Fall Equinox and the Turning of the Wheel

Bestselling Author D Takara Shelor(c) Debbie Takara Shelor

Fall Equinox is a special time of year when we celebrate the harvest of all our work through the active season of summer. The seeds planted in the spring – whether actual or metaphorical – are cared for and nurtured all summer long. Then in the fall, we have the opportunity to reap what we have sown.

It is a time of thanksgiving, of sharing our bounty with friends and family.

On the Equinox, we have equal amounts of day and night. It is a balance point. From then until Winter Solstice, we have shorter days and longer nights.

David J. Adams and I celebrate each Equinox with the Golden Water Dolphin Meditation for Planetary Healing and the Global Marine Meditation. People all over the globe join us at 8 p.m. wherever they are.

I am in the United States in the Northern Hemisphere and David is in Australia in the Southern Hemisphere. We are celebrating the north and south regions of the earth, the equality of day and night, the yin and yang of the masculine and feminine, the Spring Equinox in the south and the Fall Equinox in the north. Each of these things are about balance within the earth and within ourselves.

We ask you to join us as we send healing love and light to the dolphins, whales, and waterways of the world. http://bit.ly/DolphinMeditation

Have a deLightful day,


Bestselling author of Peering Through the Veil


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Natural Solutions for Healthy Pets

Misty Gregg(c) Misty Gregg

If we look to nature for answers rather than the drug store, we can often find just what we need.

Several years ago our dog, Meisha, kept getting ear infections.  I took her to the veterinarian and she was given a prescription antibiotic.  Twenty days and two prescriptions later she still had the ear infection.

I began researching and found a natural approach to dealing with the ear infections.  It was really a yeast infection, or Candida, so I gave her a good probiotic each day and by the fourth day, no more ear infection! 

A few years later we welcomed a new puppy to our home.  Lola is a beautiful buff and white Cocker Spaniel and she weighed 3.8lbs when she came to live with us.  She cried a lot the first couple of days, so I took her to the veterinarian.  He told me that she had a urinary tract infection and gave her an antibiotic.  I choose not to give her the medicine, but instead I gave her chewable Vitamin C and ¼ of a children’s multivitamin (these came from a company I know and trust to have clean, safe vitamins.)  Within one day she was better!  I continued giving her the vitamins for two weeks, just to insure she had the antioxidants and nutrients she needed. 

Several years ago, Lola had fleas and we did not know how to get rid of them.  My husband and I purchased some dog flea shampoo from the local grocery store and read the long warning list.  It said to wear a mask and gloves.  It was not safe to breathe or touch your skin and yet we were supposed to put it directly on Lola’s fur and skin, really?  Of course we did not use the product, but I went in search of a safe way to get the fleas to leave Lola alone.  I found out a wonderful solution.  We gave Lola garlic tablets and fish oil capsules.  The fleas jumped right off her! 

One of my friends gives her dog alfalfa for arthritis and bad breath.  Alfalfa helps with inflammation and cleanses the liver, blood and kidneys.  In Arabic, alfalfa is defined as, “the father of all foods.”  I have heard of people giving it to pets for allergies as well. 

Another one of my friends works at an animal shelter, where they regularly accept sickly kittens.  She gives these kittens a liquid multivitamin in a dropper and nurses them to health.  It is less expensive than medication and it works better. 

These are just a few tips to try with your pets!


Misty Wright Gregg is a preventative healthcare consultant and lives with her family in Virginia.  As the owner of the “The Sage Soapbox,” she enjoys traveling for speaking engagements and individual consultations.  www.TheSageSoapbox.com Misty hosts a Free Fibromyalgia Conference Call on Wednesday evenings at 5:55pm ET.  To sign up, please contact her at [email protected] or call 540.314.2324


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Step Into the Truth of Who You Are, Who You Have Been, & Who You Are to Be with Lapis

AnnaMariah Nau Bold Bodacious Jewelry(c) AnnaMariah Nau

September brings with it a feeling of new beginnings. I think it’s ingrained in our American psyche that “Back to School” is in many ways the start of a new year. If your birthday is this month, it probably feels even more like a new year beginning. Start your new year off with a stone that will support you in connecting more fully with the fullness of who you are.


Lapis or Lapis Lazuli with its intense royal blue and flecks of gold brings to mind thoughts of richness, royalty, Cleopatra, and the night sky.

Lapis feels deep and a little mysterious. This makes sense when you consider that it helps you connect to your own deepest wisdom in a way that you can fully access and bring the full strength of who you are into the world.

Wearing lapis will help you step into the truth of who you are, who you have been, and who you are to be. You can access sacred knowledge with this “stone of total awareness” which helps you to expand your awareness and intellectual capacity, allowing for conscious attunement to the intuitive and psychic aspects of your nature.

One of the most dramatic demonstrations of the power of lapis came a few months ago. “Sherry” is a woman who always seems very grounded, aware and in her power. I knew the lapis would resonate with her, but I wasn’t prepared for the dramatic effect it had when she put it on.

Instantly there was a shift and I felt as if I were looking at an ancient high priestess who simply exuded wisdom and love. Her eyes were brighter, her spine was straighter, there was a regality about her that was undeniable. I had the strangest desire to bow, or at least pay homage to the wise woman before me.

Lapis Necklace

When she walked into the room of our weekend conference in her “Cleo” necklace, a couple of people actually gasped. For the rest of the weekend I heard comments about what a change it had made, about how focused and empowered she seemed. The great thing about a shift like this is that it isn’t changing who you are, or imposing something different on you, it is strengthening and deepening the “You” that can fully access and utilize higher forms of awareness and understanding.

Open your third eye and your throat chakra with this stone and you’ll find that you not only have access to ancient wisdom, but you can communicate it with surety and elegance. Wear lapis and step into who you are meant to be and share the gift of “You” with the world.
AnnaMariah is a gemstone empath, Reiki Master, and guardian of the stones who listens to the guidance of the stones to create transformational gemstone jewelry. Each stone is reactivated with the original energy of creation and is tasked to assist the wearer or recipient of its energy to awaken to full consciousness of who they are and what is theirs to do. In this way you step out of the darkness and into your full light of being.
Bold Bodacious Jewelry


[email protected]



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Feel This Oneness Within Your Heart Now – Embrace It – Become It

David J Adams(c) David J. Adams




(The Circle opens with the sounds of the Tibetan bowls and the tincture bells)

Feel the vibration of the Tibetan bowls unifying the chakras within your body.  Feel the sound flow through your Crown Chakra, down through each of your major Chakras, and down into the Heart Chakra of Mother Earth.  Feel yourself become one with all that is, connected in every facet of your Being with the Heart beat of the Earth.

Feel yourself as the Divine Oneness, allow the Light from within your Heart to flow freely along this corridor of sound from the Heart of the Earth to the Great Central Sun, and feel yourself becoming one with the Great Central Sun and with the Heart of the Earth.

Greetings Dear Hearts, I am Neptune, and I come to embrace you with the Consciousness of the Ocean, for time is near when once again we come together to be as ONE in LOVE and LIGHT, the Consciousness of the Oceans and the Consciousness of Humanity.  We come together in mutual Respect, in mutual Love for the purpose of ascending the Earth planet into its rightful place in the Cosmos.

The flow of Divine energies from Sirius, the land of the whales and the dolphins, continues as the Lions Gate remains open, and much Love is being ‘sounded down’ into the Earth from Sirius.

As the whale tribes of the Earth and the whale tribes of Sirius connect and embrace, and share their Love one for the other, and Humanity becomes a part of this exchange of Love, and the Oceans of the Earth vibrate with the frequency of that Love, we empower you, as you empower us with Divine Light and Divine Love, as we each approach the final stages of our journey together. 

As we come together in Love on the occasion of the Marine Meditation, each will be Enlightened to their fullest potential, and each will rediscover the Inner Vision of their Hearts, and all barriers will be lifted, all veils will be lifted, and once again all Beings of Light will come together in Unity, in Harmony, and they will speak to each other through the sound of Love in their Hearts.

Focus for a moment on the Oceans of the world, feel the embrace of Love and allow yourself to fully embrace the Consciousness of the Ocean, and your brothers and sisters of Light within the Ocean.

Listen to the sounds of the whales and the dolphins, and feel the upliftment of joy within your Hearts as you celebrate together once more.

As you walk your Labyrinth at the Marine Meditation, you will not only walk to the centre of yourselves, you will walk to the centre of the Oceans, and to the centre of the Earth, for you will Awaken totally to the Unity and Oneness that we share, and you will look upon your Earth, and upon the Cosmos with new vision – a vision unrestricted, a vision of clarity and understanding, and more and more Love will flow throughout the Earth. 

Feel this Oneness within your Heart now – embrace it – become it.

The time is near. 

Release all that holds you in bondage to darkness and fear, and embrace totally your Light and your Love.

David J Adams

“Every atom of your Being is a library of wisdom”



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Bestselling author Debbie Takara Shelor(c) Debbie Takara Shelor
I’m a homeschool mom and the more I study history, the more I realize the nation called The United States of America has been divided from the beginning.

Our nation was founded by 3 separate groups.

The first came for greed – they actually thought gold and precious gems were lying around on the ground. They almost starved to death the first winter.  The next group were religious fundamentalists that couldn’t practice openly in their homeland. Finally a group arrived bringing slaves.

So, there you have it – the roots of the United States.

I’m not sure how those 3 could ever come to an agreement about anything. And personally, I don’t resonate with any of them. Yet there are remnants of those motivations still running rampant throughout our society.

The greedy are all too often willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their dreams regardless of the cost to others or the environment. The religious fundamentalists condemn anyone that disagree with their beliefs and many of them are willing to use violence in the name of God. There are still those who feel they are “above” or “better than” others based on their race, religion, gender, economic status, or something else.

In all three cases, there is an us vs. them mentality. Instead of looking at how we are all similar, the focus is on how we are different. Instead of wondering how we can all help one another, there is a focus on how we can get what we want with complete disregard for others.

The Founding Fathers locked the windows on the room they occupied in Philadelphia, not wanting others to be able to hear what they were saying inside. They spent 3 months fighting over the Declaration of Independence. When it was read aloud in town squares after being signed, there was practically rioting in the streets. Delaware wouldn’t even send a representative to the meeting in Philadelphia.

The Civil War divided the nation in half and it’s never quite recovered. You see it every day in everything from politics to sports to business. There is competition and fighting everywhere – between companies, between special interest groups, between liberals and conservatives, democrats and republicans, this team and that team.

With all of that going on, how can we achieve Oneness?

It certainly isn’t easy.

Recently I wrote something on Facebook about being tired of the political lies and politics in general. It spurred many comments from friends and fans. One person wrote a comment about the families that run the world and how they all work together to keep humanity disempowered, controlled, and struggling.

I’ve been hearing and reading similar stories for many many years. I know WAY more than I want to about conspiracy theory. This group is doing something. That group is doing something else. There is yet another scheme to keep the people down and controlled. The more you focus on those things, the more evidence you will find to support those theories.

You are more powerful than you can even imagine.

Whether the conspiracies are real or contrived, focusing on them keeps people in fear, small, and powerless.

I give it no thought or energy whatsoever. And I encourage you to do the same.

My only job is to rise up and become my highest potential and then to teach and help others to do the same.

We are living in a multi-verse, with multiple realities happening side by side and simultaneously. Just ask my 13-year old. He will tell you all about how string theory works.

You can pick the stream (or band of consciousness) you choose to live in. It all has to do with where you put your attention. Some people will read that and think I’m living in lala land.

Until you have experienced living at an extremely high vibration, it’s hard to “get” what I’m talking about.

There are streams that are full of wonder, synchronicity, joy, helpful people, and unexpected assistance. There are streams full of struggle and strife with mean and manipulative people at every turn. The stream you live in and experience is dependent on your thoughts, your level of consciousness, your level of inner harmony and balance, the people you associate with, how many emotional wounds, fears, judgments, and limiting beliefs you have.

Heal the wounds, forgive yourself and everyone else, raise your vibration, find balance, surround yourself with people who love, honor, and accept you just as you are, become whole, focus on love and the Divine, and you can literally pick your stream.

I encourage anyone who reads this to pick the high road. Focus on your own I Am Presence or Higher Self and total merging with All that Is.

For those of a Christian persuasion, think on Jesus and his words and deeds. Do your best to emulate them and begin to think as he thought. The same would go for Buddha or any of the Avatars of earth history.

EnLightenment is not a mental process, something to be thought about, pondered, and discussed. It is something to be experienced. And once you have, you see with new eyes and hear with new ears. Everything is perceived from a different perspective. You no longer consider your needs above others, you become conscientious (conscious) about how everything you do affects those around you and even the world.

The only way for the world to attain Oneness is by you doing it. You really don’t need to worry about what the other people are doing. It’s what you are doing that matters.

Every time someone attains Oneness, it makes it easier for everyone else.

Have a deLightful day,


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