ll let you know if I find out anything more. 

Have a deLightful day,